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So pretty. Thanks for the how-to!


What lovely brooches, i may make one for myself!


Sounds like you have a plan. Except you forgot the cake at the end. there has to be cake at the end with the coffee. And the brooches are very sweet :)




Very lovely. And for the lady teachers...?


Too cute! It's amazing what one can come up with when under pressure!! Once again- I love all your "stuff"!!!!!


Lovely and the colors are so sweet. Thanks for the tute, I never would have thought of something "stiffish"!


So cute, I really think I have to try one of these.... I have some wonderful vintage buttons I can use.
Thank you for the instructions :)


so pretty. I like them almost as much as your wonderful trees!!! (those trees are just my favorite thing right now!!!)


oooh - who knew a few scraps of fabric could turn into something so pretty! makes the boxes of chocolates I wrapped up seem very insignificant in comparison..


teacher presents!? crap...i forgot! thanks for the wonderful idea, the brooches are really lovely!


Ok, you make me want to teach again! I love crafty parents!


Well, I actually did remember teacher's gifts this year, so I may very selfishly make these for myself. Although I was trying to find time to make up some of those cute partying penguins of yours...


those are adorable. I need some coffee.


I love being able to pull something off like that with material I already own. Such a good feeling! They are great.


I love the brooches. One day I will have a sewing machine that can blanket stitch!


I think you've shown me up. I like these so much more than the ones I have created. Darn you!!

In addition to life as a brooch, I'm picturing them afixed on top of children's hats..on little shirts..on bags.. This is the perfect.. simple and lovely idea. And, is instant gratification for the designer who can churn out such lovelies so quickly!!!


Wonderful, Molly, so pretty!!


Ugh! I meant to say "Wonderful, *Lyn*!!"


Very nice! Did you also have to crochet all of the centers?


Clever girl! Of course I didn't even know we were supposed to give teachers gifts--my kid has been out all the last week of school so ...oh, well!
By the way about your last post:
"treeeeeeeeeesssssssssssss" and I love the drawn background!


again, great project! i'm always on the lookout for quick things-especially when other projects aren't going so well. : P

cuuuute pins!


Teachers gifts? Really? Thank god you warned me. Will make mental note for future.


these really are so gorgeous lyn, thanks for another great tutorial...


"Lucky teachers!" is all I have to say...

Amanda Woodward

I love that you are so generous with your tutorials, thanks for posting these, SO cute!!!


thank you so much for sharing such a great idea, I was just thinking to myself "oh my what to do about the teacher, I forgot all about her"


These brooches are so cute. This year was my first for teacher gifts and you would think with my own mother being I teacher I would never forget such a thing...but the morning of the last day of class, I found myself digging through old inventory and thanking the good Lord for the gingerbread man kit we bought and decorated earlier in the week!

Siow Chin

Those are really lovely!




i can't keep up with you! these, the trees, are gorgeous as usual... i'm serious about a book -- you've got to write one! working title: "Make Real Nice Stuff with Style and Personality" . (yes, it needs work.)


That's a very good idea!! Thank you for sharing!!You're so inspiring.


I should have drunk more coffee cause i remember it was the last day of school when i went to pick up my Clara...Ouchh.I guess the teacher will have a crafty new year little present !!!! Those are perfects and i would like my machine to make those stitches...
Ohhhh !I have a question, how come you count in centimeters ??????


I spent all my crafting time looking for something nice and simple to make for the teachers (I have 6 to give to), I made an elephant box, and even took photos for a pseudo-tutorial, ran out of time and went to The Range and got them candles.
...And then I log on and find this!
(Well done, Lyn, you're a marvel!!)

laura r.

last minute mama...

natacha matic

thank you're our crafty idol :)


You are so generous with your time and talent to give us these tutorials! The brooches are lovely, and the bean-bag people are a crack-up!! Thanks so much.


Merci pour ce tuto, ça m'a donné envie d'en faire ! Tu peux la voir sur mon blog, d'autres suivront je pense !

Claire from France

Hello !
Thanks for the explainations, I think I understand (my english is so poor) how to do ...
I try and I show you soon !
Bye !

the tulip lady

well hello molly chicken, it is lovely to have found you...i was sent by a bloggy friend, i'm so happy to have found you and all your deliciousness! these are just lovely, and by all means, pour your self another cup, you desirve it!

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