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A woman after my own heart, someone that understands that afternoon tea is all about wine and biscuits, hold the tea! Such cute elephants, and I love the backdrop!


SO cute. Love the background. I think you should publish a book of these... I'd buy it in a flash!


i am loving all the elephant inspiration lately -- my daughter's so into i've been having fun coming up with elephant ideas too! the simpler the better is how i like 'em...lovely!


I agree about the book, i'd definately buy one!

manda mcgrory

Oh yes please!


Book where do you get the book? You could do a whole series with all the enchanting animals that you have created. The cat, pig, dog, panda does anyone know a publisher:)


Those noses will come in useful for appreciating the finesse of the wine's aromas...


You do realise you are poisoning that little hedgehog don't you!
Even better enlarged. Really like the portrait on the wall, too.
On the subject of books, woman in Sunday Times said this week that self-publishing worked for her. Might be worth checking out.


you could do a card series like Hillary did of the patchwork gals.


Simply adorable... books and cards all wonderfull idea's!


Oh my gosh. I too would buy a book or card set!


Ah!!! This should be part of a children's book- my kids would never know the glass or tea cup- and I would appreciate the humor. And what is that in the btm left corner, a little hedgehog??? Too much!

Get busy on that book.


So so so cute!


I adore it! All of it. Especially that little hedgehog.

I must say though, I'm a bit concerned about Baby Elephant. There's no wine in that baby cup, right? ;-)

I do love your drawings too. I'd definitely publish you if I were a publisher.

Excellent work!


Hallo Lyn,
Thankyou for your kind comments about my attempt at your bird pattern. I was very touched. I love your latest creation. Wine and Biscuits is perfect.

Sandrine (alias Didine!)

Lyn, you're the only one to have such great ideas !!! It's always a pleasure to discover what you make up each day ! You're the Einstein of the craft world LOL !!!!!!!!


Wonderful!! I love their pet hedgehog!

Passions & Distractions

So so cute! I love the picture on the wall with the whole family and the hedgehog is killing me with cuteness!!!! You are just so creative!!!!


You REALY should make a book with this kind of pictures! I'm sure it will work. Just beautiful.


HEHEHE, Very Paddington!! Cute!

laura r.

yur killin me over here.
i love this so much.
i want a class, a book, something!
don't u think we yur true fans deserve at least that?


oh lord. that is so f#%king cute.


I agree with Lisa, as usual.

Kitty Jimjams

Oh, cracking! And the most perfect little room in the backdrop, too - how do I finangle an invite? :D


I'll bring the Peek Freens and Tetly orange pekoe!


That is so cute! I love how it makes you just want to crawl in a listen to their conversation. hehe


Oh. my. god.

you are the goddess of cute! <3<3<3


I'd join you for afternoon tea and wine in a blink. I am off for tea at The Ritz on 5 Feb. How cool is that? Wanna come?


what time shall we drop by??? delightful as ever, i'd buy a book too...


I think everyone's right, a book is a very, very good idea, until then would you pretty pleeeaase do a few more of these for your private audience? Thanks for your blog, your great!


Wonderful family!!


Well, i DO love this kind of tea !!! Just take the train and I arrive (hum, please can you precise the station name ??) :-)


see what i mean about the book? then comes the television program...:-)
so wonderful to get back to blog reading and find these.


too cute! i love the always up for wine and bisquits!!


Yes, please. I'm on my way.


Sweet! Could we see a cloose up of the hedgehog, please?

maria ines

que lindo!!

Siow Chin

Can things get any cuter!!??


They are all soo cute!!! The b/w drawing is the perfect touch!


They are all soo cute!!! The b/w drawing is the perfect touch!



Anna H.

Just about the coolest thing ever -- makes me wish I was very, very small, so I could join the (alcohol-infused) tea party.



I am always so amazed everytime I visit here...really and truly I am :)


Just love the drawn background!


my boyfriend and I love this! it made us laugh so much.

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