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Gina l

Look how cute Tibble is. Love the bow on her ear.

Sandrine (alias Didine!)

Thank you so much for this pattern !! It's too cute !! Smooches from Belgium !


awww, Tibbles is adorable...and thanks for the tute on the reversable dress. I'm not that clever when it comes to sewing.


Thanks for the tute!
Tibbles is just gorgeous. I can't get over how cute she is. You are amazing!:)


Tibbles is absolutely adorable and so well dressed. A wonderful tutorial again.


Thank you so much for this tutorial!! I can't wait to try this!


You can't get cuter then this. I always forget to take the HOW TO pictures. These are wonderful. Thanks.


Oh my god, Tibbles just made me pass out. So cute!


How adorable Tibbles is!
THanks for posting the instructions, my daughter emily is interested in making her own animals and clothes. I think this would be a fun pattern to get her started.


She is sooo beautiful do you ever sell any of your creations. I can't imagine that you would want to part with one, but I would give an arm and a leg for that little kitty:) Or maybe a pattern to match the dress. You know Hillary at wee wonderfuls has decided to do a pattern book. Ever think of taking the plunge and making one too? I bet it would sell like hot cakes with maple syrup and a side of sausage links;)


Cute, cute, cute!!

What a great idea for making the dress!


You are amazing. I can't believe the patience you have!


Thanks Molly! I love this tutorial. Got to show my daughter...


My goodness! I don't know how you do it but everything you post is super cute!

You're a very talented artist, and very generous too to share your creations with us.

I also believe you should design a book.

Great job!

Anna H.

Oh! Oh! Oh! I know exactly what I'll be doing when I get home from work tonight...

Have a great weekend, Lyn and thank you for this.

Big kisses.


so cute, and so kind of you to share your pattern!


Thank you. I never thought about sewing around the pattern--makes sense on such a small piece.


Tibbles is wonderful!! Thanks for the dress pattern. It looks like I might even be able to do it. Do you make your own patterns for the "stuff of animals"? They are so cute!


Thanks so much for this tutorial. I think it is really wonderful to post helpful information for people who want to get started making stuffed animals and clothes for them, etc. That's the kind of spirit I think crafty blogs should be done in. Tibbles is the best!


Thanks for sharing. Your instructions were really simple and tibbles and the dress are gorgeous.


Thanks for sharing that pattern - the finished dress looks a lot more complicated that it seems to make.

Jen Leheny

Thanks so much for this. How simple! I will be trying this soon as I have a few toys that need new clothes! :)


woo hoo! you have saved me. i was going to cop out and just knit a dress for my doll, but i think that i can do this. hope those aren't (not so) famous last words....

thank you!


Too cute! As always, thank you very much for the tutorial and pattern.

Passions & Distractions

Wow! Thank you for the tutorial! I wish clothes for me would be so easy to make. And Tibbles is so cute! Is she also mohair?

Débora Figueiredo

Impossible to be more cute ♥♥


Oh, how sweet is Tibbles and the dress!

joy madison

I made my dd a doll for christmas and hated the dress I made....this is a PERFECT solution, and I can make a TON!!!! Thanks!


So darling, Lyn! I have two little bears that thought they were boys, but I see now that they are just naked girls! Ooops! Must make some wee dresses for them!


Wonderful! I might try making a larger one for Mia or Esme!


How cuuuute is Tibbles and her dress !!!! simple and super cute.
Congrats !


thank you, lyn. i just love your tutorials. you're so generous.


Very clever! And easy, too. Thanks a bunch!


I love it!!


That's brilliant.


lyn, what can i are very fabulous, love the pattern and am going to go and try it out right now!


Tibbles. lol

monica calvo

That is just too sweet!!!!!! Your hands are wonderful...


Okay, I think I'm going to die from the cuteness. A hard call, but maybe my favourite wee creature you've made yet. Thanks for the great how-to!


lovely tutorial !!!! I wonder if i could use the same method to sew a 4 years old dress ...But i have doubts because i'm sure my daughters head is a bit smaller than tibbles :-D !


Thanks for sharing the "How to"!


Brilliant! Thank you.


Thankyou for sharing work and the marvelous tutorials.
You are a generous soul.


Okay Now I know why I waited to finish the doll i'v e been working on si ce mid-november. You hjust solde everything!

Dacia Ray

Oh my, how frickin adorable! Thanks for posting the pattern. :)

planeta hilda

so so cute! i love it!


Tibbles is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute! nice dress too!


Soooooo cute. Please, please, please, have you a pattern for tibbles. I love her. I want her.


Thanks for the dress, it's so cute!!! and the model Tibbles is lovely!

Sofia Monteiro - Cores e Coisas

it´s soooooooooo lovely!!!! :D


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Je ne comprends rien , mais bravo magnifiques réalisations.

little fish

wow ! so cute . like Tibble ..

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