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wow those are so cute!!
happy new year!


what wonderful inspiration for the new year in the site you've posted - and i haven't made it past the elephants!


Hey Lyn - (my)Phil and I have just been laughing at the fags and tablets (tablats!). We just don't have enough imagination, do we!!!??? Nice to see you back. Sorry your brain turned to custard. xx


Happy new year, Lyn! Those are some cute puppies/cats/etc.

Sandrine (alias Didine!)

Thanks for the link Lyn !! I'm impatient to read you new post (and not delete it please ! LOL !!!) Take care ! Cheers


Oh my! Where do you find these links? Too cute! Thanks!


Mmmm, pickled brains ;>. Good thing you posted that link now, it's going to take me a whole year to get through it!


Hi Lyn,

Thank you so much for my very first comment, I was soo excited to get a comment so soon!!! Yay!! I also managed to figure out how to link to your page(double Yay)so hope you don't mind, check it out if you like when you have a mo'. Thanks again and hope you manage to keep your wee delete-key-finger under control.


Those are darlin'!!!Thanks for sharing the link!


How wonderful those are, thank you!


That is some serious inspiration...I was sketching like crazy and taking little notes, while I scrolled through the pix...
THanks for that amazing link!


Happy New Year!! Wonderful link! Thanks.


Those are adorable! Happy New Year

Amanda Woodward

Happy New Year Miss Molly Chicken!!!!

I made some of your circle broaches today & they are so much fun!
It was great reading you this year!


my what cuteness, am especially loving the elephants...happy new year!

Débora Figueiredo

Happy New Year :)

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