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I particularly like those lampshades!


That little birdie bag is right up your alley. There is just something so charming about these japanese craft books.


I have this book, and I particularly love the little soft animals coming out of the matchbooks. Molly should have a go at those, they seem to be her size medium.

I didn't realize she was 5! Now I'm not only impressed, I'm in awe. You've got a future surgeon on your hands with those fine motor skills!


you have quite the library of Japanese craft books. Do you buy them online? Pray tell...


Love that Doggie bag! (It's the leggies!!! hehe)


I didn't realize Molly was 5 either! That is amazing! Has she considered making friends for the little hamster?

Loved the book. Thanks for sharing!


Five years old! She's amazing. Thanks for sharing the Japanese craft books; I now know how to use amazon japan all too well. Now I need to locate some of those cool school dresses...

Kitty Jimjams

Oh Lordy... can I admit that the picture of "jazzed up" school dresses gave me flashbacks? When my sister was trying for her dressmaking Girl Guide badge, she sewed me a school "uniform" dress in regulation blue striped fabric (I was 9, I think). To show off her 1337 skillz, it had:
*a peter pan collar with a frilled edge
*a full, gathered skirt
*pleating detail on the bodice
*tiny, knobbly fabric covered buttons down the back
*short puffed sleeves
My goodness, my life was hell at school until I rebelled with a massive tantrum and was allowed to go back to my ordinary, shop-bought shirt-dress.
...the rest of the book looks great, mind! :D


Oh, these books kill me! I love the puppy dog purse and school dresses...How absolutely fun!


oh how I love those outfits made from tablecloths (except for the bikini of course. puh-lease).


i like the outfits, very cute.

lisa s

oh oh.... tooooo cute... esp. the dog purse w/ the socks?????

thanks for sharing!


I have made a bag a bit like that one already, here -

Those lampshades are AWESOME... but wouldn't you need some fire retardant fabric or something? *clueless*


The little birdie and the doggy bag :>) Will you be making any of these? Oh, how I wish I had your skill with needle & thread (or Molly's!)

two rabbits

pooch bag is my favorite! i love how you post so many of the pages - thank you for sharing so much!!


I love the button tree!

Dacia Ray

Where do you get your craft books? I went into Kinokuniya Bookstore in Rockefeller Center and they had quite a few, but all were $20 for a small, magazine-sized paperback!


please tell me where I can buy this book at the internet!?

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