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This is my favorite, hands down...the cutest creature you've ever made (maybe...that's tough cause there are so many cute ones). Is it hard to sew with the fur? Do you sew it by hand or machine? Gosh, I'd love to sit with you for an afternoon (with tea or alcohol, of course) and get a lesson. She is so completely perfect!


Oh my goodness....This is one of your finest achievements!


Aw so sweet! Did my mum get back to you on the babysitting thing? ;)


I am in awe! she is so beautiful. Do you sell any of your bears? I would pay dearly for one of those. Oh, and do you make your own patterns?


honey is so cute and so tiny! I love her big bear head and her little ear bow... love the dress,too...can't wait for the how-to.


Okay so just one more comment, I hope there is not a limit;) I also saw the little white kitten in the month of softies. Could I, or dare I ask what has become of her. Was she adopted by a good family or does she still reside with you? Oh can a girl dream.


What a cuteie! Loving the reversible dress, and the teensy hairbow (furbow? Earbow?)

Hey, Winnie-ther-Pooh never wore any undies either! Or pants for that matter.

Kristina tiny and cute ;o)
LOVE the dress...what do you do with all the cuteness you make?


cute cute cute!


She and her dress are adorable! How is mohair to work with? You are right about reversable dresses being easy, especially when they're teeninecy.

Anna H.

Love her! Can't wait until Friday's tutorial...



awww, what a little schmoopy. I think she needs a little sun bonnet to go with that (those?) cute sundress....or maybe just a headband.


She's super cute! Love the reversible dress. I can totally see how that would be easier to make. Hopefully I will remember that when (if) I ever get to make another doll!


awwww! my english is not good enough to let you know how much i like this little bear! :)


Silly, bears don't wear underwear...


I'm in on that tea party!
You, my dear, are a genius with that sewing machine and/or your hands and/or that magic fairy dust.

Passions & Distractions

So so cute!!!! I just want to reach through the screen and pet her and shower her with love!


Sweet and beautiful honey!! You're a magician!! Wonderful work.


She's a real sweetheart! I'd give her a hug. What kind of eyes are those? They are so small and give her a great expression.


I love her!
You must have had a lot of patience to make her in the first place.


all fur coat and no knickers eh? they're still awfully sweet...

Kitty Jimjams

That is one floooffy bear, very cute!


gorgeous! I need to feel her fur on my cheek!


He, he, it's really so sweeeeeeettttt:))))))))I love it!!


My goodness! That has to be the sweetest bear I have ever seen.

Amazing! Thank you so much for sharing.


cute cute cute! and the mohair looks so beautifully soft.


Supercute! And I LOVE the dress!


Adorable as always!


Oh My! That is soooo cute. I just made my first bear ever. Why did I start with a 6" bear? Where does one find mohair and is it terribly expensive? Honey is just too cute. Thanks for sharing her.


I love her so much! I have wanted to make a little mohair bear for the longest time! So cute!!!


she is just delightful, can't wait for the tutorial...


I was wondering on the off chance you would be interested in swapping mohair amiguri bear for one of my wooden bears?


So sweet and cute to look at but she must be sassy to go knickerless! (or perhaps she just needs an invisible panty line?) either way those boy bears are not going to stand a chance!


watch out, boy bears, indeed! she is such a little cutie. i'm going to leave my latest dollies naked until the tutorial and just drool over your work until then. OK, well, i have such a hard time making toy/doll clothing that i'll probably still leave my dollies naked, but i will be inspired and admiring and THINK VERY HARD about it.


If I say, "Awwwww" does that get my meaning across? Love the Elephant family, too!




seriously cute!

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