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For shame! I procrastinate enough as it is. Too cute!


yes! yes! yes!

And have you seen Happy Kitty Bunny Pony (via or my blog) ???!!!

have I mentioned how much I adore your blog??


Okay, the cute links must stop. I have chores to do! ;-)

Thank you though, they did put a big smile on my face.



those booties are perfect!!!!!


Ooooh! SQUEAL! It's "crafty crack"!
More, more, please *shifty eyes*
Thank you! ;)


ouch...those first slippers actually hurt me with their cuteness!
thank you!


Awwwwwwww! Link #3 are killing me!!! I love them, I love them, I love them! And I have no grandbabies! And I never had any girls of my own! Wah wah wah wah.....

Maybe I should go now, before I start thinking about how they might fit some doll or other around here!

Passions & Distractions

So so cute!!!! Why am I not in Japan right this minute?!?!

Pink Rocket

Cuteness overload! I MUST have the little clothesline tote! and OH the booties!!! Hmmm, Martha Stewart has a little pattern for felt booties/slippers on her site.




Each page was the cutest I'd ever seen--even when I started over! The little guys in the bags I have to have.




oh my, such cuteness...


STOP IT! It is noon and I still have not showered! I love those shoes, and though I don't have any little people, I have been collecting info to make some. Maybe if don't shower today I can make 'em...humm....I wonder if my husband is gonna freak out.heheh
Also, love the little elephants... so cute.

Sammie Orton

How can I order form them? i would love the littel shoes for my baby. Can that site be turned into english, someone once told me about something on google that does that for you. any ideas?? Thanks and thanks for showing us such cuteness

Kitty Jimjams

The only real question I have is: how on Earth have I managed for so LONG without a fabric house that folds up into purse...?

And now I absolutely need one, and there is no possible conceivable way that my stitching skills are up to it.


Addicted to CUTE and you are my dealer!! Came here for my fix and you did not disappoint. Bliss!

Creative Kismet

Everything is soooooo precious!! Thanks for sharing them!


all of that sweetness has caused my teeth to ache.


I think I might have to eat a baby wearing the shoes in the first link. So deliciously cute.


Never get any work done mutter mutter mutter. Such a tease!


the last 2 "these"..LOVE! keychains? very inspiring..thank you!


I love it all but the bag with clothes line is just the best, I want one so bad!!!!!!!!


These comments are killing me. Between Pyglet visiting your blog for a fix, and A.J. wanting to eat babies, I am in 'stitches' (no pun intended!); both are bang on!

J'adore the embroidered washing line bag. So inspiring. The only things that I am surrounded by are shedloads of sand and scraggly camels. Living in the desert has turned me into a comupter geek and I feed off your blog (amongst others) to get creative. Thanks!


That's so cute ! especially the little babies shoes... do you know where I can find the pattern to try to make those marvellous things?
thanks a lot,
a french parisian girl reading you every day

(and bad english speaking ;-))

Gina l

My little girl needs the bunny shoes!
Cute links, I've always been attracted to adorable and unusual kids stuff like clothes & toys. I have a whole box of magazine pages and websites and article of artist that do kids stuff. I've been collecting them for years. Seriously thinking about doing something related to kids & dogs.

Sandrine (alias Didine!)

Enough...Enough...enough... please please please it's too for me and my litlle heart LOL !!!!!!!!! Hugs


I should know better than to look at your posts while I'm at work!! :)


Ok, first and foremost--you blog is, in a word, addicting! I stumbled upon you while searching for people who share in the obsession of all things Japanese crafty and I have been secretly sneaking peaks while at work ever since.

This latest post begs the question, how have I lived my entire life without a fabric house that folds neatly into its own adorable bag?!


those last ones are SO CUTE... but the house is just adorable. Why do I have to work full time?


Zakka links! Thanks so much!
the little bunny hits all the 'ahhh' and 'When-we-have-a-little-kid' buttons in me!


You're killing me, you're killing me....are you telling me that the cute little play house with wooly animals folds up into an even cuter purse. Would my daughter(and me) just go mad over something like that!!


i like those bears! thanks for the links!


O-Mi-Gosh you are going to make me die with all those beautiful cute baby booties. I love the embroidery, the bees, oh swoon! Thank you for that Lyn. I am so out of my league crafy wise when it comes to these examples!

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