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Those are fabulous scarves! I especially like the one in the middle, with the little buttoned-on flower (which yarn did you use for it?). Which is your favorite?

Now, I am a hopeless failure at knitting thus far, but I have Harding's companion crochet book--I may have to take on the challenge next weekend! If only the big yarns weren't also the most costly...


The scarf in the middle is knitted in Kerrie's yarn. It is very very soft and the colours are beautiful.


wonderful! I so have to learn how to knit!!
I tried sending you an email to see if you could reply back...I have been having some trouble with email...except for all the junk I don't want. that gets through just fine of course...


How pretty!!! Makes me want to get out my fat knitting needles cuz that's about all I have the attention span for either!



Gorgeous! You described me perfectly, the knitter's attention span of a baby flea. The scraft in the center of the bottom photo is so sweet with the tiny flower, well, they are all beautiful. Those yarns are incredible.


I just came across this book recently. Looks like you took it and ran with it! Kudos!


Absolutely beautiful!

I started looking at the book's photos without reading and I thought your scarves were part of the book as well!

I had to scroll back up and read and it was only then I realised the last photo was of things you made.

Congratulations! They're beauuuuutiful :-)


They look beautiful, I love big chunky scarves! Instant gratification and they look gorgeous as well, what more could you ask for!


yummy! I've missed reading your blog while in my Canadian retreat.
I hope you had a good holiday season. Happy New Year.


You're a bit of a whizz with two needles! Beautiful colours. It's a shame that I don't have access to such gorgeous wool where I live (the post is abyssmal/customs have light fingers). I've been following your blog for a while. It's fab.

Sandrine (alias Didine!)

You're so amazing !! I need this book !!!!! big hugs !

Gina L

Thank you Lyn!!!
I have a scarf my husband bought me a few years ago & I just love it. I have been looking for the loose or fat needle scarf pattern. I just started trying to knit a few months ago and well lets just say I need to keep up the practice, but these look pretty easy. Right?!


oh! ms. chicken you are my most favorite person for finding this book! i love knitting with big needles and love what you've made here. ♥ i must get a copy ;)


My Sparkly Girl has been taking a knitting class with a yarn shop owner in town and she swears by big needles. We will HAVE to check out that book. Thanks so much for sharing.


Lordy Lord, that makes me want to knit!!! Fantastically gorgeous scarves.
It's just a shame that I truly suck at knitting.


I like the idea of knitting fast, but those big needles make me clumsy. Love your scarves and Friday's ephalump.


Wow - you knit fast! They all look beautiful. I like the idea of chunky needles... and the picture of that knitted bag is making me a bit wobbly (in a good way).


Super fantastico as the Manolo would say! I love love love the idea of knitting with strips of silk. I think there's a bag in that book with exactly that. How decadent to shred silk :)


This book sounds like the sequel to "Bright Lights, Big City"! Wow, you're a fast & prolific knitter, ain't you?


ohh super cool!! Kerrie's yarn looks amazing! Loving that knitted bag :)


these kind of projects are great! I love your 'neglect family on saturday'-part. My husband always gets on my case because i say, 'knitting trumps all'. if i'm in the middle of knitting, he's in charge--settling child disputes, answering the phone, letting the dog out....
my favorite of the three you made is the scarf on the right. i love those colors!


Love it! I love the middle scarf :) Looks like my kind of knitting. I'm just starting to venture out with needles (knitting and crochet). My first ever creation is a tie on bracelet. You can see it on my blog. The pictures are not so great, but I'm proud of my effort. Thanks for showing your beautiful work and I'll be looking for the book at the bookstore.

Passions & Distractions

I love your three scarves! I'm really fond of the flower detail on the center one! I've been eyeballing this book, but I just couldn't decide. My mind's made up for it now! Thanks for posting so many lovely pics and, of course, your inspiring FOs!


Gosh, could you get any more clever? These scarves are absolutely beautiful - I wanna wrap myself up in them - although I dare say I'd quickly unwrap myself in this heat we are enduring! Lovely choices of yarn, such gorgeous colours. I think yours look more enticing than the ones you showed from the book - seriously!

Perch Home

Gorgeous! I'm always looking for short knitting projects because I am the flea. :) I enjoy your blog!

Kitty Jimjams

rrraaaarrrrRRRRgh... ok, I caved and bought some of Kerrie's aran-weight silk to make a scarf like that one with the pom-pom trim, 7th pic down. I want you to know that I hold you entirely responsible. :D




These are bautiful & fun!


Your scarves are amazing,love the one in the middle with the little flower-detail and the small ruffle. You simply can't have enough of those is my opinian. A scarve for every mood ;0)
I think the blue green scarve from the book wool is going to be on my to knit list! Love the colors and I'm sure it's made from my most favorite yarn KSH from Rowan..


It's no surprise, but your scarves are WAY lovelier than the book's!


After seeing your scarves, I was SO jealous! I just had to have the two scarves on the sides of your last picture. And while I don't mom DOES! So I bribed her by buying her the book (yea! for since we live hundreds of miles apart) and now she has promised me a scarf or two!

Did you know similiar scarves are selling for almost $100.00 at Anthropologie!?! Nice job!!

LadyLinoleum aka Regina

Nice scarves! I am struggling with a "big yarn" project right now. I love the look, but hate working with the stuff. I am a teeny tiny yarn, needle and hook fan myself. LOL

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