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I really have lots of pleasure and fun reading your posts.
Thank you for your "last minute things" that inspired me some other brooches.
Your creativity seems to be endlessly and the sense of humour in your posts makes me jealous !!

So please, never stop !!


Please make some of these things for me to spend my husband's hard earned money on!


Another post I love. I would fly over for some of that fabric. So cute, those little chicks. Hope Molly is better.


I so want one of those! I can't wait to see how many fantastic things you come up with...I love the cards. 50,000 is not nearly enough!!!


I looked into Gocco before I took the plunge into silk screening but I was scared off by the whole 'discontinuing-save print gocco' thing. Is it fairly easy to use? As it stands now, I screen the main image and then stencil in parts that I want diffent colors on. Is Gocco a multi-screen process?


Simply adorable.


That is so cool :D

Where did you get your gocco from in the UK? (Or was it mail order?) I've looked, but never found :(

Anna H.

So cute! Hope Molly is feeling better!


Sandrine (alias didine !)

;o( So much english speakers try to explain me what is it Gocco ! Do you have pictures to "show and tell" how it works ?!! I can't understand what is it and how it works ;o( How and where do you draw your bird ?? is it like a rubber stamp ??? Oh please please tell me ! smooches


Why 50,000 and not ten or 100,000? Very curious.


Great design! I was, like KiWi, put off purchasing a Gocco with all the noise about the manufacturer discontinuing. Where will you get further materials? Can you buy the system in the UK? My mother-in-law is coming over in three weeks; could get her to bring one out.

joy madison

so adorable!!!!


cute!!! I just got a print gocco, and i can't wait to get started using it!


those tags are soooooooooooooo cute. i can hardly stand it.

Dacia Ray

So cute! It looks like a flip book.


Brilliant! Your characters look so perfect on those wee cards. :)


Great design - how cute are those little chickadees? I've heard so much about the print gocco, and all of it has been good news. Looks like a lot of fun!


Oh Lyn - the Print Gocco is SOOOO addictive. I was just thinking of making new cards, but I need to find aqua ink. Darn, more shopping for art supplies!

Can't wait to see what you print on fabric!


Whoo hoo! Welcome to the world of Gocco! It is addictive, isn't it? Great job on your first outing.


Eeeee! I'm in love. :)


Hello! Been reading your blog for a week or 2! It's great! Just wanted to say thanks for the panda pattern - I made a small one last night for my friend's birthday and it turned out great! I think I need to practice my blanket stitch!

Thanks again


Gocco is so much fun!!! Those cards are great! When I start to print, I always run outta paper, and then I start searching the house. I also run out of drying space. It is pretty funny. Thank you for the little dress tutorial. I tried it out and it is very cute. I still need to work on it... but I'm getting there. :)


Your web site is my new favorite - I just "discovered" it at the year's beginning, and you've now supplanted Google as "the very first place I go when I sit down at the computer"!

I find you very entertaining and an inspiration - you and Jess Hutch have me craving a Gocco - but like many others here, I have been concerned about the "Save Gocco" issue.

Keep up all the good work, and know that there are a number of us who love you and your site!


These are too cute! Remember that page you showed from your sketch book back in October? How about using that for printing on fabric? or paper? I think they would be beautiful. And then you can make another 50,000 and sell it to us mortals that don't have your ingenuity =)


What little darlings!


how much does a print gocco cost?


you go a gucco! girl.


You got Gucco!(say in bad Japanese accent) Rucky you!


I just ordered a Gocco, I can't wait!

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