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Your link is working! Oh my, Dolly is fantastic and you are extremely brave in listing something on Ebay!! I keep telling my husband that by buying certain treasures I will sell them on Ebay and make a bit of pocket money! Well...I've yet to and keep putting it off! I really hope this experience works for you and that you'd do it else will I get my hands on one of your wonderful creations! :)


Ooh, she is gorgeous indeed. I'd like her for myself. ANYONE would want her.


so SO gorgeous! Great job.
[no, we've not met...but I've been a lurker for awhile...I guess Dolly brought me out of hiding]


oh my, she is so cute, absolutely gorgeous, such a great job! Did you make the pattern for her? I know you did for the clothes, such a snappy idea! Everything is just adorable!


a beautiful girl...


Well hello Dolly!!!

She is so cuuuuuuute!!!! I especially love the painted box... you are a clever girl.


Ahhhk! How adorable! Good luck with the sale!


yes, at last a bear for adults ! How fancy ! Dolly is so beautifull and so is the tiny bear.
Hope you will be lucky by trying Ebay !
Lots of luck, I hope the best for your great talent.


oh lyn, she is fabulous, such a stylish young lady... i hope she sells for lots and lots of money so that you can buy lots and lots of japanese craft books (which you will then post lovely reviews of so that i can but them too!)


What a sweetie pie! She is doing very well on ebay and with 2 more days to go....I really hope this will be the start of many more sweet bears to come; like everyone else, I sure would love to have one. Have a wonderful weekend; I'm tickled pink for you!


You win the best-packaging-ever-hands-down-you-rock award! Wow. So adorable. :)


omg, darling, that is adorable. you really should consider opening an Etsy shop. I love mine as you well know.


You've done it again!!! So Sweet...


:O My goodness Dolly is just wonderful!!! I wish I had the money to buy her!


Wow!! Her little toys are the best! I would purchase her for the packaging alone - although I'm looking at her being for future grandchildren at this point. Don't feel bad about eBay - I like to consider myself pretty computer savvy and I think their entire interface is a pain.


Love it all, so much thought and care put into all the pieces! Good luck with the auction, hope you make a ton-o-cash!!!


She is darling enough alone, but with the box? Just perfect.


Ohhhhh, bless! She is perfect.

Susana Roxo

I love it. So sweat! My daughter would love it.


oh she is a darling love--and with all her extras, the bidding wars will continue--but me dear, only three days? It shall end all too soon.
Of course, I know nothing about fashion and couldn't help her at all--I'm so sorry that has to be a prerequisite.
As for ebay, u are braver than me--I have a huge pile of little boy clothes sitting in the living room waiting for me to get on with it already!
Teach me...please in one email--
ha ha
Good luck with it! You are on your way to success--i see it clearly!

Gina l

How cute! The extra little touches really are sweet. Gives her a personality. I'm sure she will be a big hit.


wow. you made a real cutey! every detail is too much! i'd love her for myself. alas, no moola. sniff.


We're having lots of fun watching your auction! We're wondering how high your top bidder is planning to go!! Glad to see you went with a minimum bid (**grabs lapels and declares "That was my idea" in a Vic Reevesian sort of way**). Don't forget to take a print of your final page as evidence of your desirabilty to shopkeepers etc. Well done!!


Lyn, she is absolutely beautiful! Whoever takes her home is very lucky. :)

Blair is the most adorable thing! And the box, you think of everything!


OH! Lyn, again.. my eyes... I am blind from cuteness. Geez...Dolly is so amazing. I am thrilled to see her. I love your little bears. They are the best. I hope your auction goes well. :)


I'm getting a cuteness atack :) soooooooooooooo cute :) lovely :)


I am adoring every inch of this - it's just perfection in a cute blue box!

So very nicely done...


So cute and so well made!!!


Oh dolly is adorable and I love Olive :)
Yeah-I haven't taken 3 hours to post on ebay (probably due to the fact I have never posted on ebay)-but my first etsy post took quite a long time. :) good luck with the sale!

Susan Jonsson

I am so inspired by your beautiful bear. Would you mind sharing where you find the fur you used to make her?



What a dilly of a deal on a Dolly & an Olive!

Sweet Pea

Cute as a button! I would love to find fabric like that too. I started a little bear a while ago with some pink mohair, but it is not felted so a bit too stretchy - I then realised I had no idea what I was doing! So he is sitting in a box......


She is sooo cute that I just had to bid on her!! Just darling!!!!



Heather james

That reminds me of those incredibly darling (but incredibly expensive) Anano bears, especially how it comes in a little box! Yours looks more colourful with the patterned fabric and blue box. Well done!


How can you contain your excitement!!! Even I'm worked up and it's not my money. Did you have ANY IDEA it would go so high!! It really is thrilling. If they go like this everytime you'll be a millionairess by this time next year. Well done, you. You need to print off your bids for framing!! Happy Day!

Passions & Distractions

Awesome!!!! I'm glad the bidding went to so well! It shoudl: she is absolutely adorable!!!!

Anna H.

I am so thrilled for you about the ebay auction -- there was a bidding war!

Your beautiful little bear deserves to be fought over.



I LOVE Dolly and Dilly. But I have to say Lyn, I love the box just as much. Such awesome packaging. You are giving me all kinds of great ideas for birthday gifts. (Imagine a set of stationery in a box like this with a little "hello" message greeting you? AY!)


oops, i am few days late but I am SHOCKED at how unvelievably cute this is!
SHOCKED i say!
sigh, its wonderful-


I love Olive! It's the cutest bear I've ever seen!


Just now getting to read this post! Congrats on finding the little darling a home! i love your idea of the travel box!


oh my goodness - the bear and the whole package are just so fabulous!


Wow!! I have no words! Your Dolly, Dilly and Olive are wonderful!! And the presentation in the box is beautiful!! Congratulations again, you can do magic!


I am sorry that I did not get a chance to post earlier, but I had to say how cute Dilly, Dolly and Olive are! Absolutely adorable! I think every little (and big) girl must dream of a gift like this!

Very Best Wishes.


I am absolutely in love with a new site - -- check out their vintage bracelet kits and beads! They also stock tons of old millinery and ephemera from France -- truly a treasure trove waiting to be found...and they even offer classes in their shop in Hollywood, California. I believe they used to have a shop in New York -- which was stuffed with an old stock of crafting supplies - ribbon, labels, button cards, textiles, etc.
You wion't be disappointed!


sooooOOOooo cute.........
I don't find the words......

paula cousins

i came across ur web site whilst browsing for wallpaper ,and my daughters cant believe i have come across some one who sounds just like me even down to the star sign making stuff liking the same books films ,is crazy just had to tell you ,im not a stalker dont worry

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