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manda mcgrory

Wow!!!! Well I should bloody well hope Dolly would go for a small fortune, she's gorgeous. And uhhuh, I'm thinking that spending 3 hours setting up ebay wasn't such a waste of time now! Congrats Lyn!!!


Well done.I was so excited watching the end of your auction I missed out on something I was bidding on!Bloody Nora-lol.Teach me to be so nosey!


WOW!! "Bloody Nora" was a bit tamer than the "F#@% me!" that I let out when I saw the result (crass, I know). Well done on the eBay auction! I wish I could've bid, but at around $30AUS an inch she ended up priced out of my league. Congratulations for such a great return for all your hard work! Dolly is such a cute little thing I am sure she found a good home!


Wow! Good show.

1 centimeter? Sure, if my fingers were the size of spaghetti and twice as bendy.


congratulations! well deserved :)


Dear Mrs. Clever-knickers, WELL DONE!!! :-)


CONGRATULATIONS! You are so clever and DD is a classic bear. Well done.


Dolly is worth every penny (pence?)! I'm so happy for you!


Congratulations!!!!! If anyone can figure out how to make those itty bitty bitty things, it's you!


Somebody knew quality work when they saw it, obviously! Congratulations.

Does 'Bloody Nora' translate to anything like Holy S*&$ !!!!- ?


Told ya... ;o)

You are golden!

laura r.

129.65 USD says the currency TOTALLY deserve it.
congratulations to you.


Wow! Congrats on your auction - Dolly is very cute.

I have no idea how people work on things so small! My finger fumble and shake too much for that kind of thing.


Now you know how to price 'em!
That's my girl!


30m bids on Dolly. She was in demand! Well done Lyn.


Okay so I am sitting here in a puddle of my own tears wondering how in the heck I missed bidding on her:( please say you will make more I would pay an arm and a leg for something like that.


Okay one more comment please next time if there is an email list I want to be the first one on it. oh please oh please oh please.

Passions & Distractions

Crazy! They're so wee! But you ARE Ms. Clever-knickers, so you should feel that way!


Congratulations! I'm very happy for you :-)


congrats! you are amazing! (and I have a feeling you might be showing us something thats 1 cm. soon, you are THAT brilliant!)


yikes! I don't even want to think about making something that small!!!
Wonderful job with yours, just amazing!!


adding my congratulations to the list! well done, indeed. i'm so glad for you! now you know where to start your pricing. :-)


I just love it. Only the British people use that expression.

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