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That is a great idea (using your husband's credit card), I do it myself too. I bought a necklace for myself from ArtSchoolDropout because I had to steel myself for the gift that my husband selected. This year it was a box of drugstore chocolates and a copy of the National Enquirer (an absolute mystery since neither of us read the rag).

Gina l

Your husband did a great job of picking you out a book...LOL They need some help, sometime, well most of the time.
The book looks like it has really cute things.

Creative Kismet

Now that's taking things into your own hands!!! hmmmm,I think I'm going to have to try that next year! The book looks awesome!!!

Pricing? Excellent question!

p.s.- thanks for stopping by my place :)


My first thought was 'how cool is her husband', but then I read the latter part of that sentence, LOL. Gifts like that are the best!


Sweet book ;o)
I know the pricing is super hard. Snoop around a bit, to check out everyone elses prices. Cost of materials and time spent - sweet Nichola's advice for me - and what do you FEEL the price should be? I'm doing a little etsy shop I knoooow how hard it is!
Don't sell yourself short though - I LOVE your stuff ;o)


How on earth did you find this book & purchase it? Googling the ISBN only took me to Japanese sites and saying my Japanese is a little rusty is putting a positive spin on things...


Woot! So many great ideas and images! Excellent gift-getting strategy, by the way... ;o)

Can't wait to see this little miss bear! You have such a loyal fanbase, I don't think it will matter where you start the price. No doubt a bidding war will ensue.


This is so cute! thanks for sharing


what a thoughtful gift from your "husband," I also receive thoughtful gifts like that especially when he is away on business somewhere and not home to greet the delivery man! Can't wait to see your creation.


Those are great. Thanks fo sharing.


haha! your husband is so good to you .

that book is full of wo much goodness and i have to say that it looks as though it were something that you created.

as for pricing, that is one tough question - i can never decide what to charge for things i make but i do consider that if someone asked me to make a dozen of them, would it be worth my time at the price i'm charging? hope that helps.

Anna H.

Well, I know what I'll be doing at 2am this Friday -- frantically scouring ebay using this search phrase: "insanely cute bear made by the lovely Lyn."

I'm doing finger exercises as we speak so that I'll be ready for the mad bidding war that will ensue...

Love the embroidery ideas!



what an adorable book!


Wow, what an incredible book! Thanks for sharing.


Hey, your husband shops the same way mine does. Aren't they sweet? I'm so glad you are venturing into the mysterious world of selling on ebay (i've only bought, of course) You've gotten a lot of good advice here about pricing. I'll be one of the millions with carpal tunnel when it's over.


Wow, that book has a ton of ideas, can your husband talk to my husband?? (After the credit card bill comes in, of course.)


I think you have to consider the cost of your materials, and then have a think about how much time you spent on it. Research, of course (lots of teddy bear collectors out there), consider popping into Smith's and browsing through the teddy bear mags (and any local Bear Shops?). I knew a woman who made and sold miniature bears and other animals (12th scale) and she charged £8 for a tiny cat (but then my scissors went missing and I kind of went off her). Also think about what you'd be prepared to pay. Sometimes it really is a 'feel' thing, there isn't always a logic. (At college, we tend to think of our time at £10/hour, though who'd actually pay that is a mystery!!) (Make sure if you put her on Ebay that you can maybe have a minimum bid? Not that she'd go for too little, I'm sure, but you should think about covering yourself. (Let us know when she goes on and we'll all go see!!)
Love that embroidery and applique (and how thoughtful is your boy!! Give him a big fat kiss!! hehe)


Your husband is so romantic and he doesn't even know it and he is so good at picking up just the right little thing for you and he doesn't even know that yet either. He should be thankful. You are too good to him giving him so many oppurtunities to be such a wonderful husband!

I cannot wait to observe the bidding frenzy on that bear. There won't be nice sweet crafty ladies sitting at their computers that night....We will all turn into swearing, spendthrift, internet junkie, bidding demons. The tranformation will be perfect!


That book is too cute! Thank you for sharing some of the images-great inspiration.

Annika Sandin

Looks like a great book, so full of inspiration. Lucky you.


That book looks gorgeous! Nice work with the credit card. ;) Very exciting that you'll be selling one of your bears; the price question always puzzles me, too.


what a clever husband, hee hee...

laura r.

i read at the switchboards a formula...
supplies cost+your hourly wage+creative thinking time=whole salex2=retail.
what do you all think?


I sell vintage items on eBay(username connietreasure) and have found that the occasional handcrafted items I have listed aren't as appreciated as they should be.Especially in the UK.However seems to be a little better.I would def have a realistic starting bid ,or reserve, don't sell yourself short just to save a few pence/cents on the sellers fees.People seem to get better prices through Etsy as that is where likeminded people will be.Good luck whichever way you decide to sell!


I think that you should get an EXTRA gift, just for making buying so easy for your husband!


Hehehe... My husband "shops" for gifts just like yours. "He" got me the cutest row counter for my stitching bag :-)

I love your new book. It looks beautiful.

I'll be back to check on news about your new teddy.


Oh, lovely book!! Love the pattern very much!! Thanks for sharing to us!!


Where can I find one of these husbands in which you speak of? The book looks really awesome! I am having a hard time pricing my creatures too! I always feel cheated at the end, especially doing wholesale! So when you find a good pricing formula let me know, i could use the advice.


hey, your husband has great taste! Sorry I have no advice on pricing... but I did want to tell you that I used your little dress pattern for a felted sweater bunny that I made for a friend- freakin cute! I sadly do not have a pic to share, but thank you - you genius crafter for the dress pattern. I might make one for myself, if I don't mind my panties showing!!! Looking forward to seeing the bear.. how do I find you on e-bay?

Siow Chin

I should've made my husband do the same thing :D)


Your hubby did good! My gifts are always done by that same route! ha ha! and don't be holding out on us with your bear! you best give us a link so we can all scrap over it! ha ha!


Great book! Another to add to my list :)


Your husband has great taste, just like my boyfriend! ;)

When deciding a pricing for one of my items i add up the cost of the material + the cost of all the hours it took me to make it (prized averagedly) and then i multiply it by 2; sometimes i have to lower this a little and some others i can add up a bit; but you have to think of all the time it took you to figure out your idea, all the visits to the supply store... whatever the price you charge on your plushie, i´m sure it´ll be too low! When one is doing a one of a kind item with their own hands, i think that is more art than a product, specially with all the detailing i´ve seen you add! I´ll be watching for the bear on Friday, love to own one of your cuties!


Lyn, I just popped by to tell you that (my) Phil suggests you put a phrase like "Advertised elsewhere, reserve right to withdraw from sale" on your Ebay thingy and then you could remove it if the price doesn't go high enough (like that's gonna happen). Apprently people do this a lot (Phil buys loads of stuff on Ebay, including our car). Having said that, I think Kristy gave you the best advice - get yourself an Etsy shop, or sell in dollars (but don't forget the exchange rate). There are about 3 people who buy things in the UK (that's my Phil and a couple more loonies). And Laura's formula's a cracker. Should have e-mailed but not sure if it's working properly.

Sandrine (alias Didine!)

You made me laughed !! You're too funny ! You can explain to him that your fingers ordered this without asking you the permission !!! LOL !! Big hugs to you my dear !!

Passions & Distractions

What an adorable book! In terms of pricing, I've never tried selling anything I've made (I may have to consider that to support my crafting habit). Can't wait to see the cuteness of that bear, though!


Awww, your husband has such good taste! About pricing, I remember a story about a quilt maker that wasn't selling, she got pro advice and doubled her prices, then started selling like mad! So don't under price yourself! Good luck! Oh, thanks for the pictures! The two dogs shaking hands is too cute!


Oh, that's a good one he "Picked" out for you!
I thought you guys didn't celebrate this holiday!


so cute, oh my God I want that too :) the french page just made laugh so cute with the baguette, the café au lait, madeleine et la tour eiffel....ADORABLE !!!!


My husband has bought a few gifts like that for me over the years too ;) Incredible book! I agree, I'm at a loss most of the time as far as pricing goes. I just made my first realy stuffie (it's on my blog) that I want to sell (I think) and I'm not even sure how much to charge.


Very cute book - I specially like the crickets and butterflies.

About pricing, I like the Switchboards idea. You put a lot of hard work into your product and don't want to sell yourself short. I've only bought from eBay and I have an Etsy shop - hoping to make my first sale soon. Pricing has been difficult for me so I peeped at other Etsy shops to see what prices similar items are and then took into consideration my situation. But it looks like you've got such a devoted fan base that at whatever price tag, it's going to be snatched up quick!

P.S. - Thanks for answering my email and suggestions.


Have you thought about using Etsy instead of Ebay? I am hoping to get a store on there soon and it works on the principle of 10$ for every item you list and they take a 3.5% cut of the price. Also I am sure that you will get a good idea of pricing from here with the hundreds of crafts & plush that are listed. Don't sell your self short! :)


How sweet is your husband !! ;o) he knows precisely how to choose the "ultimate" gift for you !!!
Where is you ebay link ????
I'm sure you'll do great.
US ladies are fond of self made plushes !


what a nice husband you have!
i love the book! will definitely have to check into that...maybe my husband can buy it for me for easter :)


I absolutely LOVE the bugs! These are the sorts of books I covet when I see them but never buy. I wish I weren't like that!


What a thoughtful husband! This looks like a fantastic book, can't wait to see what you whip up.
As for the doll. What size will it be? Mohair, vintage Oilily! An arm and a leg sounds about right.

amy k.

yikes!! this is so good! ack-I'm going to have to get this book!! I can't get enough of the needlewor with felt.

and charge a lot for your work. I think underselling is a real problem. it undervaules your talent, and even for modest crafters/artists who don't want to charge a lot- low pricing undervaules other crafters work as well becuase it lowers the expectation of how much work can sell for-wow, I'm opinionated, huh?-ha! but really-your work is amazing, so charge a lot


Holy cow with the 47 comments. Who knows when a person stops reading all of these? I'm thinking at #40.
Regardless, I love the embroidered camera on picture #3. So sweet! What a thoughtful husband you have Lyn. ;)


Just seen Dolly on ebay.She is so cute!!Hope she does well!


auction is the way to go. very good way to let the market tell you the price and then go from there. that's what I did when I started selling. your dolly is super cute!


Hi- Okay so I know that you have like 50 responses but . . . .I was just wondering if these Japanese books come with English in them? I always see them and think that they are so cute but duh, I don't read Japanese. Is there anyway that you could visit my blog and just let me know? I am a huge fan of your (and kindred spirit!)

Zoe :)


i love your website! and i had a question, if you have the time, i love the felt projects with needle work and have never done this type of work before. do you have any recommendations on how to get started, book recommendations and mostly where do I get the beautiful felt i see on the site? any suggestions would be helpful. it seems there are lots of really great japanese books available that are adorable.
:) kim


Ahh, I just have a new order of craft books arriving and am already putting together my next wishlist--this one will definitely be on it!


Thanks for sharing


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I’d prefer reading in my native language, because my knowledge of your languange is no so well. But it was interesting! Look for some my links:

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