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Job of my dreams? Pillow and duvet tester. You know, purely for scientific research just to see which are most comfortable to sleep under. I culd do witha nap right now! I LOVE the Oilily fabrics and designs, that sounds like a pretty good job too.

Passions & Distractions

I'm in love with the one right above your favorite. I could see that being the top half of a sun dress with one of the colors as a solid skirt (maybe with a border of that about an inch above the hem or a few of the flowers cut out and appliqued). Dream job: a few years ago, I heard on the news that Neiman Marcus was looking for a new chocolate taster. It paid $50 grand/year and you would fly all over the world sampling new flavors and companies to be sold in the stores and online. Why I never applied for this job, I can only guess.


i would like to be the person who comes up with the names for crayons!


I love Oilily. Meisje M. got a few babyclothes as a gift from very generous people and I love them. I love the turquoise one and the one right above your fave too.
all your dreamjobs sounds fantastic. As a child I wanted to be a chemist, not to help people but because of all the shelving and secret compartments and pots and pots with things in them. Now I would like the same set up (I love shelving and secret compartments :) but the post should be filled with colored powders and oils and paints. And I would be the master mixer. Yum!!


OMG, those fabrics are so freakin' awesome! I love how saturated the colors are.


Me too! I have dreamed about being part of Oilily design team for app. 15 years. Their colours and patterns have definately been my greatest source of inspiration over the crafty years!

Want to hear something that is almost to good to be true!!???

Until 3 years ago my sister lived in India for some years. She is a real bargain finder. Very soon she found a local "reject market" where among other factories Oilily sold all their excess production, prototypes, second sort etc. And ..they where sold for 1-3 USD per piece!!!

So both of my children (boy 3 years, girl 1 year) have around 40 Oilily pieces each! Is that luck??

Unfortunately my son looks pale in bright colours, but for my girl, wauv..

Inspired by Stephanies post, I recall another dream job I had: Being the expert they call when the secret rooms in a castle or manor house must be found and reveiled.

Oh, yeah, anyone remember what they found when Lord Carrington's son died? Carrington, whom finansed the escavations of TutAnkAmons tomb....


movie critic. getting paid to watch movies equals fun in my book!


Wow! Those gorgeous colours have made me suddenly wake up! :-)

Dream job... Professional blog reader? Or writer? Crafter? Photographer?

I can't seem to make up my mind....


professional cat petter. I have actually told my husband that I want to be a stay at home mom to our cats. I think it is a sickness.... I might need some professional help.


too many choices..
but i have always love oilily's wonderful, chirpy fabics...ever since spying the first layouts in Victoria..and they offered a free catalog...

mimi k

such beautiful fabrics! Dream job? - doll maker... wait, that's is what I'm doing now :-)


YUM! What delicious eye candy. I guess I have my dream job right now! I work in a museum, but I wouldn't mind some partime Champagne tasting, on the side ;)

Loose String

Those colors are fabulous! I want to get a job that involves getting paid for going to my workroom everyday and creating something. Or for working in my garden. I have aspiration to be a stay-at-home puppy mom.

Gina l

I like them all but teal-like one, with the plaid flowers seems to attract my eye the most.

My dream job would be to make and design children clothing, bedroom accessories, toys and whatever else they need. A vintage style with twist of fun.


wonderful oilily fabrics!
my dream job? color inventor/expert/creator/stylist=someone who creates colors, color palettes and color trends for paintings, wallpaper, fabrics, fashion, design, decoration... i have some others dream jobs but this is one of my favorites.

joy madison

I would love to own a little shop that did well (I don't want the small business headaches) and I'd like to sell coffee and tea and deserts and sell crafts and scrapbook supplies. MMMMMMMm!


After watching the Olympics, I'm thinking I'd love to have been one of the journalists who got to go to Torino. Man that place looks like fun.


Crazy enough, I think my dream job would be to own a bakery. I love baking. And I'd love to have a warm little place where people could come and knit, drink tea and eat wonderful sweets. That would be fun.

These fabrics are beautiful! I really like the orange and pink one toward the bottom.


Vintage Oilily? I'm coming over to burglar your house.


Dream job? Fashion designer. I want to have my own design house in New York and Paris. More realistically, I'd like to be able to make a living from my shop designs.


So joyful and beautiful! :) I love that second to last one. I really have no clue what my dream job is anymore. hahaha I'm too scattered in my interests. At one point, while I was in college studying it, I was positive I wanted to be a fashion designer. But after working for a few I realized that I didn't want that, at least not on a large scale. It's too stressful and drama filled. haha


My dream job would have to be working in a studio with creative women like you . . . just coming up with cute things and having access to ALL mediums!! Yeah, is there a job out there like that?! LOL!


These are beautiful!!



my sister always wanted to be the person who thought up names for paint, but i'm with you on champagne taster... the really expensive ones!!!


Oh, great images. What beautiful fabrics.
Spooky, I visited your site after posting some stuff about fabrics finds and there you were doing the same. As I said spookyness across the blogsphere!
Thankyou so much for sharing.


I think you should do both of your dream jobs at the same time-then you could have really wild designs!! ;)


I would love to be a professional reader. But that's just it - reading. I don't want to edit/proofread/correct/write synopses or treatments. Just read.

I'm a lot like Lloyd Dobbler: "I don't want to sell anything, buy anything, or process anything as a career. I don't want to sell anything bought or processed, or buy anything sold or processed, or process anything sold, bought, or processed, or repair anything sold, bought, or processed. You know, as a career, I don't want to do that. "


I would like to be the organizer of a craft summit and all of you guys would be in attendance. My main job responsibility would be heavy mingling.

You make me remember why I love Oilily. Experts in fabric patterning. I used to buy tons of it for Emma when she was a babe, but then got tired of seeing it dripped with applesauce and splashed with fingerpaint.


Colorful fabrics and your camera take great photos!!


Pretty, pretty! I'd love to be a film editor, and work really hard for a famous film director six months out of the year. The rest of the time I could do crafts and work in my garden.

greenbeanbaby art

well, your camera works swell!!!! my pictures have an unnecessary haze.... and all those fabrics?! my, if they were only paper!!! my dream job was once to design for greeting cards (low and behold, i did it too but found out i really liked doing designs for my OWN company... which has yet to be fully launched...)

now my dream job?! to have my own shop fulla wedding and baby stuff... designing funky invites... or maybe going on shopping sprees for the makeover tv shows?! especially for the kid craft room... being able to shop for loads of ribbon and paper and buttons and toys for someone's room.... (*sigh* and getting a few bucks so i can buy for my own room- lol!)

pretty uncreative, eh?!


Hallo from OZ! I just wanted to say thankyou for some inspiration you provided for me! I made my first 2 ebay sales today. Now, they were only pincushions, no where near as stunning as Dolly, but I thought, oh hell, give it a go. I did and they went!
Thankyou again for posting Dolly and I hope she has travelled to a good home!
I love reading your blog.


my dream job would be to stay at home more - no that would just be my dream. check my friend's prints out you may like these

Wanda  (swan-artegan)

You've just opened my eyes again to oilily fabric. I absolutely love the patterns and colours. Thankyou!

sandra lamb

What kind of fabric is oilily? I finally finished my sparklie wallhanging for my mom but can't give it to her yet. The nursing home is under quarantine for something to do with respiratory illness. Mum is going crazy to see it, well hopefully soon.


I love Oilily! I like the third and fifth ones the best. There is very competitive bidding on eBay for their clothing but can see why-bright, cheery colors and combos. Dream job? Working in my own studio working as a textile artist using fabric, threads, beads, relating to embroidery and textiles.


love these!

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