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Passions & Distractions

Cuteness! Can't wait to see your stamps! I love the appliqued calendar on the second website!


well the eiffel tower and doxie stamps aren't that small compared to the clothing they're stamped onto. what material are the stamps made with? they look like wood in the photos. I can see that kind of detail if you use a really sharp (xacto) knife on an eraser or lino. I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with - I know it'll be great!


ugh... My baby is sick again, too. I feel your pain.

Anna H.

Take care of yourself and the babes... sending healing vibes to you all.


lori z

i hope you (and everyone else) gets better soon.

have you tried using linoleum cutters for making stamps? it REALLY helps. check out this set:
speed ball with cutters. different shapes for making different cuts on your stamp. I used to used erasers from the 99 cent store and cut them with this set. it worked out well for me. good luck.


sorry for all the germs--I TOTALLY KNOW what that is like! I hope they didn't come in your snowbear packet.

carving your own stamps is very addictive--you won't be able to stop--there will be little bits and pieces all over the house---but you'll be able to give your pals a nice "piece" of you forever after without much more work. And you will stamp yourself silly wondering where you can put it next....warn hubby now.
BTW, You know I want a copy of whatever you make!


Without wanting to sound like a lunatic stalker, I've missed you! I am very happy to see that you are up and running again, and do hope that you soon get rid of the lurgie. Lots of hot drinks and cuddles should help. XXX


There must be something in the air! My boy, who is usually abnormally healthy, is also under the weather. Let's hope that all our munchkins get to feeling better!

Have fun experimenting with stamps, and do let us know how things turn out....

manda mcgrory

Yup, sickness round here too! I hope you all feel better soon. And I can't wait to see your stamps. Have you found somewhere over here to buy Speedball Blocks? I found an online place but the p&p was pretty expensive.


do hope you are all well soon, LOVE those links!!! take care x


Sickness everywhere, I guess.

If you're trying to do tiny tiny stamps like that there are some very tiny knives you can use. A girl in my printmaking class saw a very tiny (blade width, anyway) xacto-type knife at Walmart and bought one. I'm going to have to ask her the name of the brand during my next class so I can go buy some elsewhere (I don't do Walmart).


Oh, dear. Take care of you and the family! I love those little stamps. Can't wait to see yours!


OMG!!! MY EYES!!! Why do you do that to me? I have no strength against the Japanese cuteness. How in the world do you find these sites, and how in the world do you get your family to bring food and water to you at the computer so that you can look at these sites? You don't eat do you? or sleep. yup that's it.


Hope everyone gets out from under the weather and back on top of the world, soon! Sending germ-less hugs and kisses your way...xoxo


When I was in Japan recently, I came across a number of books about rubber stamping & cutting your own stamps. You might want to do a little sleuthing on the Asian booksites. If I come across any links, I'll send them your way.


What is with this winter of neverending sickness? I find myself waffling back and forth between ill and somewhat less ill on a daily basis.

carving my own stamps? why didn't I think of that sooner???


perhaps if you have a glass of wine or three getting so much detail on a small stamp won't seem so daunting.


Just sending you vitural cupcakes.
I too am in a constant whirl of sick kids etc. How boring!
But my son and I did get to sit down this week and watch Weeble and Bob. Fantastic!! We also watched half a dozen other movies, while I sat and hand sewed mock-ups of my belly dancing costume. So it's not all bad.
Enjoy the virtual cupcakes, they have pink sprinkles, a liquor centre, which gets you tipsy but still allows you to function, and are of course calorie free.

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