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tnx !


I can't wait to try these. Thank you for posting the how to! Oh, and I can't imagine how much fun it must be to shop for a little girl - pink and sparkly - my favorites!

Passions & Distractions

Cool! Thank you very much for the tutorial! This will be a great way to use sonme of those oddbal buttons I have that I just love so much! By the way, I'm in love with your leafy vine stitch!


This looks like fun! I can't wait to try it this weekend. Thanks for sharing!

Gina L

That would make a cute little girls hair peice too.


This is such a great bracelet, the possibilities are endless really. Thanks for a great tutorial Lyn, I know a little 7 year old girl in my house who may be interested in helping me make one of these over the weekend.


I love it! Are these party favors for that little one's special day?


Beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing.


I think you are an artist. Congratulations for your new bracelet.

Anna H.

Happy Birthday to the little one!



Very pretty, what a great way to use up little bits and ends!
Happy birthday to little Molly!


oh, that does sound like fun--can I tag along?
Oh, I forgot you guys live a million miles away....
Molly's Birthday?!!!
Nobody told me--gotta get busy then!


Great tut! I can't wait to try it out! Thanks so much!


What lovely photos. You do such a splendid job with your tutorials. Thanks and keep them coming!

Kitty Jimjams

Yay! Will try it v. soon.

By the way, did you see you were blogged on Cute Overload?

(It's a nice site although I'm still bitter that they're using one of Ning's little apps, which I think they found "inspiration" for, from my husband's site, Such is life.)


loverly! great little party gift, eh?!


Thank you, Lyn, for another wonderful tutorial. I now know what I’ll be working on this weekend! Happy birthday to the little chicken!!!


Such a cute bracelet, thx for the tutorial! By the way, I hope you don't mind that I tagged you ...


I just love your site, I check it every day! This is the perfect little project to use up little special pieces you've been saving... I wonder if I could make this tonight or maybe the weekend... Thanks for the tutorial!


Brilliant... I will definatly have to try this one.
Oh and happy birthday to your little princess.


Thanks, Lyn, for the how-to - you are so creative!
Happy Birthday to your Princess Molly - may her birthday be sparkly and pretty in pink :>)

K. Anne

Lovely! Thanks for the tutorial.


Thanks for showing us how! I know an Arizona girlie who'll be begging to work on one this weekend.

Happy Birthday Molly!


How pretty. You have a wonderful eye for these sweet things. Thanks for sharing!


I need to make this! OH and thanks so much for doing centimeters aswell. You can't imagine how much of a help that is for a European girl!


This is darling! I can't wait to try it.


nice work! thanks for sharing!


Hey Lyn
Very cool idea, am well inspired by this one! thanxs


Thanks so much for this awesome tutorial!!


Oooh thank you! Can't wait to try it out....just gotta find the time now, hmmm.
Hope little chicken had a great day :o)


OHMIGOODNESS! These are adorable and so fast! I love little projects that I can do on my lunch breaks! ;)

Amigurumi Girl

ingenious! just the project for all those tiny scraps of material. thank you!! (happy birthday lil' one!)


I luf it!

Mrs. Staggs

What a wonderful idea and great tutorial...thanks so much for sharing!


These are so beautifully unique!! They have everything- softness, prettiness, sparkle, movement. I love them. Thanks for sharing how to make them.


very lovely and charming! thank you for the tutorial! the girls are dying to make some now.


Really, really cute-- thanks for the tutorial!

Tongue in Cheek

you are so clever! Clever! Clever!


These are great, I am sure I will find time to try a few with my daughter Lucia (and yes, she loves pink and spangly sparkley stuff as well)



Hi Molly,

I love the bracelet--very creative and cute! I was wondering if you minded if I linked this tutorial for an short article I am going to be writing for homeschoolblogger in about 3-4 weeks. And I was also wondering if you minded if I used the picture of the bracelet so that people would know what the link is for. The article would be in reference to fun, easy crafts for teenagers to make.

Thank you,



Hello ! This is very [url=]good[/url] site !!

Jewellery girl

I'll show it to my little daughter. I think that's what she'll be doing at the weekend.


Thanks a lot!

I had to try...


what a good idea this bracelet ! I will put your link in my blog !!


These are great. I made one for my daughter the other night and she was taking orders at school!!
Thank you for sharing. I'll post a pic at the weekend. I was thinking of doing a similar type of a thing as a belt??


Grace Garton

I'm going to make one today:)


I just got a sewing machine, my first.

I have a 9 year old daughter.

She has a friend coming over tonight for a sleepover.

We are sewing BRACELETS.

Thanks so much, xox Kay


Thank you :) I try it and I love it ;)


thanks a lot !! it's very nice !
i'll certenly try to do it !
sory for my english...i'm french !


so nice and easy this bracelet ! I will do the same with african textile ! I am french from Paris but I am living in south of France in this moment ! thanks for your tutorial


magnifique - très bonne idée pour ces petits bracelets
colorés - BRAVO CONTINUEZ une admiratrice


Hey, LOVE your tutorial! I've linked to it from my site on my "how-to" links page, come on over and take a look :)

Embroidery Designs Shop

Very interesting thanks for sharing.


Thank you so much for making this tutorial! These little bracelets are just darling - fun, easy, and cute! ^_^

I made one for my friend's 19th birthday that passed not too long ago. Who says pink and sparkly works only for little girls?

Here are some photos of the bracelet I made.
This definitely won't be my last!

My bracelet: 1 2 3

Thanks again ~!!


totally came across this from a google search! I totally love these and will attempt this weekend!!


great read


These are really nice, and easy + fun to make! I love them! :)
Thank you!!! :D

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