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Thanks for the look into Cotton Paint, I've always wondered what kinds of things they have. And the answer is "cute"! Of course, what was I expecting?


Oh my goodness...everything is so pretty!! I'm really enjoying reading your blog :) My grandparents all live in the west country...and they're usually complaining about the weather ;) However I'm in South West Ireland so I can't really talk! Lizzy


Thankyou for posting info and images from these books. They have opened my eyes and provided so much inspiration ( as have you!). Cheers.


I've been wondering about the contents of that magazine as I've never been able to find one in Japan. Thanks for giving us a peek!
Love the windy bag.

Passions & Distractions

That washing line is adorable! I also love the dog and the cat. And the elephant. And all of it, actually! So cute!


It's all adorable, but those house shoes and the little purses are the sweetest!


oh so cute, the bird is almost like mine wow !!! I'm starting to have the "japanese creative way of thinking " :) :) but love the detail of the washing line :)


I do always enjoy when you share your latest finds, etc. with us - such a source of inspiration, or at the very least just something fun to think on and drool over whilst doing all the boring homefront stuff (laundry, shopping, etc.)

That kitty is going to have me smiling all day!


What cute inspiration..I wish I could make all of it. Can you beleive I don't own one single Japanese craft book!?


what a great magazine...
i'm so envious
but happy that you posted pictures
to share all the same
those shoes are to-die-for-cute


thanks for all this inspiration! i just got some new ideas for cards i´m making for swaps. looooove the clothes line.


The purse with the felt flowers appliqued is my favorite. I just love it! Thanks for posting these great ideas. If I could swap you some of this Arizona sun for your cloudy, rainy Devon days, I would! I'll send you cheery thoughts regardless.


Okay, I am covinced!! I am going to order some of the books today!:)


Thanks for the peek inside that book! :) I am in love with the crochet mobile! :)


Yummy, I'll take them all : )


I love those shoes!

greenbeanbaby art

wow, there IS a bunch of great stuff! i totally love the lil bag in the second or third pic


I'm sick of paying huge prices for these wonderful books and magazines. I'm moving to Tokyo right now.


Oh, beautiful photos!! thank you so much for your sharing!!


oh my, oh my, the sweetest washing line ever! and so many lovely happy pictures, i feel all cheered up and happy, thank you.


Lovely little feast of visuals.
The only bunnies here are of the dust variety.


Not impressed! $75 dollars and 3 hours later, I finally leave the kitty website!! thanks very much Grrrr! :D I just had to make sure I had seen every last fabric on offer....

Gina L

I know, I think our sun has went on strike and rain clouds have moved in.
I love bunnies. And I finally got my very first japanese craft book!!! Didn't know what I was missing.
They are full of some really cute ideas.


This is lush. Think I'm going to have to buy this. Please stop showing me new ways of spending my husband's money.


Hello, enjoyed looking very much - just showing another very creative friend your wonderful site


Hi, i love your blog and i would absolutly love it if you could tell me where, if possible, i could find a pattern to make the little pair of japanese shoes in one of your pictures. i'd love to make some pre-walkers for my daughter. thanks heaps. clair

sandra lamb

I love Happy Cat..... I have several little empty

sandra lamb

Oops, forgot to post! I love Happy Cat and have several little empty chairs for

sandra lamb

sorry for the double post, I don't know what I'm doing. Had Sadie and Samantha over night, Sadie slept very little so I guess we're all kind of out of it...


I linked to you because you always find the best websites for j-crafts; I've spent way-way to much time clicking on that kitty craft one. Really appreciate seeing the magazine pics too,thanks for posting such fun stuff.


i just found you log, this stuff is so cute! omg !!


I love the bunny purse and book -- and the little handheld bunny toy too ;o) Thanks, this is a very inspirational book!


I love the bunny purse and book -- and the little handheld bunny toy too ;o) Thanks, this is a very inspirational book!


So many ideas coming from your brain ! it is incredible...thanks a lot, to share with us !


Hiya, are the instructions any good? of the crocheted mobile in particular? Very cute stuff, thanks,


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