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Oh my gosh every girl (and by that I mean female between the ages of 0-111 and 113 +) needs a bag just like this. I am sorry if you are 112 no bag for you!! Tee Hee just kidding okay I guess the One Hundred and Twelveties should be included to. I don't want anyone to think I am an age-ist! I am sure they would enjoy such a bag filled with fun and heart stopping cuteness as much as the rest of us!

Have soooo much fun!!


ma puce a le même ours en peluche....ce sac est vraiment mignon comme tout. I like it !

Gina L

What a fun mom you are. The toy and fairy shops look so fun. Can my daughter and I come too...LOL
Have a most wonderful weekend girls.


Sounds like so much fun! Can I come with you girls to the Hello Kitty Shop? Have a wonderful weekend.


That sounds great : a weekend just for girls !! Have fun and enjoy it !!


Lucky little Molly... and lucky mama to get to have an outing to London! I love Hamley's! We too have spent a small fortune there, and the fairy shop looks fantastical! I remember Flask Walk very well, what a perfect spot for such a place, it is already kind of magical. Have a wonderful time!


Have lots of fun!


Such fun! I hope you have an excellent adventure.


I love my watering holes to have a 'convivial atmosphere'! And magical stores for Molly, very fun. Love the bunny for Harvey (hugs to Harvey). Have a great time!!

Passions & Distractions

What an awesome trip! Have a great time! I can't wait to visit London myself some day!


What a beautiful bag of goodies! Have a lovely weekend!

Alicia P.

I am calicoed with envy!!! You luckies.


That bag looks too cute for words! Have a fab girlie weekend you two.


I would go ANYWHERE with THIS bag!!

pyglet (dani)

Leavin' the boys your heart out Thelma & louise, here comes Molly and Mum!
You are going to have the BEST time!


My Kitty would be so jealous !A trip to the Hello Kitty shop would be heaven!Have a great girly time!!


You know, I could be packed in just minutes.... What a fun trip that is going to be!!


wherever did you find that sweet bunny? he is precious!


What fun! A treasure bag, to be sure. It makes me want to jump on a train somewhere...alas, there are no trains here!


So fun!! How exciting for Molly to be one on one with her Mommie! I hope that you have/ had a wonderful trip!


Have a nice trip!

Isabel Galanaki

Enjoy a lot!!!


Hope you two gals paint the town red---sounds like a wonderful adventure---have fun! We'll miss you--make sure to tell us all about it on your return and show us all the bounty from the spoils!


If that tote bag or that bunny was any'd be illegal I'm certain. What a lucky little lady. Hope you have a joyous trip together and find lots of treasures!

Sandrine (alias Didine!)

How could I have forgotten that you live so close to me ?!! Only 3 hours by train (TGV) !! I LOVE London ! I wish I'll be able to return there very soon (you'll have to give me great addresses) !! I hope you had a great time there with your little princess ! PS Your tote and your bunny are toooooo cute ! I'm jealous I would like so much the same :o) Big smooches


I bet the polkadot bag is the fruit of your imagination...I want to be small again just to carry one around like that...Well, i don't even care if i'm a grown up, i would carry it anyway :-) !

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