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The photo of your brooches is postively luscious!!
And the cow...well, what can one say? Cute, cute, cute.


This is so funny! I just made a couple of tester brooches yesterday for a craft fair I am doing and they are almost the same! I was going to stitch round the fabric too but went for a simple stitch for my test ones! That fabric looks lovely.


love those brooches! and that is one cutie cow. I like the idea of leaving it a bit unstuffed.

I don't think homeschooling is all that common here either. it's just that they all blog! I'm with you, Oscar would be a nutcase, we'd both be nutcases. it's out into the world with him when it's time. is it time yet? ;)


That little cow is crushing me with her cuteness. The brooches are just perfect. And kiddos in school? September can't get here fast enough for Logan and me. Thank goodness he's excited to start school.

Gina l

Love your flower brooches, they will sell like hot cakes!
Cute Cow and what is it with girls not wanting to where the cutest stuff??? My older one does the same thing, so my little one has to pay for it...LOL

You have a mooooost wonderful day.


Your flower brooches are wonderful! And your cow is too cute ;)


Once again - it's all so gorgeous!!!! I don't see how you do it all....

This week has been v. hectic - so what a treat to get to stop by here and she all the new posts from the past week and all the fabulousity that you've been working on! You are causing me to run out of superlatives.....


That cow is beauuuutiful. You should definitely get your own pattern book. I'd be first in line!


how adorable!


So CUTE! I love them all.


The brooches are fabulous. I really enjoy your work.


You are so awesome!! The cow is adorable!!! Lucky Siow Chin.


I love the proportions on this cow - his huge head and little horns and body. So sweet!


Waaaaayyy too much cuteness for one post Lyn! Those brooches are yummy looking and how brave of you to dip into your vintage stash :) And, your little cow...what can I say - you've struck gold again! Incredibly cute and I love the fabric choice!


lovely, lovely, lovely! my goodness, how cute is that cow!? and she couldn't be going to a sweeter recipient. you've got to post pics of that cotton and paint when you get it, so that i can drool...

the brooches are fabulous -- i love bright colours. just a blast of cheer.

you have a wonderful weekend yourself!

Sweet pea

You have done it once again! Too sweet for her own good! I love the tail detail.


Holy cow Lyn you are some kinda crating genius. I would love to see your crafting space and just watch you work! yea right like I wouldn't be touching stuff...heheh


Hi Lynn, I've been lurking for a bit now, but that cow has drawn me out of the woods. How cute and delicious is that softie??? WOW. I'm trying to think what I can swap with you from Australia.....LOL! Well done.


wow, you HAVE been busy!

the little cow is just too cute. i love her tail. :)

Susie Sunshine

I love seeing talented people's projects!
What gorgeously happy flower buttons! Makes me want to learn to sew better, as the swearing and crying makes it a non-kid friendly activity at this point, as there are children around me constantly.

Cow Belle is too adorable for her own good.
I got a new Martha Kid's magazine in the mail today. You want to trade??

Passions & Distractions

So so cute!!!! I love cows and this one is fantastic! I'm also looking forward to being able to look at your links later. YOu always find such inspiring images!


What a gorgeous cow. Gorgeous,gorgeous,gorgeous!


OHHHH!!! I LLLOOVVEEEE the flower pins!!!!!!! SO ADORABLE! I don't know how people find the time to do anything!!! My kids are still a bit younger so maybe there is still hope for me. :)


I want that cow so bad. I'm aching to have a little cuddle ;-) And if you take up that suggestion for making a pattern book please put me first ont he list for buying it.


Everything in journal blog is so lovely, I always take a peek but often forget to comment. The brooches and the little cow are just gorgeous!


Your brooches are charming. Thanks for the smile with the cow.


I love the postcards!! so colorful!!

amy k.

oh-dear. I love the cow, and the peek-a-boo photo of her rump made me laugh out loud! ack! it hurts. so very good-


i would so love to see an animation of your characters--they all have so much charm and personality.
Bravo as always and I can totally relate to MOLLY'S refusal to wear that dress.


Love the cow. LOVE the cow.

Sandrine (alias Didine!)

OOOOOOOOOOhhhh I love this cow so much !!! I'm jealous LOL !!!!!!! Lucky Siow Chin !!! Would you mind to make one for me too ??!!!!! Hugs !


Lyn, that is the cutest cow I've EVER seen! Lucky Siow Chin! And the colors on the brooches are really pretty.


Linda a vaquinha


linda a vaquinha


Oh that cow is too much cuteness. And I love how it's recycled from a dress! :)

And you cracked me up with the home-schooling. I think both my kids and I would need therapy! LOL ;) I have to give homeschooling moms tons of credit, though! Very admirable.


Wow--she's very cute!


This is great work and a great blog? Are you ever at craft fairs in la area?

Melissa McCobb Hubbell

those brooches are lovely - as is everything on your blog! I'm adding you to my "inspiring artists" list!

Tongue in Cheek

oh my daily dose of adorable dreams!


that a darlin' cow!

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