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"you'll be old and dead." Oh my god! I can't stop laughing at that one!


Twin boys and twin girls?! And no husband? I wouldn't envy her.
But old and dead? Children can be so cruel sometimes. ;)


Oh dear! You made me laugh out loud early in the morning.

Print a copy of your post today... I'm guessing it will come in very handy in a few years time :-)

Oh, and if she finds a way of making her husband do EVERYTHING she says, could you kindly ask her to write and tell me all about it? Thank you.


The little princess is right! A husband only if he's a "prince" (= kind with her and kids)! How funny! She looks very cute.


She is simply adorable. :)


I like a girl who knows what she wants!


I'm twenty-two and those are still my plans for when I'm grown up. Except for the mom part - I want her to live in the cottage with me ;)


The honesty of kids!
I used to have a similar plan, maybe cause I read my mum's old Bobbsy Twins books before finding The Famous Five.


Oh my goodness, sooo funny! She is adorable, but maybe you should start warning the local boys her age just in case!


children are so truthful... make sure you keep a copy of that one. send it to her after her first child is 6 months old and see what she thinks. 8-)


that is so funny...
you never know what they are going to say


Hi Molly,
I love your sense of self; must take after your dear OLD mum.


That girl is an inspiration.


I laughed when I read this post, so I shared it with my husband. He didn't think it so funny, maybe because it rings of truths he wouldn't like to admit. ;)

Your face drawings are great. I love a full page of inspiration.


Molly is soo sweet! ...but I'd better have my 5 year old son run if he saw her...
Children have such wonderful imagination.

red swirl / ginevra

Oh no!! Really, really sorry to mess up your TrackBacks ... that's what comes of being a newbie I guess. Molly looks so, so sweet by the way, I'm sure all the guys will adore her and do everything she says ;D


I love what kids can say ... I have 2 girls and it's twice much more fun believe me ...
the one who is 4 years old told to her sister as I was calling her to be dressed up "I can't come darling because the maid is calling me to be dressed up". When she saw my face she told me "yes you understand we are playing, I'm the mother, she is my daughter and you are the maid because you are cleaning, cooking, dressing us us and so on - face of the mother :-( ... but I know very well that in the real life you are my mother uh ?"

Passions & Distractions

YAY!!!! Sketchbook excerpt! This reminds me that I nee to e-mail Typepad. I've had your blog on my list since day one, but it won't let me change the name to "Molly Chicken", it just keeps loading as "My Weblog." Geez, people will think I'm a vain little thing. Sorry, I'm not sure why I just rambled about all that....


Strong willed little girls, gotta love that! I have one of my own who comes up with some interesting ideas...


I love it when you open your sketchbook - I find it so inspirational! You do have a way....

Also, thanks for sharing the excerpt of your Molly conversation - I do so love the way they think at this age!

(Old and dead....hee hee hee - that's still cracking me up.....)


this had me laughing...out of the mouth of babes. priceless!

Fabricated Goddess

Delurking to say....
I love her attitude. It's always makes me laugh that kids have such strong opinions about "when they are grown up and married" boys are always saying "mum, when I'm a dad...." and I look at their wee sweet faces and think "you are 4 and 7, do we HAVE to talk about this already!?" lol

Annika Sandin

Ha ha, that was a lovely story :D


don't kids just say the most amazing things? she is too cute. she has a very determined yet soft look about her.


Ha! What a cutie - I wanted twins when I was little, too. I love your doggie faces...


I love your many faces! I also wanted to thank you for posting a tutorial on the bracelets. My neice is coming over this weekend so I think that we will give it a try together. I have been dying to know what kind of sewing machine you have!? I LOVE all of the creative stiches that you have. I am ready to trade mine in for something better. :)


With that face, she'll have the boys eating out of her hand, and probably waiting on her hand and foot, to boot!


Your little Molly made me laugh...perhaps she is on to something?


Hi, first time I'm visiting your blog, I really like it, so cute!!!

Débora Figueiredo

She´s lovely! Happy 6 years old Molly :)


What a wise child you have!
There is a saying.......................
'Women are born 3,000 years old'.

She has wisdom beyond her years.

A jewel of a post.
Thankyou so much for sharing.


Feminism is definitely moving in a new direction.

Belated happy bithday wishes to Molly. Love that Alice in Wonderland picture. Do tell her twins can make a HUGE mess.


Oh, this is too funny. Twin boys and twin girls. Ahhhh, what a wonderful morning laugh! :)


priceless ;o)

I'm imagining her face - if she reads this conversation again just before she goes to college!


Ahhh, Molly is so sweet.
I`m looking forward to hear words of wisdom like that from Tiril *lol*

Gina L

Hey, a girl with a strong mind. You know she will probably get the most easy going and "yes honey" Husband. She has the cutest eyes!


So funny!!! I love a girl who knows exactly what she wants!!! She's a doll! Any little guy would be happy to give her whatever she wants!!

Love your doodles of faces! So cute!



"and he's got to do EVERYTHING I say"
That was one of my conditions of marriage to. Sadly, it didn't work out quite the way I'd plan :)


Hi ! Your site is very interesting. Thank you.


Wow, Molly has it all figured out!

What a wonderful photo, 6 looks like a fun age to be, especially with eyes that captivating!

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