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Wow! That is really beautiful!


just beautiful! but, for the record, I love your little creatures just as much!!


Those squares and the work is fabulous, though I think more of Klimpt than Klee! wonderful stuff. You must do more!!


Klimt and Klee have got nothing on you! Thanks for sharing the wall-hanging and its story. It looks so joyful and uninhibited. Er, perhaps the pub visits helped with this? ;-) Or perhaps it's just the ridiculous amount of talent you have!


Great color and design. I'd love to see more also.


So fabulous and cheerful! Really beautiful!

carla pessoa

fabulous work :)


lovely post and man, art teachers like that should dissapear post haste!
paul klee is a great inspiration of mine as well.
nice site! i will be back..


Just linked to the BAD art class, how horrific! Glad you ignored her, that page was GORGEOUS.

The story reminds me of the Ice Hotel wedding in Jan this year. The photographer was straddled, literally, over the bride and groom on the ice bed trying to get them to pose. The bride is very giggly, it's one of the lovely things about her. But not to the photographer who said sternly "a wedding is a Happy occasion, yes, but not a Silly one!"

I should point out that he was wearing full length leather lace up the side laderhosen type things at the time! But not silly ones, obviously


Grownup-shmonup. I am so irritated by the "Arteeeeest" attitude.

My senior year at college, I took a drawing class, as a way to play and learn..ya know, a break from psycho-analysis and paper writing. Of course, I started the class with a bright smile and a peppy hello to all of my classmates. What did they do? They just stared at was as if I had stuck a stick of conte up my bum and then danced around mumbling incoherently. No one said a word to me the rest of the quarter.

anyway, YOU are a shining star full of sparkling whimsy and joyful creativity...thbthbthb! to anyone who says differently!!


have a great weekend - play, create, and continute to inspire as you do!


That is an amazing piece!


That is really beautiful - just my kind of colours too :o)


love it! it's beautiful! I especially liked the "oh but the class starts early" comment! Can't wait to see what you come up with when you dig those paints out!
I hope spring gets sprung soon for you and yours...but you can have our humidity, I'm a bit over it now...

Sweet pea

It's funny, I was just walking along the street today feeling quite jolly even tho' it was absolutely freezing outside (usually makes me slightly crabby!). I was thinking how much happier I felt now that I had started a blog and was in touch with like-minded people who love to make things.

I had just read the piece you wrote about the first course you took and it almost spoilt my good mood - almost! I cannot stand it when people judge art on whether it is "good" or not by how serious it is.

Art should be fun and to hell with anyone who takes themselves so seriously, that they cannot see beauty in the light and the whimsical.

I took another look at all the lovely things you make and felt better. And the page that you had created for children's illustration ideas is great - maybe worth digging out again...

Gina L

Lyn, those are beautiful. Love all the color and texture. You must get your paints out! Your stuff is always so cheerful and whimsical and full of fun. Its for Happy People...LOL
Sadly I know how it feels to be put down. I dated this boy most of high School (no I did not marry him!) and he was talented too but made me feel horrible about myself so I tried to hide what I could do from everyone. To this day he doesn't know I can really draw. I think those low feelings till haunt me a little.


This is an amazing piece of art! I love the vibrant blocks of color and the wonderful texture. I am sure it looks even more amazing in person. I hope this is hanging up somewhere in your home. It's stunning!


Hi Lyn - now you know that's right up my street! Thanks for sharing. :)


The silk wallhanging is absolutely stunning!

That having been said, being a grownup is grossly overrated! :)


Beautiful wall-hanging! Thanks for your website full of inspiration...


Beautiful work as usual. And an inspiring post as usual. Thankyou for sharing.


So pretty! I've got the same light problem here. Are we on the same longitude (or is it latitude) or something? That last picture is gorgeous, light or not!


Those are really lovely :) It's nice to find something you really enjoy.


Here's a quote from Picasso, that OTHER art teacher should have pasted to her forehead (I'd suggest another place, such as a particular orifice, but I don't think there's room; sounds as though she already has a stick stuck up in there): Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.
I think all your artwork is lovely, whether it's inspired by children or Klee!


So pretty !


Gorgeous work, the colors & the textures & the stitching-- woof.


I LOVE that piece. It is so amazing! * gasp *


Love it!!


Those colors really are amazing. Wow.

Tongue in Cheek

divine! I love the piece by piece, details and thread stitching. Wonderful image!

Passions & Distractions

Those are really lovely! I wish I could see them in person! Also, I love your description of where that other art teacher disappeared to!


c'est fabuleux, merveilleux. your blog is wanderfull !! i'll coming soon !! sorry for my english...


So very pretty. I hope it hangs proudly in your home!


nice blog!
have fun

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