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How cute.


Hmmmmmmm, cream teas. Yes please.


What a great package, I have "favorited" so many of Marion's photos on Flickr, she's so talented. And a little more tea before we walk, please.


I think I'm in love with Frannie. Look at how great your craftsmanship is! She is fantastic!


You should rename your blog "SuperCute". It must feel like Christmas at your house :-)

Thanks for the "virtual" cream tea. I was just having my toast and cheese and it suddenly tasted very sweet :-)


Everything about this post is delightful! :)


Thanks for the eye candy. That stuffie is SO cute!

Anna H.

Beautiful presents for beautiful Lyn!


And please tell your friend sweetnellie that she should get a blog stat! She makes such cool little creatures...



what lovely goodies!

Passions & Distractions

The little pom poms on Frannie's feet! Aaaaaawwwwwww!

Sandrine (alias Didine!)

It's soooo sweet !! You're lucky !! Does Frannie have a blog or an address mail ??? Thanks a lot :o) Smooches

Erika Overland

Ok, you, bring tears to my eyes! I lived in Devon, Plymouth actually, for 3 years (moved back to California in 2002)and seeing snow on Dartmoor always moves me. Crunching through the snow on a long walk with the dog near Burrator Reservoir was one of my favorite things to do! Oh, and I could really do with a cream tea right now--we don't have those here!


wow, you had a lovely mail day! Sweetnellie's creatures are wonderful! I am actually planning a trip to england (my first) this summer. Actually, I've been planning for this my whole life... ;) Your little pic of Dartmoor is beautiful!


gorgeous goodies all round. mmmmm, cream tea. my last was about three years ago. thank you for the reminder!


You got THE apron with the matching mouse! You lucky girl! I´ve been coveting it for some time...even if i don´t wear aprons actually!


I love the way you write. You always make me laugh.


what fabulous stuffies! i love the little hat and dress on Frannie and the pompom tail and expression on the monster´s face. luck you!!!


I love Frannie! I love Marion's work too, lucky you with that lovely package. I've been enjoying your site so much today you really inspired me... I mentioned you on needle book today!


what a lucky sofa to have frannie as company!


I love that color combination!! I never considered it before!! Cute cute Frannie too!!


I love Frannie- thanks for the link. I drooled over all the creatures.


oh! lyn i am so happy to see my creations in your blog! ahah! the little monster is in a happy home!
thank you! a good day for you!!


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