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I saw this on FLickr, and came here, hoping to see more, and more of your great sense of humour, and I have not been disappointed! I think your work is so fantastic, and this again shows it so wonderfully!
Have a great Easter, I have 2 herberts to deal with, fun fun fun!!!!


Beautiful! I love the little bird and the tiny picnic set. But haven't you forgotten the wine?


Love the set and love the story!


Oh bleedin' heck!! This is so gorgeous. You clever creative person you!
As a relatively new blogger, can I ask you for some info?
You images are so clear and bright, do you mind telling me how you do it? I have some craft stuff I would like to feature on my blog, but my pics always look so gloomy!( mind you we do live in a well shaded house). Cheers.


simply gorgeous, bravo !


The Krankies! Hahahaha, fandabidozi.
Love the box set, just gorgeous.


So beautiful!Thanks for the laugh!Where did you dig the Krankies up from?


They're SO cute!




j'adore c'est trop mimi !!!

Passions & Distractions

So cute! I love the story and pictures! You are a crafty superhero!


Aw, that is TOO cute! I am sure they will BOTH love it!


So So So cute! I only have boys, so anything girly or soft is going directly to me!


Do you realize I went to sleep last night dreaming, only dreaming, I could make something like this! I have to know, though, do you handsew everything? Any machine sewing at all? They are so tiny!

Absolute perfection Lyn!


This is fantastic, what a simple idea, my daughter would love one of these......



I see. So the trick is to have a daughter to get away with buying cute things.

I'm obviously not saying anything you haven't heard before, but your work is amazing.

Lucky girl!


loving the boxed sets--u r a genius!
I like the completeness of the package--what's next, audio commentary?! Oh please do!


too adorable. I will never understand how anyone can make anything so small! I love it!


Oh, Lyn, complete and utter joy! How totally delightful. *My* daughter's name is Rebecca, and she can't stop looking at these pictures and making me read her the story. I'm so lucky because I get to inflict my love of cuteness on two little girls!

Sweet pea

These are lovely and so sweet! Well done!


That is painfully adorable. Is it wrong to want to steal something from a child? ;)


Bravo Lyn! I like the story too. Very, very sweet.

lisa s

oh my god lyn... too freakin cute! that picnic?? too much! :D


As usual..... ADORABLE! LUV IT and I'm jealous! I wanna be your kid!

Amigurumi Girl

oh Oh OH!! So precious! I love your box sets! Just seeing them really makes my day. Thank you!


I was just coming onto your blog to look in your archive for Dolly, Dilly and Olive to show a friend, and I find these NEW lovelies. They are absolutely wonderful in every way, as are you.

Plus I utterly adore your scene setting and the stories. Totally idyllic.

I'm more organised with my blog now so I hope it's ok to post about them tomorrow and show a picture (and links of course). Let me know if it isn't ok.


oh wow, i love the little details you put in your work.
i so need one of your softies(someday when i have the money ;) )

Veronica TM

How adorable!! I am posting for the first time to thank you for such beauty! How inspiring. My baby Fiona is only four months old, but I "feel" we have similar tastes already {hehe}.

Débora Figueiredo

This is too sweet :):) I love the picnic picture!


OH! MY! GOODNESS! My heart just fell on the floor and started jumping towards the door in an effort to get out of the house, jump in the mail, and find it's way to that bunny! Thank goodness I told it that the bunny already belonged to someone else cause that could have been dangerous! Tee Hee! I'm in love!

planeta hilda

i wish my english was good enough to tell you how much i loved this precious artwork with the right words... what can i say? that is so poetic and so beautiful, the sweetest thing! have a good, happy, fun easter holidays.


So cute!! Excellent job, as usual. What a treat to be able to see your artistry.


so very cute :)
i love their little red dresses... awww


I am always in awe of your creativity. I love the idea of your boxed set. Just loving your work. I'm slathering it on thick here, huh? Well...don't stop me now. It is always so inspirational to visit your site. I am just starting to sew and have used many of your projects as starting points for me to get some practice in (I hope that is ok). Hopefully, in the future I can get a bit more creative about it. Your work is just lovely.


What a wonderful compilation of cuteness!

Lucky Amabella/Rebecca! :)


So fun, so wonderful. Is it any wonder adults are itching to get their hands on these???


That's incredibly gorgeous! I love the design of the bunny and her little dress, it's all lovely though!


I love this set and all the details. It must take you ages! Happy easter.


Wonderul, wonderful eye candy!
Everything you do is just SO cute!
I bet you even vomit cute. ;)

Well done on your perfect Amabella bunny and friends!


This is adorable! I loe it how you always hae loely little details in everything you do!


Okay this is totally not the same thing as forcing your daughter to have the things you want! It's more like you're selectively ensuring that she has the best things for playing and fun, she just don't know it yet! :)


*gasp* ...too cute... can't breathe! The little picnic blanket... the bread and cheese... adorable!


GORGEOUS! What's the fabulous fur Ms. Amabella is made of?


Oh my goodness, I absolutely -love- your little bears! I've been dying to know: Are they machine sewn? And what are the approximate rates for one? So cute!!


Oh, the tiny charms... what are they made of?

You made me laugh with this post. I'm quite sure that had I not had kids I wouldn't not have satisfied my secret desire to paint the house bright colors and surround myself with Haba toys. Or at least with not such abandon.


This is more than precious! I love it!


Amabella is sweet, but I love all of her accessories most of all! Lovely!!


Very cute!

My husband, who's from Scotland, says fandabidozi and has told me all about the Krankies:)


Have you ever thought of making a book for young children? I loved how the story unfolded and you introduced all the little details that you had carefully crafted. Wish I'd had a small child to share the story with.


Now you are going to have a million people email you for one!! I love them, as usual your work is brilliant!


Oh, she's perfect, Lyn! Love the little bow near her ear.


omgoodness...they are sooooo stinkin' cute! every little detail is wonderful!!!




we need new superlatives for the work you do. i'll start with wondertastically fabucute!



It`s really lovelyyyy!!!!!!!!!!

esther Veereschild

this is to much, sooo cute!


This is so precious! I would definitely like one for me! You are incredibly talented!

Alicia P.

Yeeeeeeeeeeee! I can't wait until after Easter so I can email you!


thank you, Lyn, for your visit and comment about my work. That is such a compliment!


Ooh, every detail - down to the fizzy pop (good choice Amabella!) - is enchanting. Lyn your work is just so wonderful!

gnarly nanny

is such cuteness even legal???


oh my goodness--this is absolutely too perfect! how sweet.


she's perfection....


c'est vraiment trop, trop joli !!!!


Beautifully detailed!! Where did you get the box from?

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