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Congratulations ! Crochet is still a mystery for me, I have tried but the results are so awful that i think I'm a completely desperate case.
Too bad ... :-( these amigurumi are soooo lovely !


Ooh he is just gorgeous. I've got the same relationship with crochet, but you are really making me want to have a go.

mimi k

such a cute little bean! Is that your first crochet piece? If so, you did amazingly well! I can't wait to see what comes next :-)


I love little blue Tony! You're going to get me hooked on a new craft, I can tell.


You did good on the crochet project. My grandma was famous in the 1970's for making Poop Ducks...crocheted ducks that "poop" out jelly beans...She made hundreds and sold them all. I found a pattern online very similar to her ducks.
Could be some crazy fun.


How do you translate the patterns from the japanese books?


How do you translate the patterns from the japanese books?


I heart TONY!


you are such a pro! Is there no end to your talents?
Hello to Tony.


Awww, I love it! I've got to learn to crochet!


he is too cute...

and i have been trying to teach myself
to crochet but I JUST CANNOT GET IT
the closest thing i have come to doing
is stabbing myself repeatedly in the eyes
with the crochet hook because i am

i taught myself to knit, somewhat,
off the computer...why can't i figure out
i can get the chain thing but
to do another line...i don't know...
it gets all thick or something...

thanks for letting me vent
and he is a cutie...


I really need to learn how to crochet to make cool stuff like that.


tooooo cute!


He's so cute! I really want to learn to make amigurumi toys too... my mum can crochet so I am getting her to teach me some basics first and I guess I'll see how I go, so thanks for all your tips ;)


Tony is so full of character! He is wonderful!


Tony!!! He's so cute!!! I want to eat him up!!!
I've never been able to learn to crochet, but I might have to give it another try!


He is so fab, you make it sound so easy! Maybe I should get my mum to crochet, I now so used to be able to do it :-)


Tony is sooo cool!! I can vaguely crochet and can follow a simple pattern written in english, but although I have a few japanese pattern books I am yet to work our what their symbols mean on those crochet charts, I have tried and failed!! It would be great if you could contact me with some hints or tips??? I definately need help!


Tony is so lovely, and I thank you for posting not only his cute picture, but also the links as well. I have been collecting amigurumi images for a month or so now, but have been very intimidated about how to begin. You make it seem more approachable!

Do you recommend the book that you tried?


tony is a cutie. i would love to try amigurumi, but I've been a little intimidated. my crochet skills are not what you'd call "advanced". You've really inspired me though to just get out there and give it a go.


I'm with gkgirl, i can't do it and it drives me CRAZY that i can't.
Tony is adorable, i especially love the colour.

Alicia P.

How cute is he! Please!

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