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There's something comfortingly, reassuring about vintage childrens books :)


I've got a set of the World of Children which I adore still.


I'm more of a blogwalker, but I'll agree-there's no end to the fun that can be had at Google! Thanks for the links.


I adore old children's books- the illustrations are amazing. The artists you found are great, here in the museum world we call them "outsider artists" which just means self trained and unconnected with the glitzy NYC scene...maybe thats why I like them so much.


These illustrations are just lush (as they say round these parts). The Art Passions section of has an amazing selection of children's book illustrations that's well worth a browse if you're interested. I can't help feeling that todays kids get cheated for the most part - although there's some amazing modern illustration around, there's so much that's just cheap dross, and little that can hold a candle to the beauty and sheer detail of some of the older work. Also I think there's a warmth in some of these more simple drawings that's lacking today - or am I just getting old?!


fantastic links! i was just talking to my husband about how much i devoured my encyclopedias as a child...your set is lovely.


I love the links! Awesome pictures. I have some childcraft books that were my mom's when she was a child. I love the pictures in them . . . I wish that I could do something decorative with the illustrations but, alas, I would never cut them up.


I love Google Images!! These are adorable pictures.

Gina l

Love the round rumps/dresses in the top picture. And the last picture is simply precious. There is nothing like vintage children books. Great place for inspiration.


These are so sweet. I love the cherub look all the children have; much like my own when they were small. :o)




I could spend all day 'google-walking' too! It leaves no time for chores, that's for sure!
Such gorgeous illustrations.
I've started a new blog, and linked to your site. Hope you don't mind!


Love them!

Do you know Henriette Willebeek Le Mair's work?

I've been hunting for ages for a little girl carrying a bowl of apples - orange is the predominant colour and it's gorgeous! I'm not even sure if HWLD did it but it's so like her gorgeous illustrations!

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