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awww, what a little cutie-pie. Something about him looks so bashful to me.


Very cool, and a great name too!


Very cute!


Oooh that is my kind of shopping! What a cutie!!!


Aw, he reminds me a bit of Clifford. Love him!
And yes, isn't it funny how craft stores have the ability to literally suck the cash out of our pocketbooks?

Veronica TM

He is soooo cute!


perhaps it as an attack of the "multiple personality?" :)

Good loot though and Kenneth is a precious little fella...


I blame it on my alter ego who can never ever have enough ribbon or yarn or fabric or paper get the idea. Great stuff you came home with though and Kenneth is adorable.


Glad to see I'm not the only one who has that sort of shopping experience. Kenneth is a real cutie pie!


I'm glad I'm not the only one! I'm usually shouting to my husband "I'll be back in just a minute" as I'm walking into the craft hour later he's in there trying to find me. Kenneth is ADORABLE!! I love that pink and orange-y ribbon!


Awwwwe!!! He is so ADORABLE!!! I absolutely love crocheted animals!!!


Kenneth is wonderful - did you use a pattern or make it up as you went. I'm desperate to get the hang of crochet, just got to make some of these cute creatures.


Ohhhhhhhhh. I needs me some Kenneth!


oooooo, that pink/orange/yellow sparkly fiber is to DIE FOR!!! Really, it is one of the prettiest I've seen! Who could resist it??? I don't blame you a bit.... ;-)

Anna H.

Kenneth made me smile, which is exactly what I needed today.

Enjoy your goodies!



Haha, this is like me shopping ANYWHERE! By the way, I missed mentioning how much I LOVED your little pirate ducky. So cute!


Story of my life.

Seriously, shops should stop carrying so much cute stuff.

Jessica Hood

Absolutely love this little guy! I want!

Annika Sandin

ha ha, it sounds familiar...
Very cute Kenneth though!


Oh lord, we must NEVER go shopping together!
And Kenneth is the cutest! Or as my husband has just declared "Kenneth rocks!"


I love those shopping trips. Is that KSH in Blushes? Mmm my favourite.


I could save myself a lot of money if I could figure out how that happens.

Kenneth is adorable!


I love you Kenneth...


That happens to me all the time at the store! Kenneth is a cutey-pie. Can't wait to see what you do with the new stuff.


oh, ms. chicken you've done it again! i adore kenneth. he's super cute and i love seeing one of your creations in crochet. :)


I know . . .I have the same problem!! Things just creep up into my cart!! :)


I can confidently diagnose frivolitis, because I tend to have it myself. At least you got the white cotton too - it's worse when you get home and realise you have a dozen pretty skirts for summer and STILL no black shoes...

Kenneth is a little sweetie - I like his shy little hunched shoulders.


very cute!

I love the pink yarns, so pretty!


Kenneth is gorgeous, he looks like a great little pal ;)

Wishing On Clovers

Very cute!

mimi k

Kenneth is wonderful- so much personality! Getting sidetracked while shopping happens to me too- always need to have an open mind (and open wallet) when entering the fabric store :-) Who knows what fantastic item will inspire me next!


heart-crushingly cute!!!

ana margarida

that's the real shopping :P
So cute and expressive "toy".

Alicia P.

It is absolutely amazing when plain white thread turns into frothy pink yarn all by itself, no? That NEVER happens for me!

Mrs. Ricardo

That happens to me. It is physically impossible for me to go to the fabric (and yarn) store and not spend $100.

Kenneth is a dear. I love his little striped jumper!


that always happens to me. go in for some thread, come out with a bag full of crap. good crap, though. i love kenneth.


He is very cute! I love his facial expression, unique!


too cute! looks like he has a little belly!


He is so lovable!


You have to watch that yarn - they can be naughty like that and just leap into your shopping bag...


funny how that always seems to happen! another adorable bear!!!


It's amazing how things will just jump into your basket and insist on being brought home!


My friend Kat went to Waitrose for a loaf of bread on Thursday, and came out with £45 worth of groceries. Must be some kinda virus that makes us do things like this.




i think i do this once a week--the grocery store, fabric store, always happens to me! But i must say you did come home with some great extras!
kenneth is adorable. i want to pinch his little tummy!


He is adorable! He has such personality!


Kenneth looks very pensive and rather huggable.


Aw, Kenneth is so sweet! It's that pot belly of his, looks like it needs a good rub.

Passions & Distractions

"It followed me home. Can I keep it?" Not just fr stray pups anymore! Kenneth and the giant pirate duck from your last post are both so adorable! I want to squeeze Kenneth! The pirate duck's dagger is the best! I love the little details you add!


impressionnant la liste des commentaires que tu as à chaque fois !!! c'est vrai que tu travailles tellement bien !!!

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