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lyn, he is fantastic.


Well, you've certainly done it again, Lyn! Just fabulous!


banjo is the cutest little thing ever! i love all the details you've put into him, and you're so smart to do the whole loop on one hand, and button on the other hand. wow! fantabulous! I'm sure he'll find a great home!


That is the most adorable bear with gear I've ever seen. I hope you get a lot of money for him, he is priceless!


How are you EVER going to give him up! He is just the sweetest thing! Every detail has me squealing with delight!
A M A Z I N G !!!!!

stephanie s

what a wonderful job you have done, the button and loop details are especially clever. great job.


Love his clever button and loop paws. That bear has better accessories than me.

E-bay's going to go wild!


You are such a good reminder to me on how to do things well. You never do things half-assed. This Banjo is the perfect example. LOVE him, and all his crafty wares. I think I love his tag the most. Very nicely done Lyn!


oh! he's just too cute! i love his tongue sticking out and all his cute little things. nice work! :D


Wow, you really went all out! The bear and his accessories are just *so* adorable!! If I were you, I don't think I could part with it. Now I'm off to ebay...


the design of the bear is wonderful. how did you come up with the idea for the buttons it is genius. great work and an inspiration to all.


So, so, so, so CUTE!


what can I say, everyone else has used up all the extremley wonderful excviting words to say about him!
I wish he were mine, but I know he will find a very loving home!
Well done! Just amazing!!!!!


This is one of the cutest things I have ever seen.


oh I was thinking "how cute!, look at the tongue, oh an d a blanket and...etc etc. a carry cot!!" That just tops off his cuteness!!!


Hes amazing - how can you give him away??!! His expression is wonderful - hope you get a lot for him!!!!


good god! the carry cot!! pushed me right over the edge. wonderful work!


You're scary, you know that? There's a piece in the Metropolitan Museum of Art (NY) that Banjo et al. reminds me of. It's a single block of wood, I think, small enough to fit on the palm of your hand. The carving is beautiful and insanely intricate, and you imagine, as you stand stupidly gaping at it, that by the time it was finished, the artist must have gone blind.


Absolutely fantastic. Too cute to be true!!!


He is too wonderful!! And the buttons are brilliant!

jess hutch

Banjo is such a beautiful bear. So perfect... I'm in awe.


he is gorgeous! You're going to be so close to us over half term, shame we can't meet up. Have a good few days away..


I'm with Moki and Hillary. It's that when he climbs in the carry cot with his quilt that pushes all my little-kid-inside buttons and feel so happy! Nice work.


I am totally blown away. It's all too wonderful. Wow.

le chat qui coud

wouawwww it's fabulous!

Fabricated Goddess


I'm in LUURVE!!


Lyn, he is the cutest! I don't know how you do it! You inspire me with your attention to detail.


Oh - he is fabulous, fabulous, fabulous! Each time I decide what I love most, I notice a new detail, and *that* becomes my favorite - until I notice something else.

He is wonderful, and I hope you get a bazillion dollars for him. At this very second, I am delighted to be the high bidder, but I know that won't last long.... :)


He is going to make someone very happy indeed. You are too talented by far!


tooooo cute! the photo where he's in the carrier is definitely adorable!


wow wow WOW!


wow! Banjo is so so sweet! absolutely cute!!!

have a good week to...


Oh my god, SO cute! All his accessories are wonderful too. I hope I win him (she says rubbing her hands together greedily).


You DO know that you make THE MOST divine and lust worthy softies, don't you?!


banjo is the best kitted out bear i have ever seen, adorable xxx


What a cutie!


I love Baby Banjo! I love his stripey outfit and the butons are so cute too! His accessroies are great too, you make the best and most details stuff, great work!


Fantastic. So many great details. I wouldn't know where to begin to put a price on all that you've put into this, either. Good luck with the auction.


Oh my, what an adorable little thing!! You've been so creative and inspired. I do hope the auction goes really, really well - this little work of art is simply priceless.


That's spectacular. Hope you get a relly good price for him and that you have a fabulous break away.


Thanks :) Happy week-end too, tomorrow it's mother's day in France, yes !
Your Puppy is the cutiest I've ever

mimi k

wow- that button and hand loop is absolutely brilliant! What a sweetie :-)


He's just the most gorgeous thing... so perfect and with a real personality!


WOW! He is just absolutely ADORABLE!


How delightful is he.


He is fab!!!! "I want one" shout the children.I love all the accessories and as usual the whole package is beautifully finished.


oh, he's the cutest thing i've seen for a long time, and all his accessories and everything. you're really so talented!

Jessica Hood

I {heart} Banjo! And his accessories are just too adorable for words :)


He's adorable ! I cannot find the right words to express how adorable he is! :) Love to see all your wonderful projects.


I'm not even going to bother trying to think of enough superlatives to describe how wonderful I think you are. Just trust me, I think you're pretty darn clever!


plus je viens ici, et plus j'ai envie de revenir!! c'est tellement choux!!! j'adore!!


just like everyone else I wanted to say just how wonderful baby banjo is - so much thoughtful detail and accessories.


Super awesome accessories as usual, Lyn! Hope you score big on ebay, and have a great holiday.


You know what? I think you make all of us feel like little kids again! When I got to the last picture of Banjo in his carry cot I got an incredible feeling of being little and wanting a toy SO badly! With all the accessories! Oh man!

Siow Chin

He's cute beyond words!


This is fantastic!! I love all!! Well...I have no words to say how beautiful it is.

Débora Figueiredo

Banjo is to much! He´s beautiful :)

Passions & Distractions

I love all the wee details! Amazing work!!!!


Aww, he is so cute, and so many little details! Everything you've added is just precious!

Zee Longenecker

He is so cute. I bet my son would love to have him!!!

Amigurumi Girl

oooooooooooooh myyyyyyyyyyy goooodnessssssss!! he's adorable! and so cool with all those accessories! great great great great job!

Kitty Jimjams

*bids furiously*

You know, it's my birthday next week, I wonder if I'll get lucky on the bidding! Acquiring handmade toys for my late 20's birthdays is becoming a bad habit that I intend to encourage in myself... :D

BTW did you know that Banjo is Elan's personal god? (Warning: very geeky link)

Susana Roxo

As usuall in all your works... I love little Banjo.


This is the cutest thing I've ever seen!!!


Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! Have just found you via Noodles and Doodles and I will be back to look at your gorgeous little things often. There's a lot of us crafty old things here in Devon!

Alicia P.

Egads. I'm actually speechless.


Oh Babybanjo - you are the sweetest tune ever!


You are so gifted...I can't even begin to describe how perfect the details are. Amazing!


each image is more precious - what a talent you are!


Hehe... love the expression :)


oh so cute!! love him...LOVE HIM!!!

Esther Bourgault

"How sweet it is" how sweet he is !Wonderful , I love this guy...adorable...It makes me want to be a little girl again !


So cutesy... just one question - would he be suitable for children under three if you didn't give them the accessories until later? my friend's about to have a baby, and would make such a special gift...


that is super kawaii! did you make that pattern up? neat-o!


oh!! lala!! mais j'adore!! c'est vraiment trop choux!!

Sweet pea

What a little cutie pants! I love to visit and see what you are up to, and your work is always beautiful and inspiring.


I can't believe you can sell these things! What a wonderful creation!


Oh, fabulous! I love the little details such as the floral fabric on his ears and the x's embroidered on his suit. And the little quilt, the colors are lovely!


I've only just found you and I'm too late for Banjo! Please tell me that you'll be making more little dolls soon?
Hope you had a lovely holiday.


He is tooooo cute for words!!! I want him. I am going to have to check it out on ebay!!


So amazing!! eek! I can't get over it!


I just love him. What an excellent packer he is (I'm always forgetting my blankie). You do really amazing work.


omg the lil' guy is just perfect. You thought of every detail!!

Anna H.

Banjo is gorgeous!

You are amazing, Lyn.



This is definitely a piece of ART if i've ever seen it. So inspirational!


Hey Mollychicken, I´m a fabric fan, a sewing enthusiast and a paper-artist who´ve just found your blog and want to tell you how I like what I see: Your Banjo and crotched/crazy aragummi animals and their equipment almost made me sick laughing. I really feel inspired by your sense of colours and patterns and stuff! And thanks for introducing to these japaneze magazines, so simple/light/minimalistic/delicate and homorous. Great! I bookmark you immediately!!

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