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Have a terrific friday evening! sounds nice...


ahah ! i go to drink a glass of wine! now!mmmmm
your creations are always fantastics lynn !xxx


I like his colorful ears...


Lovely (as always)! I think I'll do the same as you tonight :)


Baby Banjo is so adorable!!!


I love the little piece of Baby Banjo I'm seeing from here. So sweet!


Oooooh, your bear is such a cutie!

Passions & Distractions

Tongue! Wheeee! Can't wait to see the whole thing!


Wow, can't wait to see the rest! Have a great weekend :)


he is too cute, so far anyway. I am sure I will like him just as much when you reveal the whole thing...
thanks to you for always inspiring and also for teaching me all the neat sayings you use!! (odds and sods and Lippy are two of my favorites, if I remember them correctly...)


That is one cute bear! Love how the ear fabric contrasts with his wooly body. I think you've started a craze for wool blankets too. Watch out thrifters! Wear your padded armor to battle the crowds.
Sounds like you have a wonderful plan for this evening...better lock the door too!


so cute! After all this cuteness, I agree with Angela, the demand for wool blankets is going to go through the roof!
I always enjoy your blog. It's one of the highlights of my day. :)


Wow, i think i would love Banjo! (No need to reply to this:)


cute cute cute cute cute cute CUTE!!!!
He'll be hard to part with, I am sure....

And we love you, too!


Wee, can't wait to see Baby Banjo in all his glory!


Leave me a tipsy comment, they are the best ones!! xo


maybe banjo could do the typing and you could do the sipping...


oh, banjo looks real cute!! i have to have him!! =)


thank YOU! i'll raise my glass of wine to you right now, as i check out all my fave blogs now that my wee one is in bed! ;)


loved the wool dying/felting tutorial. never thought of felting blankies, so smart!

ok, i know i've had too much wine. too many exclamation points.
enjoy your weekend...


Red wine moments - love 'em. All the wisdom of the ages distilled into one bottle of vino. Baby Banjo is gorgeous.


He looks so lovely!


Now Lynn, I've given you loads of time but there is still nothing about you in your About Me section. Now that you are a celebrity of the blog world you should fill that in. Also you should write a craft book like Dixon Mason have done, only with wine stains. You are a natural star!
I'm off in a couple of hours to do my marathon and I'm trying to distract myself with blog world. I'm scared!


Also, you can't still be reading the Kenneth Williams diaries!


Also, you can't still be reading the Kenneth Williams diaries!


Awww - he is so cute - I hope your sale goes great!


He he! I love the image that comes to mind, of you lurching around the internet with bottle of wine in hand, leaving inscrutable comments in your wake...
I'm also loving the Banjo-man - he's a charmer.

Enjoy your "me-time," Lynn - you've earned it!

Grace Garton

I just have to tell you how much I enjoy your work so very inspiring.
I've been through a couple of your tutorials that I found at whip up.
The pincushion and the braclet where so easy that I can't stop making them!
Baby banjo is very cute and very tempting.


I'm a french girl and very bad at english, but I love all you do!!!


you are such a tease!

Majeak Ann


I just wanted to say that I LOVE the things you do, your all so sweet and is not only full of surprises but with careful details.

You are in my list of faves...;0) (on my dolls & crafts)
I want to come back! I'll come back.


-Marjorie Ann


Thanks for the blanket dying tips!! I am off to find a op-shopped blanky first thing tomorrow :D


Adorable as always!! Thanks for the wool dying tutorial! I've been jonesing to make some softies and this would be lovely material!



Can't wait to see his outfit!


hi, i write again, cos i keep checking back on whether i can have banjo!! =P if you'd like to exchange for a copy of a craft magazine, say cotton friend, please let me know!!


The peek of Baby Banjo looks great!

I am glad there are others with similar ideas of what makes an ideal evening--kids asleep, bottle of wine, blog surfing 8-)

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