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How cool! Did the stripes disappear when you dyed the material? How gigantic is that pot? Have you done it in the wash? I'm going to thrift a blanket!!

Passions & Distractions

Wow! They came out fabulous! I bet they're so soft.


Love all the colors LYN! Felt is so fun to work with, I can't wait to see what cuties you make out of these.


There's going to be a global shortage of second hand blankets. Giving this a try as soon as I get my hands on one.


Oh man I hope the wool blanket gods are smiling on me when I step into a thrift store next... those things are rare around here (especially white ones)! But what a lovely tutorial and your results are rich and gorgeous. Can't wiat to be able to try this. Thank you :)

Karen at Silver Seams

A word of warning, though: all-purpose dyes are generally adequate for wool *if* it's something that's not going to be washed (or even spot-cleaned), but if you want true colorfastness you almost *have* to use acid dyes on wool. Once you've dyed something, test swatches to see if cleaning it is going to clean (some of) the color out as well.

The good news is, food coloring is generally an acid dye... Kool-Aid dyeing is great fun, for instance (and very educational to us mommies with the result that for drinking, we use non-colored Kool-Aid Invisible). The bad news is, it's not a coldwater dyeing method. This is usually okay if you're working with thrifted stuff, since almost *everything* is better felted, isn't it? is a really good resource for all sorts of dyeing on all sorts of fibers.


These are gorgeous! Rit dye is what we get here and I've never had good luck with it. The colors are just too dull. Yours look perfect!


those colors look fabulous on that wool--makes me itching to do some stiching!
thanks for sharing, sweetie pie.


Very cool, lots of good tips!


I really like the different shades of colour. I have used machine dyes on blankets which also work well but give a large amount of one colour only.Can't wait to see what you make from them!


Wow, lovely! You make it sound so simple!


great! I love the colours!




ooh! love them! wish I had the patience.


I was really inspired by the picture you made with Madeleine Millington before so I had a stab at blanket dyeing and then my class used the pieces to make pictures. I got some lovely colours and really nice results in the class. As most of my supplies have been used up I need to re-dye some more blanket and you've inspired me to have another bash. Thanks.


Beautiful!! They look like stacks of wool felt I've seen in specialty stores! I've never seen that type of dye before, I'll have to check it out!


Thanks for the tips! Love those colors.


Is there anything you can't do? You are Super-Mom-Crafter-Wife-CoolBlogger-Gal. I offer oranges as an altar-offering as citrus is plentiful here in the Southwest US and persimmons are at a premium.

Please blog on.


Thank you! Thank you! In anticipation of your post, last weekend I walked out empty handed from a quilt store filled with gorgeous dyed woolens and into the Mega Thrift a few doors down only to come across the perfect creamy woolen blanket. It's a bit rough feeling, but I'm hoping it'll soften up when felted.
I'm running up against a couple of problems, though: 1) I've been looking for a solid white or grey woolen blanket for a bed for years, 2) I've fallen crazy in love with Turkey Feather's Blanket Statement 2006 here:
I'm afraid I won't have the guts to dye this blanket, even if I were guaranteed as lovely results as yours. I do have a pale yellow one I could care less about, though!


ohhhh I love this, those graduated colours just look so comfy.


Just a note ..had to let you know how much I have enjoyed reading your blog,I keep checking back also,I Love your article on Dyeing woolly blankets, it is some thing I'd love to try,But didn't even know where to begin!You sure made my day,Thank You!!
Have a Great Day


Wow, those are amazing. Love the colors!


Excellent...can't wait to give this a shot.


This is just amazing, thank you so much for sharing! I am looking forward to trying this in the next few months, I'll let you know how it goes!


oh wow oh wow!

I love the colors you chose and the way you displayed the dyed blankets here. I know that kool-aid dying works on wool, so you might try that if you ever want bright colors (as someone said above, it's an acid dye and will stay in better, too).



Thank You so much for this post and now I am off to buy kool-aid:)


Gorgeous colors and great tips. Thanks!

Alicia P.

You really do know how to do everything, don't you? Gorgeous!


that you for the wonderful tips. I hope you don't live in PDX or I will never find thrifted blankets. yours look amazing.


I've just tried your tutorial and wanted to let you know, it's up at my blog right here. What fun!


Thanks for sharing all the detailed pics of this process. It's really inspiring and is giving me all kinds of ideas that I have absolutely no time for! I LOVE the overdye on the blanket stripes.


Thanks for showing it!! I don't have wool blankets now but it' s very very interesting!

Anna H.

Ooooooooh! Guess what I'll be doing today with the blanket I bought on Friday? Yes, there are other things that need doing, but can you think of a better way for a girl to spend her last day of vacation? I can't...

Will send you photos of the results (eeeek!)



For fabric dyeing tips you can go to this website…

Also you may want to try these folks a try if you have something that you want to dye professionally.


Nice idea here...thanks for the tip.


This is an interesting posting on dyeing woollen blankets. I do not think any dye is good for the woollen materials. It is always best to go for acid dyes for woollen things.

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