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I love your banner :)

It takes about 10 seconds to load with my ADSL. I guess it might be a bit big for those with dial-up. It's a bit out of focus too.

Good luck with it :)


Love your banner and the clutch purse. Can't wait for that book!


Cute clutch, I love all the beady bits on the flap. Makes it seem pixie-ish to me.

As for the banner, if you need some help, I'm happy to assist.


i maybe teaching you to suck eggs here, but i think the problem you're having is to do with the dpi of the picture. it should be 72, and it looks like it's more, and thus comes out bigger.

Love the clutch though, and congratulations on the (to be) published pattern. :)


I love the banner - it looks perfect to me. The mama hen is looking so sweetly at her baby chick. Congratulations on your pattern in the book! I look forward to getting a copy. Very exciting! Beautiful clutch.


I had to play with mine too for a while when I put my new one up; try this:
72 dpi
Make the width something in the 769pixels range and the height around 395---then see what you get.
If you go any smaller, and then try to make it bigger it will be out of focus--so always work from your master (the big one!)
Good luck, you can do it!
Oh, and snowbooks? Right on! Welcome to the land of the published! You're famous now! can I have your autograph???
Congrats woman; and just so you know I can only see one big huge corner of your banner so I hope this works for you. It should, as we both have typepad!


Well, the corner of the banner is adorable! That purse is also the cutest thing I've seen today.


I love the new banner! how adorable!!


Sweet banner!


CUTE purse. :) I like it...


The banner is cute, but it did take a while to load. I love the clutch!


It's not physically too big, but it's a slow loader. You can send it to me and I'll work on the kb size for you if you like.


I can only see the top left hand corner of your new banner but it does allow me to admire your stitching which looks lovely :)


Me too on the corner only...which is cute cute!! LOVE the clutch, recognize the Liberty which i've only a yard of and haven't (til now) had a clue what to do with :D Beautiful!!

lisa s

well... the banner is adorable and seems to load fast now?? :))
and the clutch - well... as always... CUTE!


Top left corner only. If you want to email me the picture I will resize it for you so it fits. It's a beyootifool corner though! :)


How cute it is ;)

Anna H.

Loooove the banner. Love the pocketbook.

I love mollychicken!



Love the bag. Can't see the banner.

That book link makes my heart go pitterpat pitterpat!


I can see the banner. It loads straight away for me. Preeetttttyyyyyy. Oh, and I have to tell you. I have tickets to see George Michael in November. Aggggggghhhhhhh!!!! I am so excited !!!!!


I love the banner, really great, purse, also fantastic!!!!


The book looks fantastic! I will most definately buy it!

Veronica TM

How exciting indeed! I hope we can buy the book here in the US.
That clutch is beautiful! And I only see the old {but still super pretty} banner.
Have a great day!


Do I understand right, your part of the book? If so, how great indeed. If you ask me, you have so many great ideas you could create a book on your own!!!


Oh I love your banner! So many lovely little stitches! Very cute clutch too!


Love, love, lOVE the banner!


I love your new banner! and the clutch purse is adorable!!


The lace clasp around the button and the vintage looking underpiece of the brooch are a beautiful. Very pretty. Love the new banner.


So good to know I'm not the only one who gets frustrated with uploading banners! I find it so hard to spend my few precious moments of free time working on the freakin' banner!

How exciting to be part of a book! Congratulations to you!


thank you for my treats!!! i love them--did you see my post yesterday??? have a wonderful weekend!


I loved the old banner, and was surprised to hear that you were making a new one... However, now that I see it, I am totally smitten!

You really do such lovely, lovely work....


LOVE your new banner! And what a beautiful clutch. I'm searching your archives for the little dress pattern and can't find it, argghh!


Ahem! found it. ;-P


Love the new banner, super cute. I like your clutch too.


luv ur's very cute the old one will be missed too
you must be one of the best embroidery person i know that does the cutest stuff on the cutest blog ....
thank you for your blog
the world of crafters would be lost without it


Oh my GOSH! They are both so so so super cute!!!


Love your new banner, it's very cute! It loaded quite fast too on my computer (with ADSL).


You're new banner is lovely! ♥


I love your new banner. These litlle ducks are so cute.


oh, what a cute purse! the pin is lovely and i like the stitchery ^^

the banner looks wonderful, but at my screen it comes out very small? (maybe it´s my browser setting).


Wonderful, Wonderful, Wonderful.


I love the new banner. It looks perfect to me, in focus, loaded quickly, and is so very cute!!! And I am going to hint at a copy of the book for Christmas!!! Long time to wait though, hmmmmmmmmm.

Amigurumi Girl

The new banner is AWESOME!!!!!!!!


I love your new banner!!!

Kristin Nicholas

Love the new banner - colors and stitches and combo of fabrics. Love your blog too.


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