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Wow, that magazine looks great. And wonderful news about the gocco if that's what it is. You're the coolest kid in school, always ahead with the latest news.

Enjoy the sunshine!


I visit your blog everyday, and loving it!!!!


Yes, it's described as "postcard sized scanner and printer", this new machine. First arrange some lace, fabrics or paper, scan it and print either on fabric or paper, 10 x 14,8cm, 29,190 Yen (268 US$)
Have a nice day!


Enjoy the seaside and your weekend! Thanks for the peek at the goodies!


thanks for the peek! my japanese bookstore hasn't had any of the cotton magazines in months! :(


Where can we find this magazine??

I would love to get my hands on one!

Enjoy the ocean

Katie C

Wow thanks for the pics I really think that this issue will have to be added to my collection.


P.S. just checked you links-Thanks So Much! XO


How fun! Those tranfers look like the cutest little transfers ever. How do the Japanese do it?!


always love it when you show these pix from your magazine. I was going to ask the same questions as MB, how do you get your magazine?
have a wonderful, sunny weekend!


Thank you :)
Have a nice week-end too...
And thanks for sharing this magazine's cute things ;)

Passions & Distractions

They always have such cute things in there! Thank you for sharing these!


I have so got to get me one of those magazines. Tell me who I have to kill, and I'll do it.


wow - this looks like a great issue... must get my hands on it! by the way, i think i forgot to comment about Banjo - totally incredible! you are amazing!


Ah, this magazine is always so gorgeous and inspiring! I have no way of getting my hands on a copy so thanks for sharing!

Judy Scott

Looks a fabulous mag, I then clicked on your link for the seaside, I couldnt believe it when I saw Exmouth, I so imagined you being in the states.
A really lovely surprise though so HELLO from bonnie Scotland, judy x
ps. hope you had a good day


I am obsessing about Japanese craft and craft books at the moment. It seems like everyone else is also. They seem to have the most incredible sense of design when it comes to textiles.
Love your blog!


Love your blog and that magazine looks great. I have a japanese craft book that has a bunch of those transfers. i am clueless though about how you use them. would you happen to know, by chance?

yep. i am gonna have to get that magazine.


From His Grace Abounds at JUST FOUND YOU!! And love your blog! Put you in my sidebar link right away. My url is different from the title (shown here) if anyone clicks on my name....they'll come to the LifewithChrist INDEX. I'm the blog "His Grace Abounds". (Sorry...seem self-promoting...but just trying to clear up confusion). LOVE THIS PLACE!! Gotcha through *4:53*. LOVE THE BAGS! Have a great day.


How lovley! Have fun at the beach.


I have to have that Cotton&Paint issue! And i´m considering moving to Japan with you ;)


I can't get Cotton Paint, and boy I am really green after seeing this bevy of gorgeous photo's. And I so want those transfers!!

Lesley McCormick

This mag looks great. I have been searching the net and have found it on and it seems they ship internationally. I might just try it.


Thank you for sharing the magazine. I am very tempted to get it from Kitty Craft. I loved the bag with the ties so much I made my own version here last night.


Hope Exmouth was fun. We were on Slapton and Preston Sands last week. Miss it already. I sent you an e-mail but don't know if you'll get it, so here's my e-mail again, in brief. Do you recommend Typepad and which package do you use? Am seriously considering swapping as my blog is in the doldrums (not my fault - have you seeeeen it!!!) :)

anne marie

it is the first time that I come on your blog, I find it magique.all the achievements are very beautiful.


i have this magazine too!!!! it's my first cotton&paint!!! and i want more!


Wow! I've just checked that cute printer out, I can read Japanese a little, it's called Gocco Jet. Looks like Gocco has been revived. Here'sthe official website:

I wonder how can we buy it?

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