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Benny is adorable and I can see why the battles over who gets to keep him are in full swing.

What I'd like to know is where you keep your secret stash box... ;-)


You lucky lucky girl! Theresa makes such wonderful thingies... Benny is adorable. Who can blame Miss Molly for having sticky fingers!


fantastics things! benny is so cute, theresa is so talented! i love other treats too,and in molly's box i see my little tomato and flowers and cherry i send! i am so happy to see them! :D kiss from france!




I love Mollys stasth box, my little william would be very jealous, his is no way as large!


Oh my! This is just toooo adorable.


That first link is too incredible. I can't even look at it right now. I have to go hide under my bed,underneath two large teddies, a dolly blanket, and a fairy dress just to look at it it's so special. It took my breath away at first glance. Maybe I'll even get to the other two. Thank you!
Oh, and lucky you for the Theresa-special :-)


Oh my! I'm sooooo jealous!!!

I wish I received mail like that!

Lucky you!


No wonder there's always a fight!


Well, Molly don'tcha worry, Auntie Snowbear is working on a package just for u and your secret stash box---'cause that is too darn cute.
I guess Benny shoulda come with a CD,eh?


You're lucky I live so far away or Benny would mine ALL MINE!!!
He's adorable.

Sarah Smith aka Rustic Relics

How cute! The sock monkey stationary is just too cool. I amnew to your blog but have had a great time reading you posts! I look forward to seeing what you post next :)


Can't blame a girl for trying, eh Molly?
When I read that Benny was touring Europe with his violin, I had a sneaking suspicion he might turn up on your doorstep, you lucky ducky, you!


Hi Lyn
LOVE Molly's stash. It's a cracker. That violin case looked so innocent sitting there! I'm surprised you haven't swiped those leaves, too!! Pop by and look at my efforts (oh, how I have struggled!! How do I do the header thingy!? As Lexie says Help me, Noddy!) I have no idea how I will sign myself here - confusion is reigning! Love xxx


My Molly had the same reaction to theresa's package. Phone call from teenage daughter was blogged about on May 17 on my blog.

I am so inspired by all of the goodies I see in my blogroll. have a beautiful day.


Good on you Molly!

Passions & Distractions

Adorable! I think I would also have had to pilfer the violin case.... Bad me.

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