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You are right, it is a creative mess, and so is exempt from general house tidyness! That is my excuse!!!


You know what - it looks like a well used work area. And I bet that even though it looks in disarray, you can put your hands on pretty much anything you need to in seconds!

If anything this just makes me love you even more - if you not only made such wonderful stuff, but did so in a lovely MarthaStewartLiving-worthy environment? Well, then I would just have to believe that you were some sort of inhuman craftygrrl-cyborg....



Looks like my place. And I'm the same hypocrite. One day my daughter will tell me about that...
Thanks for linking to the 'prettier things' that can be found on my blog - after they left my crafting aerea mess ;-)


i see a cute critter in development there--your sewing machine looks like a real workhorse!
But I must say I love the way you've decorated your mess with pompon fringe! Now that's a crafty girl!

Kathy B.

Ha! I spotted the tortoise (it was like spotting Waldo in the Where's Waldo kids books)! :) He's so cute! Did you make him, too? (Sigh.) You are so talented! I can't wait to see the other little softie when you're done with him (or her). Have a great day!


Well, I have to say Lyn, it is kind of nice to know that my crafting icon has a dark side. A dark, messy side at that!

Passions & Distractions

Mr. says one can't cook without dirtying dishes, so I tend to use the same train of thought for creative workspaces. I really like the ball trim along the shelf edge!

Kitty Jimjams

oooh, oooh I love your pom-pom trimmed shelf. And the old wood desk with the pull-out bit. And the baskets.

Surely you've got to be a bit messy with making things; if you didn't pile stuff up you'd never notice those magic, inspiring juxtapositions.


My Grandma always shrugged about the piles in her work areas and said, creative people are messy. People who are always cleaning up are just a little bit boring...


It looks about as messy as my work area! I like your poking stick. But what have you done with all your cut off threads and little tiny scraps? (I find it hard to throw out anything, especially now I have my Babylock embellisher. Everything is usable!) Have a lovely weekend. Weather's due to get rotten on Sunday, so enjoy it while you can!


Ah, real life. Now *that* is truly beautiful.


Is this Lyn's space? REALLY? God, I'm so relieved! : )

Sarah Smith aka Rustic Relics

Thank you SO muchf or the link! I know all about creative messes, by the end of each night I am working my desk is a disaster...but I usually have something to show for it :) have a fabulous weekend!!!


my mum always says you can't be creative and tidy, enjoy the sunshine :)


I used to be a tidy kind of person- I turned 40 and now I am a very messy crafter. My actual work area is the size of the yellow pages( I have taken to working on top of the phone book and I have no idea why ????) My whole table, and under and another desk and a piano are covered. I tell myself that if everything was put away my creative juices would work. That is my story and I'm sticken' to it.


Finally someone with a REAL craft space! Who are these people with the rooms that look like photoshoots for MSL? LOL!


Fantastic! My desk often looks like this, too, and I like to think of it as an open filing system. ;) Everything has a place - which just happens to be under a whole lot of other stuff.


From chaos comes beauty.


Do you really think we can create something beautiful on a desert desk ?
I like your place ;) And thanks for the links. Have a nice week-end :)


Try telling my husband that its 'creative mess'!!! Ive tried being tidy but....


Hello Lynn!
Thanks so much for linking my blog! I´m a great fan of your sweeties! They are full of love and the work is unbelievable! It must take ton of hours to give the breath to a sweety.
Sorry for my bad English :-(
Nice greetiings from Germany
PS: my desk look exact as yours :-)))


I am so happy to see that you and so many of your comments come from creatively messy people!!! I tried to tell my husband that this is normal. Creativitiy needs to be messy!! LOL! It is not what your space looks like that matters, it is what comes from it. You sure produce amazing and cute things!!


I am so happy to see that you and so many of your comments come from creatively messy people!!! I tried to tell my husband that this is normal. Creativitiy needs to be messy!! LOL! It is not what your space looks like that matters, it is what comes from it. You sure produce amazing and cute things!!


HA! Now I don't feel so bad.

I bet you know EXACTLY where everything is too!


Hey - I thought for a second someone had snuck into my house and taken a photo of my craft area!


It might as well be my working space: ) It gets just like that after a couple of projects, and then I clean it all up, tidy. Then it begins again. You can't help it. You take things out, leave them out because you'll use them later...etc. Your beautiful work justifies the "state" of your desk. Keep it up.


so nice to see that it can be such a mess also in others houses than mine !!
But if you look in my blog I'v cleaned for the photos, don't be upset !!


Oh the joy and relief of a "not perfectly organized crafter"
Pictures are posted from my most unexpected presence at the QUILT WALK in Panguitch Utah, where a renowned 82 year old QUILTING PIONEER, gave an hour talk and WALK through her LIFE OF QUILTING-just amazing. Do come and see -add any comments as I have zero quilting knowledge and or skills. Share them with your QUILTING FRIENDS!
MB in JT


i love this blog!


oh thank God I'm not the only one! Your crafts are so adorable, it just doesn't matter what kind of mess you make :)

Anna H.

But, that looks just like my workspace! The only problem is that no one ever runs away with my bits and pieces -- it's me who's misplaced them! Eventually they show up...

I love seeing where and how my crafty-mentor works.



Hee Hee... I could look for hours at this pic. I'm absolutely fascinated by other people's creative corners. I really thought I was messy and I am as I don't have a dedicated area and so spread myself all over the sitting room and dining room for days!


I love your post - it makes me feel so much better. I just finished a post on my blog wondering about all those bloggers out there with "perfect-seeming" lives, when mine seems so chaotic. Then I visited your site and had a good chuckle.


Here is my favorite quote:

"One of the advantages of being disorderly is that one is constantly making exciting discoveries." --Milne

Long live creative mess!


tHAT is fun, but hmm... I won't join in. There would be to much photos if all my WIP's would be portraited that I would never finish anything! hihi! :-)


"Can't make an omelette without breaking some eggs" is my motto!
p.s. your nest looks much more organized than my mess! :)


I really love your desk, it makes me feel really tidy (which I'm not!) in comparison!!!
I looked at the rest of your blog, I really like what you do, I'm going back to look more.


ha! that looks pretty much exactly like my sewing area!!!
except i also have unused birthday cards and cd's stacked all around it...great to see some honest craft mess! yay!


Oh, thank god. I am much more frightened by the beautiful studios I see pictures, wondering if I could ever get mine to look like that. It's so inspiring to see that your amazingness springs from such chaos-it gives me hope.



Phew! I thought that I was the only one who works in such a state of ordered chaos! Thanks for having the nerve to post it. I feel much better now.

coxi creations

so much work to do! :)

Katie C

I have to work the same way. It drives my poor DH crazy. he is a neat nick and when my mother comes over she has the same response.
I think that I am more creative when I am surrounded bu my things.


looks like my workshop too! creative people have brains filled with stuff -- it's only logical their desks look like that too ;o)

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