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And I love EVERYTHING about you!!!


I can't drive and I do a great messy desk as well. Your new banner is beautiful.


Are you serious about the "can't tell left from right" thing? 'cause if you are, I'm thrilled! I can't either - and my husband teases me about it mercilessly! He swears that I am the only adult on the planet who doesn't know this. (and to be fair, I eventually get it - I just have to hold my hands up to see which one makes an "L"...) How I would love not be be alone with this affliction!

I also am a really crap shoe-tier....


Oh my. Your banner is just the cutest thing! I can't drive either and my desk is perpetually messy. I need to concentrate every time I want to tell my right from my left.

Anyway, you can definitely do banners - and yours is quite unique, and beautiful.


No shame in not loving housework, I don't think.

I am very happy that the left hand is the only one that makes a proper "L" with the thumb and the pointer finger, especially since I seem to have become a righty mom to two lefty kids--how the heck did that happen?

Dennis is a love. I can tell.


Aww, he's cute.

I can't sit still either, can't make pastry, and DEFINITELY will never learn to love housework (is there anyone who really does? and are they nutters?).


this right-left-thing is really amazing. seems about 75% of all WOMEN have it and their dhs are laughing about it.
and - to turn your list upside down:
i can drive
i can sing (in a quire, for that matter...)
i know what bandwidths is

but i CAN´T do as lovely things as you. the bear is *adorable*, i need one for my little nephew! ^^


After reading about your band-what (?) and your list of can't do's I begining to think I have a twin I knew nothing about, LOL :)
Love your new banner, you're so very talented!


Well, I'll tell you something you can do.. adorable banners and softies!!!
Love the new look. =o)
I can't sing for toffees either but I'll try if you give me some. haha!


Can't drive?!!! Well, clearly this will never do---u must wait then till I get out of LA for a visit. Heck, you left that little detail out. I drive and drive well-I'll teach you everything I know about the roads and I've been on a lot of them. Hey, but you guys have the wheel on the wrong side, don'tcha? This could be difficult!
Your banner looks loverly, my dear---but I'm afraid to tell you it's a tad small on my browser. Ah, fudge it--u can't please everyone.

I hope you find the tail on Dennis. Give Molly my best. Happy Friday, good weekend and all that!

Ouissi Gresty: Memory Is Art

Your banner is so beautiful...I do far too little work with fabric, choosing to scan it & print the material onto paper. I may just have to give it a go though if it can look like this...


Anna H.

Dennis is lovely! Really, I'm always blown away by the little creatures you create...



Think of the internet like a pipe. At one end is your site, and you're shipping water out to everybody who connects to you. You're allowed to send a certain amount of water through the pipe each month - that's bandwidth. Anytime you add images to your pages you increase bandwidth. It's basically the amount of information you can send from typepad each month.

high bandwidth means your site is big and/or a lot of people are accessing it.

And don't worry about being dyslexic. It's ok!

Veronica TM

The banner looks perfect and beautiful! And Dennis, so cute! I think you compensate for all those things you can't do with the beauty you create. Have a wonderful weekend.


I've been lurking for a while and I must say you really create wonderful and beautiful things. :)The banner is lovely and Dennis too. :D


Well, I must just say your new banner is fabulous! And while I can drive, I cannot do many of things you can. Like create a Dennis. So sweet!


you're too funny! i can't do banners either, which is why mine is so incredibly lame-o.


Aha, now I get the bandwidth thing!
I'm hopeless at the L/R thing too! (I have to check which side my watch is on!!!) which really sucks in my work....
The bear is gorgeous, tail or no tail!


Dennis looks quite capable of driving, sorting out bandwidth, housework and the occasional party. How useful to be able to create the perfect man about the house.


And I love the new banner.


i love your new banner.
so cute~.

manda mcgrory

I honestly was beginning to think that I was the only person left in the UK who can't drive! And my bandwidth is also being studiously ignored! Left hand, right hand, who knows?? Housework? Not today thanks. Written instructions are evil. etc etc.
Great banner though!


Love the new banner, and Dennis too! Now I'll have to check my bandwidth usage...


I'm almost 39 and don't drive
I cannot make pastry for the life of me
I have to hold my hands up to remebr left & right all the time
And I don't think before I speak either( forever getting myself into trouble cause of foot n mouth)
So your not alone:)


ce blog est si enrichissant! bravo et merci de nous dévoiler un petit bout d'atelier!


I also have a r/l problem! and I dont drive and I definately HATE housework!!! and I cant sew. Dennis is great!!! You are very talented even with all the 'can'ts"


I LOVEEEEEEE the new banner!! I love it!

Someone might have already answered this for you but- my hubby is an internet service provider so I actuallly know a little somethin' about bandwidth!! Go figure!

Bandwidth is the amount of activity on your account. Whenever you or someone else checks/uploads/downloads from your blog it takes bandwidth to make that happen. So, the fact that you are using so much means that you are a very popular person!! :)


I'm coming out of hiding... i love that you can't drive ( I don't drive either but my 17 year old daughter does and my soon to be 15 year old daughter will be driving soon) And I also have to stop a bit to do the left and right thing .... Love all your creations , including your new banner and your messy desk!Oh yeah....I HATE housework too.


Love the banner....none of us crafters really know left from right, we are way too creative for that. A bit of advice from a professional "head in the sand" woman. Take a snack with you- it can be a long wait. Dennis is wonderful even without a tail.Re: your list of "can't" I still think you'd make a great play date!!!


Love the banner, and I'm fairly "rubbish" at all your can't do's too... :) But, my friend, bandwidth isn't any problem for me. I guess despite all your rubbish qualities, you're still an "it" girl. :)


ooooh Oo ^-^
Really it's a lovely banner
Your enchanting my eyes !!!


Cute indeed! Lovin' his cheery 'blue' fur, hehe. Don't worry about the things you can't do, my list is pretty darn long too. Focus on those things you can!


hey* you could start a ~NEW BANNER CLUB~ (CAN DO A MESSY DESK)or (IHAMDAPOI)--I have a messy desk and proud of it!) I feel so much better when another soul shares the MESSY Factor =)
luv luv love the Banner!


it's nice to know i'm not the only adult who can't tell left from right (and has a messy desk!)


I was getting all excited about another person out there who can't drive! And then I read your comments and there seems to be a whole heap of us who don't! Yay! I'm 35, 4 kids and have never driven and people think I'm MAD! I feel so much pressure from other people to learn, but no real desire to myself. Maybe we should start a club! And I can't do the Left right thing which leads to the most HORRENDOUS arguments when I'm supposed to be navigating...another reason I think not to drive. LOVE your blog...I'm usually a silent reader.


Yopu made ma laugh so hard while sitting at my lazy desk. We have so much in common but you make cuter bears..


Lovely new banner Molly ! You've done a great job ever !!


I'd trade them all to make something as cute as D!


You may not be able to drive or tell left from right, but you're able to make me smile every time I visit here . That counts for way more, in my book :-)
Love the new banner!


i don't know about bandwidth, but i do now your banner is fantastic and dennis is adorable!


banner, dennis, everything you do...adorable to the infinite power! i'm so glad that i'm not alone in bandwidth ignorance. i'm supposed to know, though. i studied this stuff in graduate school. oh well.


You are lovely!!!! Oh and I can't drive either *smile*


I just love it. You are one of my crafty mentors.


easiest way for me to think of bandwith is as a tube of X diameter, through which can pass Xnumber of cords, where thickness of cords= 1/X. only so many can go through during any given period.


maybe not as clear as I thought it was? but it makes sense to me.

I always love your things...and your sense of humor.

mary in the mystery world..

i love your banner...the old one as well
but this one represents a mother and daughter perhaps?
do you have any advice for the rest of us new to embroidery???/ you do a job so well what would you recommend/
-mystery girl


looks like you solved your banner problem! I knew you could do it--congrats--now strike up the band(width) and sing HURRAH HURRAH!
Looks wonderful btw, in living color!


I once spent some time tidying my desk at work. 5 minutes later someone asked me when I was tidying it. They weren't joking, and were shocked to know that it was in the 'after' stage. Love the banner!

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