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I love the look of your blog, it is so friendly, mine looks quite cold and hard, typical designer!!! Not me, the husband!
and Pandas dress is divine as always!!


Happy Blog birthday to you!
I think your blog is a favorite of many, many people, including me. Can't wait to see what new things you creat in the year to come.


happy blog bday!! i hope panda appreciates her fancy frock!
looking forward to seeing your new look, too!


Happy blog birthday - does it qualify for cake?
Your panda is so sweetly fluffy and what a cute dress.


Happy bloggy birthday to you! I love the panda. So cute & stylish to boot. :)


I love the panda! I also have to say that the doll clothes on the other site are truly amazing as well. But surely you could stitch all those things at the half-inch size you like to work in??? I will be waiting to see it!! :)


Happy Blog Birthday!

Your new panda is super adorable. I'm in awe of how beautiful your creations are. You find the best fur fabrics for your creatures. I wish I could be so lucky.

Looking forward to the new look.


Happy Bloggy Birthday! I started my own blog because I finally felt guilty about lurking for *months* around yours, and a few others. Thanks for always sharing your little darlings with us, and for all the fun stories that go with. Here's to many more...


Happy Blog day to you!
Happy Blog day to you!
Your Panda's a cutie
and you are one too!

Well, I tried *smile*


Okay here goes...I'm coming out of hiding and adding a song our family sings at Birthdays:
Happy Birthday ,Happy Birthday We Love You
Happy Birthday & May all your dreams come true
When you blow out the candles
One light stays aglow
That's the love light in your eyes where er' you go.....
happy day to you, love your blog .you are an amazing talent and so generous with all your tutorials.Thanks!


Happy Blog day to you! Panda is adorable.


Happy Blog Birthday to you! I love the panda dress! Looks like the perfect party gown to me!


WELL, I for one will be back tomorrow then to wish you a happy birthday--u big hinter!
What no name for that adorable Panda?!!!!!
Poor little thing.
Can't wait for the new design--think lots of bells and whistles will u?
have a happy day!

Veronica TM

Happy bloggy birthday!!!! I am so happy it was born a year ago, so I could visit {almost} every morning.


Happy Bloggiversary!!


cute little panda!

and congratulations to your blog-anniversary :)


I'm seconding *all* of the above comments! WooHoo!


very cute panda and dress!


happy bloggy birthday dearie xxx


Happy Bloggy Birthday.
Don't change the site , it is lovely as it is.
Oh, and thankyou so much for sending me info about the Stampy thing.


Happy Bloggy Birthday to you!

Love your little panda - I think she'd be best of friends with my little Pandior (made from the same pattern). If only they lived a little closer together ;)


Happy Blogaversary to you!


Awwwee.. this little Panda girl is perfectly precious!
Heres to another year of AMAZING INPIRATION!

li li

Happy 1st blogiversary!!! Can't wait to see the new design of your blog! :D


yeaaahhh happy bloggy birthday mollychicken ! Its always a pleasure to read your new posts !
Long life to your blog !


Happy Bloggy Birthday! Great charity shops finds, I really need to go on another trawl. As for your sidebar lists and the lack of updating, well that is why I took mine down, that was too much like hard work! :)

Sweet pea

Very cute! And I would love to see one of your little stuffies dressed in something made from your stamped fabric.....:)

Anna H.

Happy Bloggy Birthday, dear Lyn!

You have done so much in the past year -- made beautiful things and inspired people around the world... may this next year be a wonderful one for your blog and for you.

Much love,

Kathy B.

At the risk of sounding terribly disingenuous, have a very happy Blog Birthday! :) Yours is one of the blogs I enjoy reading every
day. Have a wonderful blogger birthday tomorrow!



Happy Blog day to you. Your blog is a joy to read and the things you make are inspirational. I so enjoy visiting.

If you haven't been to the Cowslip workshops you should go, you would love it. I cannot wait until the JB workshop in September.


Mia and I would like to say "Happy Doo Day!" (that's Mia talk for happy bloggy birthday btw)


I have been looking at all of your fabulous ideas, inspirations and creations from the Japanese instruction books. I've been seeing these books on several blogs and I'm starting to wonder is there a group of crafters who know Japanese and I just forgot to go to the class? Are the books easy to follow if you have no background in Japanese or should I just pass?

I know it's a lot of questions from a stranger and I do apologize for that as I should have first said, "You give me inspiration every time I come to your blog. I cannot thank you enough for all the wonderful places you have taken me." However, I jump right into the questions, so please accept my apologies and know that this comes from a fervent crafter (in my own little world I am anyway.)

Many, many thanks!

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