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Any chance of you pouring one of those for me......?


i love all this stamping you're doing lately. i can see how it is addictive. especially when you're stamping on fabric! lovely artwork, and beautiful(yummy) wineglass...


I love your stamps. I need to make mine...bought the stuff, just haven't done it yet.

Alicia A.

Cheers to you! Have a great weekend.


I love your Rothko-esque painting. You probably don't want a real Rothko in your home, as he was notorious for using cheap paints that fade in the sunlight. Unless you only want to be able to see the painting while sitting in your dim closet, I suspect that you are better off with your own version.


A line of Molly Chicken fabric??? Pretty please?? Or, at least a gallery showing for you and Molly. I'll bring the vino.


Rothko is one of my favorites too. I think the beauty is in the simplicity.


nothing like a spot of red in the middle of the afternoon...okay, i love the stamped fabric--can't wait to see it in your shoppe.
We must get together for a "stamping session" soon, dearie. u bring the red; must make a great dye too.


oh, chairs to u!


The stamped fabrics are simply too wonderful! And I am quite impressed with your and Molly's painting prowess!

Veronica TM

Great stamping, great painting and great wine. what else can you ask for? Have a great weekend!

Anna H.

Molly as a mini-Rothko -- I love it!

And the stamping is great... have a wonderful weekend, Lyn!



I love your stamped stuff - where are you getting the Speedball stuff in the UK? I can't find it and am fed up of having to use erasers which are often not big enough.


Oh, I wanted the little bear from a week or 2 ago SOOO BAD!!! He stole my heart clean away, cute little thing anyway.

and I'm SO going to hold you to your word on David Tennant. Have a bit of a crush on Christopher Eccleston myself, and I just can't imagine another Doctor. Drat it anyway.

Love your blog, you inspirational thing anyway.



mmmmmmmm... rothko so does it for me. the power is in the simplicity, i think. i love that you and your little one created that together. i'm so looking forward to "art time" with my girls when they don't try to eat the crayons. although i'm enjoying every bit of babbling right now as well.
enjoy your wine, have a blast stamping, and continue to create and inspire as you do.
great weekend to you and yours!


Wonderful red painting and so nice that you've done it together. I've also been inspired lately by art in museums and have been wondering if I should make my own version for my house -- whether or not that is a valid thing to hang -- something beautiful but not my own idea... This is totally valid in crafting -- ideas are passed around like hot potatoes -- but art seems different to me. Perhaps it shouldn't. I definitely know I would be extremely happy to have a painting like yours hanging here :-)


mmm love the rothko-esque painting and of course the red,
the fabric is just fabulous, what a clever girl you are :)


I love Mark Rothko! I got to see his retrospective in NYC in 1989 - it was awesome. #51 and #108 are my favorite!


I love Mark Rothko too. They have a huge painting of his in the gallery of my home town and I would look at it for ages and it was like you could fall into it. I really like your interpretation and might have a go of doing one with my sons! The fabric looks fantastic too!


Those stamped fabrics are so adorable! I especially love the one with little elephants (I think that's what they are).


rothko and what's in the glass are my kind of reds too!

Dacia Ray

The museum that I work at has a Rothko that looks very similar to that - the red and the yellow are inverted. I do like his style. It's very appealing; it must be the simplicity of it. Yours looks soothing and cheerful!


Oh, I'm in love with that elephant fabric, too! They are so sweet!


Oh the stamping is so original and fun! What kind of ink pad are you using for fabric stamping?
I look forward to hearing.


Yes, yes - please bring on the molly chicken fabric! Chairs to you, too! :)


I am loving and adoring the stamping! Those daeleks are simply perfection! Stamping with what and how? I am such a novice!

Chairs to you too, I over indulged on the pimms over the weekend. Yumm

Kitty Jimjams

Best ways to sound posh pt. 1:
When you agree with someone, say "Ears".

I LOVE your dalek fabric, and I think I may joing you in your red wine. :D


I am lovin your hand stamped fabric!! It's really great!


I love your stamped fabric too, and am also wondering as gemma is 'with what and how'!! It is really nice anyway, what are you going to make with it?


I thought there was a smiley face in your wine.

And I love your work!


One of my very favorite places on earth is the Rothko chapel in Houston, TX ( I love your ode to Rothko; beautiful!

erin scissorhands

very cool fabric. i have a collection of stamps that ive made and im going to make fabric one of these days as soon as i find a good ink. i love your stuff!

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