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This is cute, I have been looking through your site for a while but haven't actually commented before. Your site is great.


love the book - and you were not alone in finding Dr Who moving although Catherine Tate popping up in the Christmas teaser at the end at least broke the mood a little.


Geesh! A few days too late...I'd love this book (ABC), but just placed an order with them...ah well, in the meantime I've got three crafty Japanese books coming my way in the next couple weeks! Hooray! Truly though, I'm adding this one to my shopping cart...I love it! Thanks for the share!


qué lindo libro!!!


i did the whole biting my lip, and refusing to admit that actually i wanted to bawl my eyes out.

Also those illustrations are lovely. :)


I cried too and I cried at the end of the last series!!


I cried too, and proud to admit it, who couldn't when watching the tears roll down his face :(


That giraffe pencil case is giving me some ideas...


I love freckle face and donkey! :o)

Veronica TM

Beautiful book, great inspiration. Thanks for sharing it!


fun book!


I love Colobockle! Thanks so much for sharing pics from the book!


"Apple Afro Girl"...that's hilarious!


This book looks so fun and cute. The illustrations are fantastic!

Are you talking first or second series Doctor Who? The second has only just started here in Australia. I watched the first episode on Saturday night - and I love the new doctor as much as I loved the first. They've done such a good job remaking this show.


Wonderful book! If you didn't already know this, Kuri Kuri No. 03 ISBN 45760412130 features an article on the artist, Tachimoto Michiko, as well as two projects--an elephant and an owl purse.


I can not think about the last episode of Doctor Who I say and wept like a baby, G was horrified! Even sadder, I recorded it and every now and again torture myself by watching the last bit. Why do I do it!?!? Poor Doctor, poor Rose.


I sat and wept like a baby, not I say! I hate it when you do typos in a comment and can't get back and fix them. Arrrgghhhh.


Glad to hear I wasn't the only one blubbing away! Dr Who has been brilliant. Don't you wish they wouldn't give so much away in the trailer/teaser at the end of the show though? Love your Dalek prints too.


Aack!! We haven't even started series 2 yet here in the US. I'm spoiler-free, spoiler-free, spoiler-free. For about 2 more seconds because you're KILLING ME!!! LOL :D


Pleeeeaaaase tell me you mean the end of *this series* of Dr Who, not the end of the programme! Pleeeeeaaaaase! You are making my heart do funny things with worry.


Even though I live in the US, I've seen all of series two (we won't discuss how :)) and I was a blubbering mess at the end of the last episode. Poor Rose. Poor Dr. Who! Here's hoping that she will make an appearance at some point in the future...there is always a chance, right? We can live in is Dr. Who after all, anything is possible!

Oh, and I am in love with your Dalek fabric...

Tiel S-K

Very cute and quirky..Love them


LOL! You are too funny.
I love how the letter M is for Mitten but they show an oven mitt. I get a big kick out of some of the Japanese translations! Thanks for sharing.

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