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aw... I have that with my youngest, who is 4, he now hates being referred to as a little boy!

manda mcgrory

Goodness me, he certainly told you!
My 3 year old nephew has recently started 'explaining' things to me, because I obviously don't understand whatever it is that's happening! Bless.
That Wilfie's a cutie though.


...look on the bright side - he loves you so much - he feels he can be totally honest with you!

amy k.

oh no!!
I love him to bits-and that tongue! well, wilfie wil get love somewhere-I am sure. . .

Veronica TM

Wilfie is soooo cute! Poor thing, he's been rejected. I'm sure Alfie will love him.


Wilfie is so cute!! If Liam or Alfie don't want him, he can come live with me! =-)

Mama Urchin

Oh to be a child who gets to say whatever they think. Wilfie is adorable and someday maybe Liam will regret passing him to Alfie. In the meantime, thanks for sharing him with us, he is super cute.


Oh how funny is that. Sometimes I think children between the ages of 2 and 5 act like little old men and women sometimes. You could always make the ears longer and add a tail, and turn him into a dog. I think he is quite cute by the way, as he is.


"out of the mouths of babes...."
you tried....I love the bear...and I'm big!:o)


I guess at the ripe old age of five you probably should have gotten him some soft pudding and a new pair of slippers. Ya know for shuffling around the old folks home that I am sure he is moving into as we speak *smile*

Wilfie is awfully cute and Happy Birthday to liam (YAY!) that old geezer!


Thats kids for you! My stepson, however, is 6 and still charmed by plushies. Maybe Liam will reconsider.


Liam is sure missing out! And Alfie is sitting in the corner, talking to Wilfie, saying "we didn't need him anyway!" lol. Don't you love what comes from the mouths (and minds!) of babes?


OOoh Lyn - I'm sorry I'm laughing, Wilfie is divine. LOL.


I think he's darling. My 5yr old son, who is standing next to me, gives him a big thumbs-up! He agrees that Wilfie is adorable!


Sheeez, Liam could use a little Midol.


Well, that's telling you.


That is FUNNY! it will make me smile all day. Love the name "Wilfie" too.


tee hee, I love the way young kids aren't concerned about the niceties of saying you like something when you don't.

Send Wilfie a superhero costume and some rather exciting superpowers or a full pirate costume and cutlass and treasure map and he'll be cool again....


Oh dear, my elder daughter is 10 and she still plays with stuffed animals. I think she will start sewing them herself in these days, too :-)
PS: I adore your blog. The most inspiring, beautiful, and the funniest of all the craft-blogs. Thanks.


Don't you just love em? What is it about children that can turn them into little monsters on their birthdays? The bear is GREAT and as soon as the younger sibling starts loving on him - Liam will probably come around. My kids are 5 & 3 (almost 6 & 4 boo) and I when they are having a rough day I always say"It's hard to be 3 isn't it" so maybe LIam is just having an "It's hard to be 5" moment!


Oh - you do of course realize that this has way less to do with the fabulousity of Wilfie, and everything in the world to do with the desire of 5 year old boys to be anything but five year old boys!

WIlfie is wonderful.... (and thanks for sharing this conversation with us, it's making me smile...)


the ungrateful little beggar! Give Wilfie to me! I'd volunteer to be your godchild too, but I don't think it quite works that way, and besides I'm probably older than you.


My 5yr old doesn't use his rabbit anymore. And it used to go everywhere with us. When I asked him where Stu was he told me very seriously, that he still loves Stu, but doesn't need it anymore because he's 5. Must a be a milestone all over the world.

Sweet pea

he he! Maybe he will come to appreciate him later in life, or he might sneek some secret Wilfie hugs when no-one is looking! Poor Wilfie, that face is just asking to be loved :)


Ah, the pure honesty of little kids 8-) I think Wilfie is adorable.


well, if he doesn't want the birthday bear, I'll take it!
45 and still going strong!
And I don't mind being a baby about it at all.


Woops. I'd guess his mama is a touch embarrassed.


so funny... i'm just waiting for that phase to strike here! Wilfie is gorgeous, and i wouldn't be a bit surprised if Wilfie is soon discovered cuddling in Liam's bed - big boy or not!


I love black teddy bears and this one looks so smart!He looks like he is made with a lovely soft wool type fabric too...he is a real cold weather comfort bear.


You softies are so full of charachter. This is one is no exception!


Place - Western Australia.
Time - 6.45am.
Emotional state - Happy and laughing.
Wilfie is gorgeous.

jemima bean

Oh Lyn!! That's hysterical and sad at the same time. Wilfie is wonderful! Liam will laugh & remember SOME day, and love Aunty Lyn for trying. ;) My baby brother slept with "Puppy Leo" until he was WAY past 5. I won't let on to him that he was too big for such nonsense. :D (He's 30 now!)


Aren't kids funny?!


I will SO miss the brutal honestly of the "five year old opinion" around here when my kids are older. Its kept me from making a fool of myself more than once I'm sure.


Too funny!


You write the funniest posts!!
Wilfie is so cute by the way.


I bet his mother wished the ground would open up and swallow her. Wilfie is gorgeous though and thanks to your gorgeous toys I have had to purchase one of those Japanese Craft books for myself, I am eagerly awaiting the postman. I hope I can do the patterns half the justice that you do, your interpretations are inspiring.

Jessica Hood

omg this is hilarious! i bet his mom was mortified. i love your creation!


Oh how funny sad that is. Wilfie is wonderful- Liam on the other hand is going to have tough year... being big and all.


I first read this last week and have found myself laughing about it to myself at the gym and the pool and random times. too funny! you wrote it so well.


that. is. hilarious. and wilfie is adorable.

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