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Oh how funny! I especially like the little guy lounging on the bench! Hope your children aren't making you too nuts. I have a 5 & 3 year old and my favorite time of day somethines is when Daddy gets home and I can hide out for a few minutes. Don't get me wrong - they are GREAT and I love being home with them, but sometimes...


Or I should say, things that make me go, "Why am I living in Kansas and not Japan!"


Those are so cute, but, honestly, your things make me squeal much louder.


I agree with Michelle. Your bears are SO much more eeeeeeeeek! I was a little puzzled in the last group photo when they referred to "bosom tilting". I guess that'a a whole 'nother catagory of eeeek!

Veronica TM

Very cute! Thanks for the link. And I also agree that your little bears are cuter.


Geez Louise! I can't decide what kills me more, their bitty sizes, or all the accessories. Thanks for sharing!


ha, yeah, those are pretty darn cute, but the stuff you make is way cuter! how much cuter? well...I'd say at least 5 more eeeees cuter!

manda mcgrory

Ahh crap, and I was just about to go to bed too. Your links keep me surfing for hours!
And I agree - yours have the real eeeeeee factor!


oooooooooooooo ! :)


me too!


very creative work,just love it , keep up the good work,you inspire me to do more things.
from australia

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