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Molly is so precious!


I don't know who's cuter, Molly or Mrs. Tippytoes - Molly wins by a nose in the photo-finish, but Mrs. Tippytoes is only behind by a whisker.
You have no idea what a picker-upper this photo was for me. Have a fun girl's night! (will Mrs. Tippytoes be getting a pedicure as well? :)

Rouge Nahsam

Ces petites chaussures en "Kinnear" sont une pure merveille !


adorable! yeah, ms. molly gets my cutie pie vote for the day!


Oh, those shoes are adorable. I've been eyeing that Liberty fabric for awhile pretty! Have a fun night with Molly!

Mama Urchin

That bunny and those shoes are adorable. What a really lovely baby gift.

Veronica TM

Aw, I love the shoes and the bunny! And Mrs. Tippytoes looks like a great entertainer. The photo of Molly holding her is adorable!


I think I'll be dreaming of tea and chocolates and beautiful fabric and adorable baby shoes.


Great plans. Enjoy your weekend!


Ok, yer killing me with these shots of Mrs. Tippytoes. She is

Please keep letting us share her?


that fabric is wonderful and the shoes are beautiful.


oh goodness. girl + kitten in blankie are mortally cute. aiaiai.

but also, the rattle and the shoes. oh wait. who cares! thanks for the inspiration.


Oh, God.....those shoes.....


I used to love those girls nights.


great shoes and bunny.Please will you show us the finished products!I like your idea to put lavender in the body.
Have a gorgeous girly weekend.


Aw, the shoes and bunny are so cute. Lovely fabric!
I've been enjoying following the story of scary Mrs Tippytoes :)


Love the dear little shoes! Sweet sweet sweet.


so cute. I have been wanting to try shoes, but I am afraid. Were they hard to do?

Jane and the ducks

I love this Liberty print, one of my favorite! Beautiful shoes, love the toy too!


so cute!

Passions & Distractions

The shoes are beautiful and the bunny is adorable! I hope you had a wonderful weekend!


I love the bunny...the two face idea is so cute & the lavender is lovely...beautiful...

Ouissi x


The shoes and fabric are gorgeous and what an adorable picture of Molly. :)


Oh they are gorgeous and with lavendar, mmmmm, what a lovely idea.

Hope Mrs Tippytoes stage debut went well and that she doesn't become too much of a diva.


Hello !

I wrote something about you in my (french) blog. I really enjoy your work that's why i wanted to introduce your cute toys to all my readers ...

Although it is in french, you can still translate it with google :

Tell me if something is wrong, or you can comment it on my blog (and i would be really proud, so !!)

See you soon !


Soooooo cute :)


aaawe Molly is definately a moopy! That adorable pic just has moopy written all over her too cute cheeks!! oh and chocolate and chips sounds like my kinda weekend.. have fun :D


how cute!

And your girlie evening sounds simply wonderful.


OMG! You're killing me! The shoes! Mrs. Tippytoes! Girly night with fish and chips and chocolate! All in one post. The bunny is filled with lavender! Did I mention the shoes? I'll just go and babble and drool to myself now.


Ohh they're adorable!! And the lavender is a lovely idea!


I love those shoes! They're adorable. Hope you had a nice girly night with Molly.


okay, that picture of Molly and her precious babe is just too cute!!!

You better get ready for some more "boredom" pushing swings in Portland soon baby!!!!
Let's make a date for 2007!


Love the booties and bunny! So cute.


les chaussons sont superbes, y a t-il un patron (a pattern)????


les chaussons sont superbes, y a t-il un patron (a pattern)????


I'm a french woman and my english is not very good I'm so sorry ! Please excuse me ?
WONDERFUL THINGS and pictures !
I had got a teater like you and I made color with item Tricia Guild you could see it if you want on my eblog in the pictures : "couture : côté belette" Belette in franche is fairy in english because I'm waiting a baby !!
Excuse me for my bad english !


i love those tiny shoes!! i have a pretty lil molly too!

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