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Lisa K.

Oh, man, you're killin' me with the cuteness! I love the acorns and the fabric tray with treats and silverware. And at 23 pounds, I'm much more likely to make one of those lavender pillows than purchase one. Sorry, Laundry (but I do love your stuff)!

BTW, I do get a little high off having ALL the laundry done, but not quite as...intense as that intro to the site. Eesh.


You can get Cotton Time from Amazon jp? Ugh! I don't know whether to thank you or curse you!

Thank you - of course!


Jane and the ducks

Adorable... everything! I have several Zakka books and the pictures and projects are amazing, I will order Cotton time too! We need to come up with something like that in the US!

jemima bean

LYN!! You seriously need a warning before saying something like "get it on"!! I bout spewed root beer through my nose :D :D :D You funny girl. LOVE the mag.


i must rush to the japanese bookstore today!


Your links are just what I needed....

My poor husband...I read something like "get it on" and think its about crafting.

Mama Urchin

Oh my. Those things are very cute indeed.


I need that book! DH & I collect acorns, so that last picture made me swoon. I've got an email into Kitty Craft so I can order it the second they reopen.


Love it. But why am I just too confused at working Amazon JP?


Tell you what Lyn - you start the babymaking and we'll all....laugh! hehe Speaking of starting something, you could start a Flickr group and we'll all make expensive looking lavender bags. You'll have to think of a snappy name and make a lovely gallery of lovliness (every month!). Nothing to it! I'd like the patience and the room to have lovely laundry, but I might have to send off for those blackbird pegs!!


Those lavender sachets have been on my to do list forever!I must set to.
The Japanese can make anything look cute don't you think?


Wow i love the mice and acorns,what a wonderful book!Just goes to show that even your smallest scraps of fabric neednt go to waste!

Sandrine (alias Didine ♥ )

Hello sweetie :) Once again you show so amazing things !! I love them all :) I hope you're fine ?? Did you get my mail about the school bag ??? Smooches from Belgium :)


Well, sometimes I feel happy and content to see sheets waving in the breeze out on the line, but not sure that counts as spiritual renewal. Oh the mice! And the little house! I saw that and started thinking I could sew a whole little dollhouse, ahaha. And the acorns--those appear to be felt? But I bet it would be fun to collect acorns and paint tiny faces on them.

Miss Bliss

I love, love , love, these ideas!!! It soooo makes me wish I could at the very least read Japanese!!!!! I love the purse. The acorns, the little itty bitty icecream cones, and the that elephant, tooo stinkin' cute!!! Thanks for sharing!


What fun ideas!


Oh! Every of these projects are so sweet! I do love the little house! You're really lucky to have this issue of this charming magazine! Japanese are so full of ideas!

Veronica TM

Lyn, you are funny like May baby for me, but I like the baby things in the magazine.
Thanks for showing all the cuteness!


Oh my! Those ARE cute! I am still so anxious about Japanese crafting books and mags. I'm not sure I'll be able to figure out how to a make a single thing! But seriously, the cuteness is "off the hook" if you will . . .


do you hear that sound? trans-atlantic? um, yeah, that's my brain breaking from "get it on" encouragement AND sleeping mouse/mouse in wellies/HOUSE TEA PARTY COSY THING all in one post. stop that, now. it's dangerous.


um... did you just tell us to "get it on". You are a cheeky monkey. Oh, but really we knew that. Doing laundry doesn't do it for me, but someone else doing my laundry is practically a spiritual experience. Needless to say I have not been leading a spiritual life. Anyway, thanks for the cute-fest.


i think i really need to have a baby just so that i can make all these lovely things for her (it must be a she!!)!! =P


I just know that every time I visit Molly Chicken I am going to find gorgeous craft, speccy images and perfect presentation.


Holy Cats! That Cotton Time magazine could kill a person, I think. The little tea tray and teapot! And the acorns and mice and the little house to cover your snacks! oh my. Have you made things from the directions in it?


Hey there, just found your blog and you've got some great stuff on here (love the little food themed stuff from that magazine)! These acorns reminded me of some amigurumi ones I found, and I recently made a pattern for my own. It's posted on my blog, , if you'd like to have it. Plus, my blog is really lonely right now and it seems like I'm posting and no one is listening :( Hope you like it!


Think your website is just fantastic. I have never purchased a Cotton Time magazine. Do they give patterns or just gorgeous photos? I am in love with the tea set! Many thanks for inspiring us all!


I would like to order this "cotton time" - but I find the japanese amazonjp. very difficult to understand. Isn´t there any other possibility?


Thanks for sharing!!! What a lovely things, all so inspiring!!
Yes, you're right...May is a lovely time to have a baby...I'll think about it!


These ideas are all so amazing. That raspberry on the cake is too much. Thanks for sharing the pages, now I just need about 12 more hours in the day.


oh dear... the spoon and the fork and the HOUSE!
oh the house!!!
i wanna say "im sooo making this" but i know it'll go on the to-do list for ever!
but it's so pretty... must... make...
great find by the way.


I just found your blog from a link on tinyhappy. Had to tell you you have the absolutely cutest banner I have EVER seen. love it to pieces!
WHat is "Cotton Time" magazine? Never heard of it but it looks right up my alley!
you are uber talented chica, love all your critters!

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