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love the look of this. have been looking for something similar myself... can't wait to see how it turns out!

Mama Urchin

That looks very neat, front and back. I imagine there would be lots of possibilities.


I started making a prodded rug several years ago, then ran out of room when I couldn't find a frame big enough. They are really fun, simple and look marvelous. (I found my favorite prodding "tool" to be the tail of a rattail comb.

Kitty Jimjams

Fantastic - that looks really fun! And you always make me laugh, thank you.


Good going! I bought one earlier this year and STILL haven't gotten around to doing it. I want to use t-shirts (that is what the kit suggested) that we have too many of! I even bought the dye to dye some of the dingy white t-shirts we have.

Look forward to seeing the finished project....


I bet this is going to be terrific when it is finished. I throw away all those smallish scraps. Who would have known I should have been keeping them?


that looks like fun. i would love to try that - i'd love to see what you make...


Oh yes, lock them up and sit yourself down for some rug making. That looks like a great little gadget, I'd love to try something like that, if only I could sort out that pact with the devil and get some more hours in the day...

Veronica TM

How great! I can't wait to see what you, ahem, they make. Hopefully it will bring you a few moments of quiet.


mmm - if only I had a big enough cupboard....

love the look of the rag rug kit - might have to get one.


Love the texture of the front and the back. I hope you get a few minutes peace.


Cool! I started a rag rug too, when I was about 1/2 way pregnant with Jennifer (now aged 6 and a bit). It's a lozenge design from a rag rug book by Juju Vail, in lovely jewel-y colours. I think I've done about 6 of the 72 lozenges. At this rate, I'll be finishing it up just in time for my 105th birthday.


Yup, the cupboard (or a hook in the closet) is a good idea, as this project looks like way too much fun. Actually, they'll spend 5 minutes on it, then you'll get to finish it, which is almost as good, right? lol

Passions & Distractions

That is going to look fantastic! I'm grooving on the back, too. Very clean looking.


oh, yes, I found in my babysitting days that a cupboard worked very well. And if they wouldn't stay put, well, I could just put myself in there, instead.

little purl one

I haven't done this for ages, but I made a mammoth one a while ago. I actually stared it when I was 16 and then found it years later and finished it off - I always like that extra added history with long running projects. The nicest thing about them is the weight of them, I remember the feel of it on my knee getting heavier and heavier as I built it up. Also I used all sorts of naughty things like silks, so I couldn't really put it on the floor because it wouldn't have lasted very long so it ended up on the wall. It really does feel very soft to run your hands across though, with all those raw silk edges.

I will post a photo on my blog in the next hour or so for anyone who wants to see, and then inspiring as you always are, you have made me want to start another!!

Thanks for your beautiful thoughts as always - this is the first comment I have left on your blog but I do visit you frequently for your inspiration etc.. Thanks for doing this wonderful blog!


Hooray!! Matting on a blog! Matting is my first love - and if I can direct you to my humble blog you will find a link to the Queen of Matting - Ali Rhind.
The hook you have is the 'compilcated' one - there is a very simple tool that kids find very easy to use - more information if you are remotely interested!


oo, i've always wanted to try this...i hope you'll share more...

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