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That si one adorable kitten. :)


Lovely is indeed a lovely word, as is kitten!


I'm with you and Gemma, Lovely is a great word, and probably one I really overuse!!!!

Mama Urchin

The cut-up projects are really cute. The kitten is super adorable. And the shelf of softies - to die for. And I love lovely too, just have to try to keep from saying it all the time. Lovely, lovely, lovely....


Oh... now you can't just say that and not tell us. :)


Cute books, cute kitty but what is a rucksack??


that book is way cool.


Could that kitten be any cuter? Your pictures brought a smile to my day!

amy rue

Our new kitten, Neko, is making life hell for our 14 year old cat, Tiggy Foxtrot. Neko is a bit mentally a cute way.

Love the shelf full of softies!

Veronica TM

I love all the softies on that shelf! But that very cute!
You have a lovely weekend Lyn!


Ahhh, love the kitten, makes me broody (that sounds sort of weird now I written it, hope you know what I mean)


i don't think i am going to be able to stand the photos of your new kitten. seriously, so CUTE!!!!! ahhh!! and that book is amazing too, lyn. have a good one!


What an adorable kitty!!


mmmmmmm...paper projects; my favorite--
lovely that.
See ya later alligator

prairie mouse

naughty miss tippytoes. you can't pick 'em.
i just have to say that i was looking back for the tutorial on the blanket dying as i picked up a couple this morning and i found banjo. i really love banjo and wished that he could have come to live with me but we are going to visit the big apple real soon so i had to show restraint which is not what i was born with! love that mouse too!


That cat is toooooo cute! I'm so glad you're snapping kitten photos before she's all grown up. I have misplaced my kitten photos, and now he's just a big fat cat ! :)


Prediction... there is a kitten softie in your future! A fuzzy black and white kitty for Ms. Tippytoes to bat about the place.

Now I seriously want a book like that, I love love love paper projects! And those images are making me ready for fall, especially the jack-o-lantern-in-the-box.


Ah! Your kitty and your softies are so cute! I do understand your fear! I also have a kitten and my creations are her best toys!
Have a nice day,

Passions & Distractions

I LOVE the word "lovely." I migh suspect that Phil's favorite word is lot like my favorite word lately. ;) Such an adorable kitten!


Hello. Again, the kitty is too cute. I like all the softies. Is that a reindeer? I have the holidays on my mind. Thanks for all the cute photos and inspiration.


Oh what a gorgeous kitty is Ms. Tippytoes. She has such a sweet cute litte face, that can only mean one thing cant it, mischief, mischief, mischief. Enjoy all the fun that she creates.


Hi! Love your new lovely kitty. Love your new Japanese books and your lovely softies!


Your kitten is the cutest, the most non-threatening-looking, the absolute angel in disguise of them all.


Mrs. Tippytoes is too cute for words!
Do be careful though - in my experience, there seems to be something about naming a cat "Missus"-anything, that seems to go hand-in-hand with them getting in the family way before a necessary vet appointment!
She is adorable though.


who could get cross with that impish face! adorable kitty and lovely softies.


Wow ,love your kitten, softies and the book.We have two elderly cats already but now seeing your kitten makes me want another.


your kitten is adorable and so is that book! I also LOVE your mouse in your last post, just gorgeous, so much personality.


Uh oh, Mrs. Tippy Toes looks like one bad ass mouser.


LOVELY is the lovliest word--that is so true! And Miss Tippytoes is the most LOVELY kitten! Lovely Cotton-Time book too--such cute ideas!


i love cats


i love cats


did you know when cats rub against your legs they are actually leaving a scent to tell other cats that you are "their property"


tnis is a great website, my friend has a cat called ruby and she is "an ickle bundle of fluffy wuffy goodness!!!!!!!!!!

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