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How funny I ordered that book from the library yesterday - it has to come from another branch but hopefully I won't have to wait too long.


Yes, please send me the book when you are done, I need to borrow it. But thanks for the ISBN... For some reason I haven't been able to get my hands on it.

Veronica TM

That book is a gem indeed! Those socks make me want to know how to knit {or maybe know where to buy them} and I love the little dress you show in your last photo, can't wait to see the rest!


Another coincidence - I ordered that book from Amazon last week - I so glad I did after seeing your pictures.


that is a good one...i also really like "design your own stuffed toys" by anne dyer and my favourite is "the techniques of soft toymaking" by enid anderson... oh, and "see-me-learn soft toys" by jennifer geiger has toys very much like the ones in japanese craft books in their design, they just look a little dowdier. oh, yeah, and... :)


the book is great!,your right we need lots more books on toy design!

jemima bean

lyn you're a serious harm to my pocket book. you gotta think about a warning label for the blog. :P LOVE the bitty're such a tease to make us wait for the rest of her!!! Also MUST HAVE that 'shroom and flower from the ebay book! How cute are they?!

My 2 little angels went back to school last Wednesday, btw :P So my sanity is returning! (well, except for the part where I had to go back to work too...)


I have recently acquired that book, you're right, it is wonderful. I'm thinking of starting at the beginning and making each of the projects one by one over time, thinking I will absorb more from all the good info in it. But, not now, there's a kid fight to break up...again. : )


Thanks for sharing these images, looks like a great book, I love the monkey.

By the way, I really like those socks too but am wondering if I would bother to finish them...

Wanda  (swan-artegan)

Thanks for pattern in the book. Can't wait to try it. Also, you made my day with that Elvis clip! To hear him laugh like that was wonderful! Thankyou sooooooooo much!


I recently picked up an A-Z Animal toys book at the library and have been itching to make some cute little fuzzy thing!

The socks are also to die for, but I can't imagine ever knitting socks that tall!


I had this book when I was a kid and loved it! Your photos are a walk back in time for me...and the weird thing is that I hadn't thought about it in years but was looking for it on the used-book websites in the last week or so! So seeing it here is a sure sign from the universe that I need to acquire another copy. Hope you enjoy it!


Oh, I totally want those socks.


I'm drooling over those socks as well! I've been debating over whether or not to buy the book. I guess I'm going to have to get it after all. Mainly because I can't stop thinking about those socks! I hope you find time to make them as well. :)


I have this book too. I got it for a dollar at a thrift store. I can't wait to see what wee little creature is coming up soon. I just adore your work.


the books is wonderful but the socks are a must have. i would love to knit a pair of those but if they take as long as my last pair they may never get done.


So funny, I just picked this book up at a second hand book store in Dubai!

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