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I do too! No tv, no radio. The blanker the wall the better.


It's true, I stay up very late, just enjoying the silence!


uh oh. you could catch me doing it while they were still awake.

Veronica TM

That is a great link, thanks for sharing!
I find myself staring at the wall also and I think about the things I have to do, and stay staring.


ahhh - the silence, that and a house that stays tidy for at least five minutes after the grafting is over. Oh and the sense of what time of day/week/month it is. School holidays send me spinning but often in a really fun way.


I love the elephant looking over the cliff.


There were 7 of us....and Mum used to celebrate when we went back to school! She had kids round her feet (ie pre-school)for 23 years in total...then when the last one went to school she went to art classes and became quite an accomplished oil painter.
We had an idyllic childhood for which I'll always be very grateful.I don't think it is the same for kids nowadays. Here in the UK we fear for our kids when they are off exploring as there are so many odd types, bent on molesting them, at loose in the community. And I don't think a computer and unlimited videos or DVDs goes anywhere near making up for the freedom we had to roam, safely, for hours.


oooh me too, i find myself getting up extra early so i can have some time to myself, i usually just find myself staring into space....bliss

prairiemouse always make me laugh! i hope there is a big glass of wine when wall staring!

jemima bean

Aw Lyn. Been there, girl :D My parents have been lovely this week & taken mine on holiday for 3 days with them. Sadly, this coincided with my going back to work. Blech. I only had 1 day of "alone time", LOL.

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