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I don't see the wonky at all! I'm just amazed. She's really darling.

Laughing so hard at *all* those names (not just the obvious). Soap & Scampi?


Wonky Wendy is fabulous! And I love the adorable pics from the book.

Karen in Wichita

If you promise not to tell anybody I'll tell you the secret for sewing mohair: don't pin it, staple it.


Staple it just outside the sewing line, and get you one of those little bar-type staple removers to take them out after you're done.

It only really works on mohair or other pile fabrics with a very stable backing. With most knit faux furs, the staple sinks into the backing too far to get them out easily.


These bears are adorable! Hope to see lots more...


Yes, nevermind Dick and Wee Wee... I love that the last carriage is carrying a Roman tyrant emporer AND one of the Seven Dwarves.


Wendy is a charmer! Wow you are so good at making these things.

I am rolling on the floor over those names. Dick and Wee Wee???? Sorry, I just HAD to type that once in my life. ;oD


now watch your webstats and find out how many people get here searching for 'dick and wee wee.'



amy rue

I love Wendy! That dark mohair is so pretty with the pink.

I have the same problem with mohair and cotton fabric...I'll give that staple trick a whirl...I'll probably end up stapled to the mohair myself.

I tried to make the 'replica wool rabbit' once and it turned out to be the ugliest little rabbit...not even Dick & Weewee would give it a date.


You are just too darn talented!!! Thanks for the pics of the book too. Love those bunnies.


LOL, purile but hilarious. thank you.


I love Wonky Wendy - very cute dress. Thanks for sharing the book pics.


Wonky Wendy is adorable! She looks so friendly and happy. I was so busy laughing at Wee Wee, that I ddn't even notice his friends name. Wow.


Wonky Wendy is absolutely Wonderful!

Veronica TM

I don't know exactly what wonky means but whatever it is, it makes her pretty. You cut kitty's fabric? You are a brave woman! {and it was worth it}


Wendy is so adorable!


I love you darling bear!


Wendy doesn't look wonky to me--I think she has a delicate character. All the bears are adorable.


Oh she is lovely, you've given her real character.

I am laughing so hard at those names and now thinking up my own. Although some of our teddies already have pretty ridiculous names.


For a first attempt, it's amazing!! thanks for sharing those books with us.


Great bear! and look at all that lovely fabric in the background!,i bet you have lots of plans for that!I love Japanese craft books i have three so far that i take to bed and look wonderful!


Just came across your blog while surfing and love your little Wonkey Wendy. I think she is adorable.

jemima bean

Love Wendy, she's perfect! Not Wonky at all :D Or at least her Wonk gives her personality? Love Dick & WeeWee too...although Qrabbi the rabbit is my personal fave!


I know I'm not supposed to comment on this, but Dick and Wee Wee! That gave me a good laugh :)

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