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You poor thing! Where is the wine!???! I can't believe you have had to wait so long, mine went back this week! Hooray!! Not that I don't love my children of course!! :)


and very cute link, I have a craft fair coming up very soon, need to get more ideas brewing, and these are very good! Thanks!!

Veronica TM

Can't wait for your brain to be back either. I love the photo and the link. Thanks Lyn! {one week to go!}


I really feel with you. Keep a stiff upper lip!!! ... or as we'd say here in germany: keep your ears stiff! :)


We're just finishing the first week back and I still don't feel quite normal.

Little cotton rabbits

Hang in there! Luckily here in England the kids went back this week - one more week and I'd have been on the floor! Looking forward to normal service.


You may not be able to speak but the photo layout is an elegant, albeit temporary, voice for you--I love the whole concept.


qué liiinda foto...

ya estarás tranquila y extrañaras a tus niños...

have a great weekend...


Love the ragdoll - a pose that many mums have been in over summer i'm sure. Only a few more days now to normality - whatever that is... :)


Ooooo! I want tights like hers!

Thanks for the link to the Japanese cuteness. Hang in there.

Majeak Ann

ahh,light hurts!! so pretty!


Oh, poor dear - you're so pale - white as a sheet;
and limp as a ragdoll, to boot ;)
Someone get this woman a glass of wine, stat!
Better days are coming soon. Is there any happier phrase than "back to school"?



Get up, woman. Pull yourself together. Have a glass of wine. Find a new cupboard for the children.


Oh, you poor, exasperated, doll. Take a deep breath. You don't want to blow your seams!


I know how it feels, my 4 year old started Kindergarten last week and I was so happy, I still am. SPACE, PEACE and QUIET! Ah!


Our 2 yr old goes to daycare on a dairy farm and they are (god forbid) closed during the summer months. We've just experienced that universal "return-to-school" joy for the first time last week when they re-opened. Real tears of joy. :-)


Tell me about it! It's bad enough getting G back to school to teach, don't think I could cope with kids!


Oh dear. Sounds dire. Do what they do in prison...make those lines and then cross them off. It might help....or a g&t.


Get well sooner!
Odaijini (take care in Japanese)!


i like your doll!!


Hope all is well Lyn. Did Molly ever receive the book I sent her?


That is the best picture I have seen in a long time and it made me laugh. I feel like that quite often.

Put a cocktail in her hand and she might develop an entirely different posture.


have they gone now? is it safe to come out??? I now have 2 kids in school, and I can tell you who was more excited on 5th september!!! ove your rag doll, she is pretty cute, is it you?

(a different!) Rebecca

Unfortunately, I think I might know how you feel!


This cracks me up!

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