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i love that "good news, bad news" book. my son's preschool did a very cute play based on it a while back. also loooove brian wildsmith...must e-bay myself a copy of that! lastly, in total love with your fabric cabinet. so great. happy friday!
and p.s. my kids always push down all the pins on my pincushion. argh.


I want to come poke around your craft room!
Too bad about the zipper foot. :-(


Now that you mention it, I used to always push my mom's pins into her pincushion! I think all kids probably do this.


The craft room looks great!

You're funny about your kids, but if you think about it, those pins look awfully tempting...

Have a great weekend!

Oh, how I wish I could visit that charity shop you're taking your stuff to :-)


It's amazing... your craft room looks great now!!!!

Congratulatins... now,new projects!!


lucky charity shop!


Your craftroom is super wouldn't that be great to actually have one...I'm afraid I have to wait until one of my children leaves the nest. Wich Hopefully will not be the case for a long time because I love having them around!

And about the pins... so that's what probably happened, never understood why all my pins and needles always ended up inside the pincushion ;)

teresa (maggiegracecreates)

My girls used to push the pins and needles all the way in.

The craft room looks great. What/how are those round canister things hanging behind the machine?

Have a beautiful weekend.


my boys run off with my sewing machine feet - maybe that's where yours went? my craft 'area' is such a disaster it's ridiculous - but it's not all my fault, i swear! :)


Um, yes, my daughter pushes down ALL of the pins into my 3 pincushions.. drives me ape crazy too! Good news, I am taking off work on Monday so I can sew up old Olive and Archie without my pins being pushed down. Bad news, I never have enough time to get all of my WIP's finished so I can start with a clean slate... oh well....It is Friday after all!


It looks great- I love the armoire with all the fabric- yummy.


You just gave me a fun memory - of pushing all the pins down in my mom's pincushion as a kid!


oooh it is a nosey parkers dream looking at all those photos of your craft room.

And sorry, but yes, it is a stated law of nature that all pins must be pushed into pincushions as far as they can possibly go.

Cathi O'Neill

I've been reading craft blogs now for a while (having branched out from quilt blogs!) and I was admiring your craft room...looks great! As I went along reading the good news, bad news, I started thinking of that book. I just found it and read it to my 3 year old daughter at the library a few weeks ago!

Cathi in Ireland


YES!!!! What is it about pushing the pins down? Though in fairness I remember doing it to my mom's pin cushion as well. Thanks for sharing the pics of the craft space. I am working on mine (evermore) and appreciate the inspiration - esp about tossing so much stuff out.


I can't get over the cuteness of that monkey fabric. Wow. And am entirely too envious of the pincushion.


Love your craft room! I have big plans of tackeling mine this weekend.


Good laughs on all counts. I have two zipper feet for my machine. 3 years ago while working on last minute Halloween costumes I 'misplaced' the zipper foot. I drove all the way to Albuquerque (2 hours round trip) to buy a new one so I could finish that day. Of course, I found my original the next morning. I also have a spare disk for securing the thread spool on.

I used to think I must have dropped the pincushion upside down until one day I noticed a flower pattern in the pushed down pins.

Veronica TM

Your room looks beautiful and tidy! The colours of the fabrics are amazing!
I love that book! And yay! It's Friday! {so many exclamation points}


Ahaha, yes, my three year old loves to push all the pins into the pincushion. At least the pins have heads, but she pushes the needles in as well and I have to pry those out.

Your craftroom looks great and I am quite envious of that glass fronted cupboard.


all of your photos make me smile!!


That fabric stash is amazing, and the monkey fabric is making me swoon! Happy weekend!


I love your craft room! I dream of space like the storage...

Ouissi x


Hi :). I lurk here.

But I had to comment, while my kids *do* push all the pins into my pincushion, they do it so they can make faces and pictures on it, so I don't mind all that much!


ah... that machine zipper foot situation happens to me all the time. yikes...

pyglet (dani)

Great clean up job. It looks fantastic! Especially love all the little critters that watch you sew and that amazing fabric cupboard. Well done on the marathon!
Am I strange that I wish I got to search through those charity bags before they were sent away?


good news: SUCH wonderful monkey displaying your amazing zippery skills. bad news: I don't have any! ah, the tragedy of modern life. it's all about coveting.

Kitty Jimjams

When I was little, my Dad used to play something similar at the dinner table, & it went like this:
They're pulling down the Rose and Crown...
Building another!
Only one bar...
Fifty feet long!
Got no pint glases...
Serve beer in buckets!

...there were loads of them, I think there was one about a barmaid that mum didn't like although I can't remember it. It was a great game.


Look at those piles!! Lovely :)
My little boy pushes all my pins down religiously. Which makes it quite interesting when he comes across a needle in there and it keeps going and going.


Wow, I love those glass fronted cabinets for storing fabric. They look great and are super functional!


my kids do the pin thing too. one of my biggest "peeves".
the craft room looks great!


My friend's daughter always pushes my pins down into my pin cushion, which isn't so bad unless its those tiny medal ones, and I have NO fingernails... *grrrrr*


oh dear, i don't have any kids to push my pins into my pin cushions (yet)...but i have a feeling i've got it coming: not only did i push my mum's pins into the pin cushion, i also loved to push them into her sewing machine! (an old one with lots of mysterious pin-sized holes...).


What a nice friendly space you have with beautiful softies all over! Like austen above, I too, pushed my mom's pins down into the pin cushion, I'd try to make a nice pattern with the different colored heads. I turned out all right, if that's any encouragment. I don't think the "pin pushing" will lead to anything more violent. ;) Have a lovely weekend!

Jessica Hood

omg those monkeys are fabulous!


craft room looks fab!! I do that with my own pins, push them all down. I annoy myself.


Your room looks great! I can't beleive how much fabric you have and I am so jealous of the pincushion!


I don't have a pin cushion, but I have strong memories of doing that to my mother's pin cushion when I was a kid... oops!


Oh i love to take a sneeky peek at other people's craft rooms. Mine is a complete mess at the mo as it has become universal dumping ground for "things with no fixed abode" during our building work.
One day it will be all MINE again... and by that time DS will probably have decided that it will do him nicely as a bedroom :~/

Oh, the pin thing..*so* annoying but yes i also used to do that to my mum!


LOVE the room! I could spend hours just looking through it! And about the pincushions...that's so funny! I don't use mine anymore because it's my boyfriend that used to do that!


It looks like something straight out of a magazine!


Hey, I hope that charity shop that you lugged everything down to was the post office and my name was on the envelope!
You know I'm kidding--RIGHT???!!!
I'll send you my mess when I'm done cleaning up around here--K?
I love all your little critters all lined up in a row. Looks like a cozy space to create in.


Thanks for the Brian Wildsmith slideshow, it's gorgeous. I had a tutor you might be interested in who quoted his pictures as an inspiration, and now I can see why. She's a textile artist working mainly in felt, and had beautiful, intricately apppliqued and embroidered coats and accessories. I've just googled her - Teresa Searle - and it looks like there's a lot of images floating around, but here's the link to her website:
(sorry, it should read "about.htm")
-check out the picture gallery. Also looks like there's a book coming out soon...


whoa! what a neat desk! you made beautyfull pictures.
karine, france

Anna H.

Beautiful room, Lyn!



Lovely new banner. New to my eyes anyway.


i love your good news!! the bad news are not so bad...=P


You seem to have done well with your craft room and your blog! I love the pictures!


I love your working place!!! If I wasn't so far I'll invite myself for a cup of coffee or tea ;)

Passions & Distractions

Well I'm about a week late, but I think your room looks great! And I'm happy to see that the good outweighed the bad!

mode chouchou

Well done....
Your room looks very nice now,
And you have a lot of ideas for your blog!!
I really like it!;)
Steph, France

prairie mouse

nice work ms chicken!


I love your blog!
I love it I love it I love it!
Have a wonderful weekend!



What a fantastic room you have. I love your blog. I Just started one, and I dont know how to get people to visit me???!!! Come visit with me


Okay, I am officially jealous of your craft room!! :)

jenny vorwaller

dont you just love ikea baskets! :))* its very tidy indeed...


Mine don't push the pins down,I wish they did. They actually take them out b/c they think it's the perfect size object to teach the cat to play soccer with.

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