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Passions & Distractions

AND there's a tutorial! Now my day has been made!!!!


so where's the photos of the mess?
Prying eyes want to see just how messy you r, missy.

May the best mess win!
kiss kiss


Oh, the owls are very timely. I am in the midst of making an owl for Jack at the moment!

prairie mouse

love love love the new layout!!! perfect.


Still having a happy back to school I hope!


Don't forget to post a picture of your tidy room when you're finished!


Sorry Lyn, left wrong address. It's me. Long time, no comment. Still on 20six


Oh yes it looks very tidy to me too! Great work! And yes my kid pushes down all the pins in my pincushion. But as long as she lets me sew in peace...

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