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Looks like my place - only we homeschool so I've given up EVER finishing anything! I love the drawings and would LOVE something printed with the daleks from the gocco - can I interest you in a trade of some sort?



Looks like my place - only we homeschool so I've given up EVER finishing anything! I love the drawings and would LOVE something printed with the daleks from the gocco - can I interest you in a trade of some sort?



I do think you've got me beat with your 26! It just gets tricky, doesn't it? So many interesting things to do and try - so little time.

I must say, even your WIPs are lovely. (Except for maybe the disembodied blind bunny. Although, I know he'll be cute as a button once he has eyes. and a body...)


Lucky ME! More inspiration to come from your place. Love the peek at all the WIPs..!


I am scared to count. I love the little animals they are sooo wonderful. I too am looking at the new Hillary doll's they are awesome. Can't wait to get my patterns and get started:) Looks like you have a lot of good starts.

Passions & Distractions

You do have me beat with the 26. I have several projects I want to try, but I haven't started them yet, so I don't really count them. Especially since I've vowed that I won't start anything new till I finish the ones I still have going. I should take bets on how long that will last.


I always loved back to school as well! Enjoy your day!


Thanks for making me feel better! I put non-active WIPs into large clear plastic bags so I can keep track of the pieces. The stack has gotten quite large and keeps sliding around, I don't want to count. You're so right about those dolls, definitely a priority buster.

Alicia P.

Man, you crack me up. :-)


It's the knickers that make me crack up!!!!

Thank the lord for school, I mean they need their eductaion, but our sanity!!!!!

I have a craft next Saturday, and my supposed pile, looks pretty barren, why do they have school holidays!?


Check it out here

I guess you two can start a serious competetion on who has more WIPs :D


Love the colours on that scarf and can't wait for the tutorial:o)

I don't have many WIP but have lots of "when-i-have-the-time-i-am-going-to-do-that" type projects in my head, notebooks, scraps of paper.... I do great craft in my head!!!!! We home ed so i hardly ever get to fulfill my dreams [sighs]


So glad you're back!
I have missed looking at your lovely work- and i think the red patchwork is gorgeous and full of charm.
So there!


ha can't beat 26, i do however have TWO baskets of ironing!!! congrats on making it through the summer hols :)


Oh my goodness. Now I'M glad your children are back in school! ;-)

Can't wait to see these projects evolve.


Thanks for posting those lovely pictures. I love how you share, I only wish I had more time for crafting.

Veronica TM

Your WIPs look so beautiful already! Enjoy the peace and quiet, Lyn!


Oh, Lyn, you find the best fur. I hope you'll share your secret sources someday ;-)

Love the scarf!

Happy weekend!


That scarf looks lovely! I'm looking forward to seeing it finished...


It all looks just FANTASTIC! You are a busy bee! The scarf is just lovely - I have been attempting to learn crochet but I have a big problem with following patterns. The quilt is absolutely adorable - I have the red flowery fabric too! I am thinking of doing a quilt course...I have no idea where to start and find the whole idea very scary indeed. Good luck wiht it all. x


Lovely projects, all worthy of finishing. I too have downloaded the new wee wonderfuls dolls. Aren't they just divine?

Marci are doing so much and everything looks so great! Really inspiring. I really like the illustrations, think they would make great postcards


Holey Moley! Good luck with it all. Looks like you've got some lovely projects going on there - I look forward to seeing some finished!


I might not reach 26, but getting quite close... and if I add the fabric corsage of yours...

well I look forward to the tutorial!


yikes! have you ever seen the movie "donnie darko"? your head-only bunny looks just like this huge, creepy bunny in that film....

Little cotton rabbits

Can't believe how much you've got on but then we're all a bit 'backed up' from the school hols. I love seeing what you're up to - it's all so inspiring.


Love the scarf and the colors in the quilt!


Your blog is beautiful! And so are your works in progress! Happy Crafting! Happy Days! :o)


i really love your blog et And what you make, bravo


Don't worry you'll get there. I love the pram quilt and can't wait to see the little bear, her ensemble looks so cute.

My two went back to school just over a week and half ago but I still don't seem to achieved much, not quite sure what I'm doing with my time but it's going somewhere...


Are you sure you dont have at least 4 hands???
I love the variety and look forward to a tutorial(yipee)

(a different!) Rebecca

Mine just started play/school ... free time 3 mornings a week a real novelty to me ... I have 5 years of WIPs to dig out and finish!


I have been meaning all week to take pictures of all my WIPs, but I just haven't found the time, I'm afraid it may take hours :o)

I love the colors of your crocheted scarf!


Love your blog... I'm new to all this but read about it in "Embroidery" and am now addicted. Where do you find the time??? will eagerly awaitnew installments! G

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