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Sofia Schiappa

Yap... my hair looked just like that,..the "Oh My God who gave you the scissors" kind of cut...and my dolls also!!!
Now it makes me smile,...but back then made me really stupid!!! :)))


Friday the 13th came early for me when i fell down the stairs two days ago:0
Love the drawings! i bet the dolls will be fab, cant wait to see!


Aw, your drawings are sweet. I am trying to ignore the date today, even though my birthday party cupcake project is going horribly, and is likely proof that I am doomed! LOL

amy rue

The second picture, lower right corner... I'm in love with the polka dotted dress and her little rag animal! She should have her very own book about her adventures. Even the adventures with scissors.

I still take the scissors to my bangs almost weekly. They are crooked, super short and maybe a little mangled looking, but for some reason that makes me comfortable!

Can't wait to see the tutorial!

-amy rue

jenny vorwaller

ugly but well loved...those are the best dollies!


your drawings looking great... can't wait to see the results ;)


Oh yes, proud scissor bearer since the age of three! Bane of my mother's existence! I love the doll ideas. Do you know Mimi Kirchner's dolls? Check out this link:
Also, your second lovely set of doll sketches reminds me a lot of Waldorf dolls. I think you can google a free pattern which might help you a bit in figuring the logistics. Great post, as always! Have a good weekend!


my sweet better way to erase a bad karma kinda day. in love with the dolls. can't wait to see them.


I cannot wait to see the dollies, so cute!

Sorry about the tutorial, I'm meant to be doing one on pincushion, but I can't get my bum into gear!!!!

dani (pyglet)

Oh I love your dolly! She looks so cuddly...there is something so sweet about her.
Such gorgeous illos too, can't wait to see the creations.


Your sketches remind me of the Joan Walsh Anglund (?) dolls that I used to collect...wish I still had them. THey had yarn hair, cut little pinafores, and little dot eyes, that were kinda far apart. SO cute!


great sketches - wish I had your talent with a pencil. I see it in my mind but what ends up on paper - well, let's just say it's not pretty.


your dollie drawings look great & your old dollie brings back memories, i still have a few of mine around.
sometimes it wasn't just kiddos that cut terrible bangs-i've been guilty of giving my babes terrible bangs cuts!{but they still looked cute as could be- it's hard to mess up what's already pretty good to begin with!}
and thanks for ending with the link to my sweet lord. i saw george & billy perform oh well almost 30 years ago now!


I too have a real ugly doll from childhood, she was always my favourite. Looking forward to seeing your dolly when finished. By the way love the bag.


Can not wait to see those dolls.
And yup, took the scissors to it when I was 7 - cut it off front and back. I went from hair down to the middle of my back to a very short back and sides. Oh how my mom laughed. Not.


Two things:
1. I have a doll just like that! I received her as a baby or toddler, named her Peaches, and it looks as though she got a hair cut or maybe she is just suffering from bad hair decades. She has plastic arms and legs with a feather filled body that has lost many, many, many feathers. Poor child.

2. Thanks for sharing the My Sweet Lord video. The Beatles formed my music taste. One of my creative endeavors lately is to make a cd of songs that speak of the spirit, provide hope, joy, inspiration. This did just that.

Oh, my I've rambled. Gotta go.

Veronica TM

I love your sketches! Can't wait to see the dolls you make.
And that video is good karma indeed! Thanks for the link.

Michelle A.

You need to sell prints of your "little people" especially the first group. Adorable!

prairie mouse

just watched my sweet lord and then i just had to watch while my guitar gently weeps! always reminds me of withnail and i! now though we are going to be awfully late for school and its the first day back after 3 weeks off. ah, all worth it!

Majeak Ann

love this doll drawings ^^...
like the haircut, so cute.
-Marjorie Ann


You are a sweetie to re-do the tutorial! I get so frustrated with things like that, and sometimes I get so over it that I can't make myself do the right thing! Am so looking forward to seeing it...

Love the drawings, so sweet!


Oh. Goodness. I can only imagine the amount of bad language and liquid consumption that must have occured after pushing that dreaded button... erase all. Hummmpf. Who the heck would want to do that? What a ridiculous thing to include in a camera. Sigh. So sorry, hope your weekend was much better than the Friday.

(a different!) Rebecca

Oh my goodness, I had a doll exactly the same as that one. Her hair got all sticky just like that when I blow dried it with too much vigour! Her name was Thumbelina. I wish I still had her. I loved her so. She was ugly!


i love your drawings and i had a dolly that looked just like that!! and i loved her so, ratty hair and all.


hello, please don't give up on the tutorial. i love looking at the creations you make. i did make one floral brooch from your tutorial. my mom loves hers. i am very busy with work, but only until the end of the year, i think...


ils sont super adorables ces petits dessins ; j'adore les trois premiers
a bientôt


That very first little papoose baby is so cute I want one!!!!!!!!!!!


Yes, I have a doll just like this, I cut, and blow dried her hair too. Her name was thumbelina, and when you pulled a string on her back she wiggled. I am so exited, I will go straight to the attic to find her. I stayed firmly put on friday 13th I am VERY surprised no misadventures came my way -- they usually do! Your drawings are very cute.


ACK! That second set of sketches...the little girl! Too, too adorable! Makes me want to make a dollie right now, it does! The little short bangs even. :swoon:

I agree that the head looks like a waldorf doll head. Most of the dolls I make are waldorf style. Which is probably why I'm so enchanted by those cutie sketches!

Account Deleted

Your prelim drawings look so sweet. I can't wait to see the end result. Is it wrong that they make me think of these darling little mummy dolls I stumbled across on etsy.


I just made one of your brooches for Mother's Day. You're right about them getting large, quickly.

I love your sketches! The doll turned out looking just like them! How wonderful to have such clear vision and be able to translate it into the finished product.

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